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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Something you don't see every day

So, in this day of rampant photo thievery, we video performers (I still hate the word "model") figure we're going to see our stuff floating around in the picture blogs and other places. One thing that's especially annoying is when we see that one (or sometimes several) of our pictures have been pinched on FetLife and posted on someone else's profile -- usually without credit. So we all act as each other's watchdogs and look out for these rip-offs. Granted, however, a lot of the time, the posters have no idea where the pictures are from, since they found them somewhere else where they'd been posted uncredited.

On Friday, I was scanning the feed on FetLife and my eye was drawn to a thumbnail of a photo, which I instantly recognized as mine. My first reaction was to sigh in annoyance and wonder who was posting it, and whether or not they were claiming it as their own (sadly, people do this). So I clicked on the thumbnail.

Much to my shock, my picture didn't come up. Instead, I saw a painting of my picture. Oil on canvas, 12 x 12, the caption read.

I know what you're thinking -- Photoshop. Some of those image changers are amazing, and can mimic just about any look and style. But upon closer observation, I could see it wasn't an exact duplicate of my photo. Some things were changed, altered slightly, and not in a Photoshoppy way. It looked authentic to me. 

Wow. Someone liked a photo of mine enough to render it in oil????

Many of you have seen this before. It's from 2004, from the first video shot by Spanking Epics, "The Schoolmaster's Revenge." It takes place in 1912, hence the bloomers, and yes, it was that video where I had a brief topping scene. (shudder) But it was well worth it, considering I got to bottom to the wonderful Keith Jones in the finale.

I made myself known to the artist on Fet -- turns out he had posted this picture over two years ago, but I never noticed it. He claimed that he'd found the photo somewhere, liked it, and decided to recreate it, having no idea who his inspiration was or where this came from. Considering how these photos end up all over the place, with no credits attached whatsoever, I believe him. When I asked him for the photo so that I could blog about it, he kindly supplied it.

So, kids... what do you think?


And painting:

I told the artist thank you, that I was very flattered, and that I hoped the painting went to a good home. He said it did. The artist name he uses is James Dean Taylor, and he has a Flickr gallery, if you'd like to look at it, here. You'll be asked to sign in, however, so you need to have a Flickr account. 

Like I said, this sort of thing doesn't happen every day. I'm still quite speechless. :-)

In other news, I have a follow-up question from Friday's blog. An anonymous commenter posted this:

A couple questions for Erica and other experienced bottoms. Since the new

top has to learn technique somewhere on a live person, beyond practicing on

pillows, do you ever play with such a newbie if they seem to have the right 

attitude and are capable of listening to you and adjusting accordingly? How 

would that apprentice top move on?

Very valid question, and I am happy to answer it. Yes, I do, I have, and I will. If a top and I have good chemistry, and I can sense he has a genuine eagerness to learn and make it fun for both of us, then I will work with his learning curve. I think any "apprentice" top can find willing play partners if he/she admits they're new at this, proceeds with caution, and listens carefully to feedback. Everyone has to start somewhere, after all. And more practice equals more confidence, and more opportunities for play with others. Maybe start out at some small parties/gatherings?

Anyone else want to chime in on that?


  1. I am remembering (or think that I remember) many years ago when Danny first met you, that he was practically a novice Top, just starting out. And you very willingly not only began regular spanking sessions with him, but publicly introduced him on your old message board, before a SL party, and encouraged others to play with him. He developed into a wonderful Top and lasting friend.

    As for the painting, how flattering! I like the photo better, mostly because I do not like the way the painting seems to add dark bruising around the adorable redness. Perhaps it is meant as shadowing for effect, but I still prefer the photo.


  2. I think that painting is wonderfully done. What I didn't like was his extremely defensive way of responding to someone who called attention to the fact that it was based upon an existing photo. You would think an artist would be more forthcoming about the background of his inspiration because (perhaps I misread) it seemed like he was taking credit for coming up with this image all in his head. :\ His response just rubbed me the wrong way.

    Oooh... the newbie question is hard. I think whether I would play with someone completely inexperienced would depends on his attitude and his ability to take constructive criticism. I know everyone has to start somewhere but I'm not sure if they want them to start on me.

  3. Beautiful painting - brought some additional live into the picture. It must feel great to be such a source of inspiration. ;-))

    As for the question, as a beginning Top, I would add: be sure that you know what physical AND mental effecte you wish to achieve; start with hands, observe responses very carefully and make sure you enjoy what you see; evaluate with your spankee. Once you have learned enough, go ahead with relatively light instruments - check about technuique in one of the many good around, and in 'victim's weblogs on the diverse experiences it may generatie. If you try it out on yourself (once!) that will enhance the bottom's safety and your sensation - win/win. ;-) Again, monitor and evaluate. And so on. Take your time.

    Once you're there, keep monitoring - it signicantly contributes to the pleasure of both AND it is a more reliable and useful source of feedback than explicit articulations from your spankee. ;-))


  4. The painting is beautiful! Maybe you could print the one on Flickr, frame it and hang it on your wall.


  5. Since I found out I enjoy being a top as well as being a bottom, I am very conscious of the practice it takes to develop a level of skill that doesn't "kill" the bottom. Being so new to this angle makes me a bit nervous as I certainly don't want to do any damage. So far, I have only used my hand and wood. I used a short strap on one, David Pierson, at BBW. But I digress.

    For me right now, I have to use the pillow routine to practice on placement when it comes to straps. Heaven forbid I ever start out with a cane!

    I may start going to the local parties again and see if anyone is game to let me practice on them. The first time I did that, I trashed my hands. Hands take a beating as well if they are not conditioned. One trick I heard of for that is to raise your hand and let it drop on a wood plank. I would rather practice on myself! I have done that, btw.

    One of the main things I think about is that when someone decides they want to be a top, for crying out loud, don't be some idiot that thinks you are God's gift to bottoms! Don't act like you know it all, either. None of us do and even the most talented tops out there are always learning. Retain a certain amount of humility. Listen to your bottom's needs. Each session is different. Moods are different.

    One more thing: communication, communication, communication!

  6. Pam -- I had forgotten about Danny! I still remember his first ad, way back when: "I want to learn to be a really great top." And he did. I still miss him.

    Beth -- yeah, he was a bit defensive. Actually, I don't think he claimed to have come up with the image in his head; he said his inspiration was unknown. Well, now it's known, for sure, since I announced myself right in the picture comments. :-D

    MrJ -- excellent advice, thanks!

    Hermione -- LOL! Nope, not that brave.

    Bobbie Jo -- all good. And yes, I've heard of that trick for toughening hands. Even better than a wooden plank -- a brick! Honest.

  7. I still LOVED that you topped in that movie. LOL!!!!!
    I was a first time top when I filmed a "one and done" switch appearance for Punished Brats. Who knows how I would be ranked overall for my top performance.
    I have a different view as a bottom. Since I have my niche preference for other regular female play partners spanking me, I would be unlikely to let a newcomer spank me unless I were getting paid for a shoot. Otherwise in a fun party atmosphere, I might agree to the other person giving me a brief bare bottomed hand spanking or an implement one over clothing.

  8. I'd asked the question about "new tops" gaining experience. Thanks to Erica and all who provided insight - great advice! I'm certain there must be growing confidence that comes along with the experience gained.

  9. Alexis -- I had forgotten about this until now, but my very first spanker, all those years ago, had never spanked a woman before. But he was dominant and I found him so attractive, and I didn't know any better, so I went for it. And he was freaking fantastic. Some people are naturals.

    Anonymous -- glad we were able to give you some good answers!

  10. Another thing I thought of is to know the condition of the bottom. There are those out there who have medical problems, but still are able to handle a good spanking just fine. Some on the other hand will have issues that need to be watched out for. If someone is on Coumadin, for example, because of the greater chance of deep bruising.

    If someone is telling a potential top about things like the above and someone else starts the song and dance about topping from the bottom, slap them upside of the head NCIS style. Better yet, use a cane in the appropriate place!

  11. BTW, it is kind of nice that someone did a painting of one of your pics. I can think of others that would make a nice painting, too.

  12. Bobbie Jo -- yeah, that "topping from the bottom" business sets my teeth on edge.

  13. I think the painting is beautiful. :) As for the newbie questions, I agree that with the right top and right attitude we could make it work. However, I have heard of tops trying to pass off themselves off as very experienced when they weren't. I have no patience for liars and that would end any possible scene for me. Be honest with your partner. We were all new once and everyone has the right to say no if they do not want to play someone inexperienced.

  14. SAS -- absolutely. Purporting yourself as an expert when you aren't is going to earn you black marks one hell of a lot more quickly than admitting you're inexperienced. People may choose not to play with the latter (as is their right, for sure), but inexperienced can learn, while you can't fix arrogant.

  15. The painting is beautiful. As for the question of newbies. I got started at small parties and asked a lady to play. We had a very good time and she agreed to be my mentor. Over the years she taught me many things and made me the top I am today. I developed a rep in our group as the Top to send newbies bottom so that they would be safe and have a good time. I owe a lot to all the bottoms I have play with to be the Top I am today

  16. Robert -- I love stories like that. :-)

  17. Erica, what a great post as usual. Your ability to cut through the "crap" and your logical, sensible mind is something to be admired and emulated.

    I happen to like the picture better, but I also very much like the portrait. I believe yours is among the most "spankable looking butts" out there, for whatever that is worth.

    I'll chime in on the question at hand, although I can't necessarily relate. My spankings come from a single person ... my Mistress Wife. That being said, I wholeheartedly agree that there would be times when it "felt right" to be able to learn more as a top from an experienced bottom. Quite an exciting thing to think about actually.

    Thanks for posting. Love your blog.

  18. sub hub -- my boyfriend would have a good laugh if I told him someone referred to my mind as "logical." ;-D And thank you for the kind words, as always.

  19. The painting was well done. This guy has talent.

  20. CONGRATS ERICA :-) That painting is AWESOME. The guy did a excellent job :-) I Love The Schoolmasters Revenge, It was very well made, how cool that Keith Jones got to Top You in that and some other's. I also loved the scene when you topped :-) You did GREAT. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  21. Jade -- you're very sweet, honey, but I completely sucked at topping! :-)

  22. Erica,

    I like the photo of you much better than the painting. The oil reproduction shows what looks like extensive bruising instead of neat red lines, and more importantly, your body is wonderful compared to the artist's rendition.

    Now, don't hate me for saying it.

    Your advice about inexperienced tops is great.

  23. AP -- thanks. I agree, the shadows look kind of murky.