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Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

Any triskaidekaphobes among us? I swear, they have a phobia for everything, including one for having peanut butter stick to the roof of your mouth. Although I've never found another soul on this earth who was afraid of the Three Stooges, as I was as a kid. I don't get it. So many people are terrified of clowns; why aren't more people scared of that trio of ugly freaks, wreaking havoc and hurting each other? Yeah, I know, I'm weird.

It's been, as predicted, a bleah week. But here's a bright spot: Pandora did a lovely write-up of our shoot last month. My spirits and ego were lifted by all her kind words, and I cannot wait to see this video! I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

I did have work this week, which is the good news. Bad news? It was really nasty stuff. My one medical client sent me a course about how to treat pressure ulcers, complete with graphic pictures. I swear, I had to put one hand on the screen to cover up some of the photos, so that I could read the text around them without heaving. I managed to get through it and sent it back, and they promptly sent me another course -- this one was about the varying levels of wound infection. Even worse!! I grit my teeth, forcing myself to think "It's work, it's work, it's work," as I struggled to keep from decorating my keyboard and screen with the contents of my stomach.

Anyway, finally got through that. Then another client sent me a project for today: a 20-page, double-column, small print article about mental health, suicide and life-threatening behavior. How cheery!

In other news, John's HMO continues to give him the runaround regarding his various health issues, fighting him on every turn and insisting on pushing the oldest and cheapest procedures. For example, even though many heart surgeries are being done with minimally invasive techniques nowadays, they still insist on the old-fashioned saw-through-the-ribs-and-tear-open-the-chest variety of heart surgery that's been done since the 1950s. The good news: John finally, finally has a second-opinion appointment next week, outside of his HMO, with a hospital that specializes in heart surgery. They will review all his records and tests and so forth, and give their opinion on what is best for him. At least then, he will be armed with information that is free from HMO agenda, and he'll have a clearer idea of what to go for. So, the beat goes on.

I am in a funk, there's no denying that. No one big thing, just lots of little things, like the visit to my stepdad, the ongoing situation with John, miscellaneous aggravations, and feeling very lonely and disconnected lately. I'm feeling especially let down by someone I care about, and I'm struggling with that too, not knowing what to do about it. I need a hug. I need lots of hugs. I need spanking. I need attention. Blah blah blah. Oh, and it's Father's Day this Sunday. That makes me sad as well. At least I remembered to send my stepfather a card. I even found a Stepdad card, which is quite a feat. In the sea of Father, Dad and Daddy cards, they are a rarity.

Onward. Next week, I hope to be a little bit more on topic, or at least a little more upbeat. Have a great weekend, y'all. And to the dads, happy Father's Day.

EDIT: Have to add something that just happened.

I tweeted: "I know that when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. Not quite sure what to do when life hands you suckage. Working on that."

One of my followers tweeted back: "Make succotash?"

Now that made me laugh. Out loud.


  1. It must be in the air or something. I am fighting a bit of down in the dumps, too. One reason? My dentist is recommending a root canal. Oh, joy! NOT!

    I wish you didn't have to see all those pics of human infections and whatnot. I have seen some pretty nasty ones myself, such as what a brown recluse bite can do. Yuck. You don't want to know.

    I hope next week is better. (((HUGS)))

  2. Bobbie Jo -- ack! You have all my sympathies, re. root canal. Yeah, I can do without all those pictures. If I wanted to look at infections, I would have become a damn nurse.

  3. No special phobias for me. More of a safety issue that I get scared if I'm in the middle of a bath/shower and a severe thunder/lightning storm descends! :)

    I can relate to the down feeling mostly regarding the never ending job search I've been dealing with since February. Little and I mean LITTLE nibbles here and there-but nothing worth accepting except my UC benefits run out on 7/5-I may be eligible for a new claim but I already have struggles making ends meet on the current UC claim.

    I hope you can get your special relationship back on track. Sometimes others are not as fully vested in relationships as we are. But it could be they're overwhelmed with things they don't want to burden us with.

  4. Hugs and laughs-NOT spanks from ME to you! I bet your shoot with Pandora is full of sassy mayhem! :)

  5. Anonymous -- job searches can be the pits. I hope you will find something soon.

    Kelly -- it really was. We all had such a fun day.

  6. I have always considered Friday the 13th a lucky day and 13 my lucky number. Honestly. I'm with you though on the Three Stooges. I never understood them.

    Hang in there. I am sure looking at all those medical pics doesn't help anyone's mood and if you aren't feeling great to begin with. As you said remind yourself it is work and be done with it as soon as possible and move on.

    Need a hug? By all means here is a virtual HUG!!
    We all need that human touch more often than not. I often think about walking outside with a self made "Free Hugs" sign like in those videos. People would probably just think I am some lunatic.

  7. Enzo -- thank you! I so don't get them either, never have. They're disgusting! LOL

    And thank you for the virtual hug. I will take any and all versions of hugs.

  8. Have you watched the Mike Douglas videos on YouTube with Moe Howard when he was old? I blew through all of them, they were great. He showed how they did a lot of the stuff, and everything was so choreographed that they weren't hurting each other. The sound effects they added later just made it sound painful. LOL I loved The Three Stooges when I was a kid!

  9. Friday the 13th and a full wonder everyone has been feeling a bit weird. Lots of hugs and hang in there, things will just have to get better soon.

    And I'm with you about the Stooges

  10. Hi Erica -- I am not scared of Friday the 13th, I think the things that some people are nervous and scared about are just myths, Now if Jason from the movie, Friday the 13th was real that would scare the hell out of me.I wish John good luck :-) I wish they would get off his back :-( I am sending you a virtual hug as well :-) I hope you do not have to look at a pic of the inside of someone's stomach, that would be so GROSS. Just kidding with you LOL :-) Much Love from naughty girl Jade

  11. Jen -- nope, I don't think I could even watch that. I truly loathed them. They gave me nightmares as a kid.

    DD -- yes, they will.

    Jade -- yes, Jason would scare me, too.

  12. I hope you and John hear some good news from the heart doctor!

    Sending hugs and wishes for a better next week. I'm hoping mine will be better as well!

  13. Erica,

    Just sending big hugs to you and I hope some good news for John.


  14. Jay -- I hope yours will be as well!

    Ronnie -- me too. Thanks. :-)

  15. Thank you, Erica - and yes, that was funny - LOL.
    Is there software that could automatically replace pixies from one category (say medical) to ones of another kind (you know what).
    Up for a better week. Hope John's second opinion helps to get done well and asap what needs be done.

  16. i don't know if it is true but I read somewhere that Larry Fine had callouses on his face from the number of times Moe Howard slapped him.

  17. Babe, it will all be good again beginning on Tuesday. I will be there ready to hold you, talk to you, care for you and provide you my wonderful, firm and lasting hand. Be ready Honey. I've missed us too. Steve

  18. MrJ -- I think that software would cause a whole lot of trouble.

    John -- that seems unlikely, but since Larry was so freaking ugly (as were the rest of them), calluses could only be an improvement!

    Steve -- I'll be here, very ready.

  19. Sounds like it might be time for some CAKE! LMK when work slows down... girlfriend time all the way!


  20. SC -- yes, absolutely. I miss you too!

  21. Love the post and the comments, assume funk is over

  22. Ron -- feeling better now, thanks.