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Sunday, June 1, 2014

I can haz different imagery, pleez?

(Please note: The following is not meant to be a put-down in any way, shape, or form to those who enjoy being "littles." It's just that because I am not into that, certain phrases within scene don't work for me. This is one such example.)

When I am in the throes of post-spanking subspace, I can be rather euphoric, floaty, silly, blissfully happy. Especially if my vibrator made an appearance after the scene. :-D

Last week, Steve grinned at me in all my sexy-spanky spaciness and said, "You're as giddy as a little girl who just got a lollipop."


"EWW!" I screeched. "Please, no little-girl similes!" This is not what this naked and very much not little woman wanted to hear at that moment.

"Uh, OK," he fumbled. "You're as giddy as a Girl Scout who just got all her merit badges."

Oh, Christ. "That doesn't work either," I said. "Older, please!"

"Ummmm..." He thought for a few seconds, then: "OK, how about this -- you're as giddy as a college girl who just got a wink from the captain of the football team!"

(heavy sigh)  Marginally better -- at least now I was of age!!

FFS, your toppiness, work on that, will ya? ;-) However, I should warn you: If you go to the opposite extreme and say something like "You're as giddy as a grandma on a double dose of Geritol," I will punch your lights out.


  1. How about "you're as giddy as an English teacher whose class got straight A's on a spelling and grammar test"?

  2. Terri -- LOL... well, that's hardly a sexy image, but it IS adult. :-)

  3. You're as giddy as a proofreader who just finished a sexy spanking novel with very few edits! ;-)

  4. Uh, no, none of those work for me either, especially the Geritol one.

    I Googled "Giddy as a..." and the number one suggestion was "Giddy as a kipper". Great! Salted herring always turns me on.


  5. How about this one: You're as giddy as the lady who made the NYT best sellers list.

  6. Once, in a moment of levity, I told my partner that she looked to be "About as happy as a bullfrog in a beetle bin." Oddly enough that phrase was not a crowd pleaser.

  7. You're as giddy as a grand young lady.

  8. Jay -- ah, but I like edits! They make me feel useful. :-)

    Hermione -- kipper?? Oy vey.

    Bobbie Jo -- I wish!

    Anonymous -- yeah, I can kinda see how that wouldn't go over. :-)

    MrJ -- but I'm not grand or young. I'm not much of a lady either. ;-)

    1. I object to the suggestion that these things are up to you to decide, Erica. ;-)

  9. Not much of a lady?! I think you are a lady. A classy lady.

  10. Cute! Hey, you just know what you want. :)

  11. You're as giddy as a bottom who wears out her top's hand.

  12. Bobbie Jo -- why thank you. :-)

    Natasha -- that I do!

    Kelly -- hey, that works!!

  13. Hi Erica -- The Geritol comment you made is so funny LOL :-) I agree with Bobbie Jo, that you are a VERY classy lady :-) You are BEAUTIFUL as well. You're as giddy as a lady, that has received a big box of Sees chocolates from her boyfriend :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  14. Jade -- now that works too; See's chocolates definitely make me giddy. :-)