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Friday, June 6, 2014

Quick break for a shout-out

I got job-bombed yesterday, so I don't really have time to catch up here. However, since my brain is in desperate need for a break, I'm taking a small one to bring everyone's attention to a new blog I've discovered, and whom I think is quite worthy of your attention. This one (gasp) actually writes, people!

Her name is Jay and her blog is Relativity: Everything in Life is Relative. I discovered her when she commented on this blog and I went to take a look. She has already been Chrossed (which, of course, is our Holy Grail) and she writes about her own personal experiences with TTWD. She's smart (she's a mechanical engineer, for God's sake) and she's funny. If you're sick to death of seeing the same damn photos over and over, and would like to actually read something, I suggest you give this woman a try.

Oh, and if you want your Friday laughs, check out Hermione's Friday Fails. This week's entry nearly caused a coffee spew.

What else... not much. At least I am work-busy. I do expect to be very cranky next week, however, so beware. And tomorrow, John and I are going to visit my stepfather, which always leaves me in a blue mood. But it's one of those things that must be done.

So... have a great weekend, y'all. 


  1. WOW (jumping up and down excitedly), thank you very much, Erica! I really appreciate it. (laughing) I'm smiling so much it hurts!

  2. Jay -- my pleasure. In a sea of blogs, the good ones need an extra push for recognition!

  3. The best part of the work overload is you at least enjoy the tasks involved even if your eyes dry out from boring material.
    No offense intended but I LOVE the forewarning of your expected cranky mood. You're always a breath of fresh air from the phoniness overload that sometimes infects this lifestyle!

  4. Kelly -- (snort) Well, if I have to be bitchy, I try to be funny about it.

  5. Hi Erica -- Thanks for recommending these blogs :-) I will be sure to check them out. It's good that you visit your Stepdad, He must be so lonely :-( Wishing you and John a GREAT weekend :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  6. Thanks for the heads up about the blog and your crankiness! I too got a good laugh when I read today's Friday fails!

  7. Thank you -same to you!
    I guess that stack of work is just what you needed these days. Don't worry, would it not be enough then we will know how to manage. ;-) And yes, that blog is ABSOLUTELY great.

  8. Thanks, be well and hope the job bombs are all positive

  9. Thanks for the referral to "relativity". It looks fantastic and yes, we are always happy to see blogs that are more that the same old ...........

    Keep up the good work. For whatever it is worth, I think you more adorable when you are "bitchy"

  10. Jade -- yes, he is. :-(

    KB -- Hermione finds the best stuff, doesn't she?

    MrJ -- I do need work. At least it gives me a purpose.

    John -- I don't think I'm going to touch that. :-)

    Ron -- well, they're work. It's good.

    sub hub -- well, I'm glad someone thinks so. :-)

  11. Erica, thank you for the shout-out. I too discovered Jay's blog here, and she's an excellent addition to our blogging family.


  12. Hermione -- my pleasure. You always bring the laughs on Friday. :-)

  13. Awe, thanks, Everyone! I'm glad to be here! :-)