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Friday, June 27, 2014

Is it Labor Day yet???

Can we just bypass summer and be done with it? It's just heat. I want it to be Shadow Lane time already. After reading all the feedback about two big parties last weekend, I want to be at one. I want to see all our friends. I want to be in a hug pile and play until I can't play anymore and laugh until my face hurts and my voice cracks. Yes, you've heard this song and dance from me before. Just feeling it extra today, this week.

Some say I am very lucky because I get to have regular play. Yes, I know I am. I am well blessed with a fabulous top, and I do not take that lightly. I guess I just wish I could have the en masse camaraderie experience more often. 

Two more months, and I get to see people I love to bits, and make new friends. I can't wait. But of course, I will wait.

What else... Oh, I just posted some new writing on FetLife about how some "tops" out there think it's OK to spank a woman and then demand a blowjob as a "reward." You know, just another version of the Entitlement People. Mind you, I am not putting down blowjobs or any other form of sexual activity. I'm just saying that expecting it after you do me the favor of spanking me is arrogant beyond belief.

And just to prove my point, about 10 minutes after I posted, this little squirt (all of 19 years old) who calls himself "LordUberDom" commented:

Oral sex is a respectful way to say "thank you" and a true lady understands this.

Please do pardon this true lady for her French, but go fuck yourself, kid. You wouldn't know a true lady if you found one in your playpen.

Should be interesting, where this writing will go. I am eagerly anticipating. :-)

Anyway, another weekend is upon us. John and I get to go to a birthday party for his one-year-old grand-nephew, at his alkie sister's house tomorrow. Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! (sigh) And get this: on the invitation, right below the RSVP info, was "We would appreciate contributions to [the baby's] college fund." Is it me, or is that tacky? Screw that -- we bought the kid a sweater. And John is currently in an argument with said sister, so it should be especially awkward being there tomorrow. He told me that if things get hairy, he'll say the stress is causing his heart to a-fib and we'll beat a hasty retreat. Yes, it's evil, but oh well. :-) 

Seeing my sweetie, got a new work project, got Chrossed... life is good today. Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. I'm actually depressed June's almost over. I feel like the warmer months fly by too fast for my liking. LOL
    Because the older I get I am becoming more intolerant of cold weather which seems to hang around longer in my state. :(
    Hopefully your "family" outing will be drama free. I'm going to a pre 4th of July bash at my cousins' farm tomorrow. They're 2nd-3rd generation and a lot of fun. VERY liberal and open minded. One of my 3rd cousins actually made a reference to Fetlife when I was there in May. LOL!! I almost feel I could tell him about my "career" exploration. :)

  2. That guy's screen name is a huge tip-off that he's going to have a lot of idiotic ideas about sex, spanking, and pretty much everything else. Since he's only 19 he can't have the level of experience, if only in the number of years he's been able to play, that those of us who are much older have, so what he needs to do is sit back, shut up, and learn a few things before he says things.

  3. Hi Erica -- I agree that 19 year old should go F himself, he is a IDIOT, He should also take a long walk on a short pier LOL :-) I think it's terrible that they are asking for money for the baby's college fund ( major eye roll) People will do anything for free money.I hope the time, goes by fast for you at that party.John doesn't need any drama in his life, he has heart problems :-( They should not get him upset.CONGRATS on getting chrossed that's AWESOME :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  4. Alexis -- we don't have cold weather here. We just have "slightly less hot" weather. Have fun at your bash! It sounds like a much better time than mine.

    Jen -- some are of the opinion that it's a sock puppet account, a sort of spoof on Uber-Doms. I'd like to think so, but you never know with some of these guys!

    Jade -- I hope it goes by quickly too, believe me!

  5. I'm so with you. I don't go to Shadow Lane, but Fall is my FAVORITE time of year...I bet you couldn't tell from my name ;)

  6. Autumn -- ha! My favorite season is winter, but you have to understand -- that's a California winter. If I lived in a state with snow and ice and heavy winter storms, then fall would probably be my favorite too.

  7. Erica I agree with you that that is do rude. When you have a party you don't specify what people should bring as gifts if they should decide to bring one at all. Please don't wish away the summer, after the winter we had here on NJ I'm enjoying the summer.
    Here's to hoping that the b-day party is a short and sweet event.
    I'm glad you are having a better week and hope you have a great weekend. I'm hoping to have a great one too, it's already looking good , I got my first spanking in month( of which was a very stressful one, list my job, started a new one) and I am hoping the rest of the weekend keeps going on the upswing!

  8. Yes, it is tacky but it's how things are. Is it any different than when my son gets an invitation to a Bar Mitzvah from a Jewish kid that he may have said hello to a couple of times?

    As always, love your wit Erica. Peace and Love

  9. Erica, I haven't read the Fetlife dialog yet, but agewise you'd be my slightly older sister. As a devoted reader of your blog, I'd have to say that spanking you would be in and of itself a reward :)

  10. Kev -- don't worry. My wishing won't make it so. :-)

    Craig -- Very.

    subhub -- ah, don't get me started on Bar Mitzvahs. Yup, my family is guilty of those! :-)

    Anonymous -- aw, thanks. :-)

  11. Although I have lots to look forward to this summer (Chicago Crimson Moon, shooting Exclusive Education 9, and I guess technically I should count my birthday in that list, but I'm not feeling very festive) I am entirely in camp "let's speed up the summer." Of course, I'm waiting for a date just a little before Shadowlane, myself. Maybe we should have some "hurry up, summer!" girl dates soon?

  12. I'm also a California girl who wishes the hottest months would go by faster, and I'm in the greater Sacramento area! I would go nuts in the SoCal desert.

    I have a bunch of little kids, and I have been tempted before to request certain popular obnoxious toys be avoided, but I've never done it. The only time I feel it would be appropriate would be if there were a health risk like a wool allergy or something. Beyond that it seems rude.

    As for the 19-year-old twit, he should stay the fuck away from the scene. I feel very lucky to have a husband who is willing (and building towards eager) to indulge me, because I'm just not adventurous enough to seek fulfillment from strangers (or even good friends.) For me, that headspace towards the end of a spanking is a very vulnerable place where I'm open to internalizing ideas and messages. I only trust my husband with that space. If I were adventurous enough to trust someone else, I would be horrified to find out they expected a blowjob as a reward! It would turn the whole experience into something sexual which it's not. Not that it can't be...but to have the audacity to expect it just makes you a first rate douchenozzle.

  13. Alex -- absolutely! I miss your face.

    JJ -- I do trust certain others besides my sweetie, including my top and some wonderful friends. But that comes with time, not instantly.

  14. IMHO - "LordUberDom" has it backwards. When a women honors me by allowing me to spank her, especially at a party, I'm the one who should be expressing gratitude.

    I've generally limited myself to a spoken thank you and perhaps some gentle rubbing/lotion and a bit of cuddling. I wouldn't be opposed to offering oral satisfaction, but it does seem rather presumptuous.

    I'd suggest this to "LordUberDom", but given the level of ignorance he's already demonstrated, I suspect he'd be rather inept.

  15. Michael -- LOL. Yeah, LUD was an anomaly, fortunately. That bit of writing at this time has 129 comments, inspired a lot of interesting discussion, and everyone was civil.