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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tie me up, tie me down

So yesterday, Steve tells me he's been practicing some new things with rope, and asked if I'd ever be up for experimenting with them. While bondage isn't my primary kink, it can be pretty hot in conjunction with spanking, so I said yes, I was game. 

I asked where he'd learned the techniques, and he answered, "You're gonna laugh at me -- YouTube." It's true; apparently, all you have to do is Google "bdsm" + "rope," click "Videos," and voila -- YouTube demos! He said he was particularly fascinated by one tie called the Dragonfly Sleeve, and I encouraged him to go for it.

So, after a nice long warm-up, he pulled a bundle of rope from his bag and started the process. "Hmm," he mumbled. "This is the first time I've tried this with an actual person -- it's harder than it looked." Finally, he sheepishly admitted that he needed to look at the YouTube video again. So there I stood, half-tied, while he looked up the video and refreshed his memory on the technique. Once I saw what he was doing, I could understand why he needed to look at it again. It's complicated.

But he figured it out well, as you can see.

He helped me into place for some different pictures. Do you know how hard it is to lower yourself down into certain positions without the use of your hands? 

Of course, there was plenty of spanking too. I squirmed and struggled, able to clench and unclench my fists, but little else. My hair went into my face and I couldn't push it away. My nose itched. But those minor discomforts were nothing compared to the major one he was causing.

"I'm getting good with this," he mused, swinging the russet strap. "Soon I'll be able to do it with my eyes closed."

"I thought that's how you were doing it now," I quipped. 

I kid, I kid. When all the bantering, baiting and beating is done, we have this:

When we are saying goodbye, I often don't bother getting fully dressed again just to see him off. He likes to tease me by looking around in the hallway, then pulling me out the door into the hall, where he hugs me and won't let me back in. Argggh! It's never more than a few seconds, but I'm always paranoid that someone will suddenly open their door, or come around the corner, and see us. "I have to live here, dammit!" I hiss. But he just laughs.

Recently, a new neighbor moved into the apartment across from me. She hung a small, but highly detailed crucifix on her front door. Yesterday, when Steve was pulling on my hand, I said, "Behave! Jesus is watching you," and I pointed to her door. He looked, then stepped over and put his one hand over the crucifix. "There, now he can't see," he said, yanking me into the hallway. I wearing nothing but panties.

I swear, that man is going to get me evicted one of these days.


  1. Great exploration of new horizons!
    Could it be that "those minor discomforts" reinforced the experience of the major one? I know how feeling immobile, incapable of simple thing, may impact processing a spanking.

  2. MrJ -- technically, they're not new for me, as I've been tied up before. As for your question, yes. It definitely sensitizes me to the major event. Also, because I'm kind of a control freak, the sense of not being able to control my own body is both hot and disturbing at the same time. :-)

  3. Dressed in your Sunday best, I see! :)
    He's a "DEMON" for pulling you into the hallway. LOL

  4. Kelly -- LOL; believe it or not, I *was* dressed up, in a very pretty new sundress I'd just bought. Fat lot of good that did me, as it was summarily removed!

  5. It sounds like a cross between kinky and conservative :)

  6. Very hot. I'll have to look up some rope tutorials on youtube.

  7. hi Erica , witch movie is your hardest spanking movie ???????

  8. Also the hallway thing, made me chuckle. My kind of humor.

  9. I recognized that particular pattern of knots. It strongly resembles a classic butcher's tie, for tying up a roast. But it's much classier on you!


  10. I have also taken to YouTube to get some rope tutorials. It is a surprisingly useful resource for basic knots.

  11. Mace -- which part; the risk of exposure to my neighbors, or the blasphemy? :-)

    Anonymous -- I'm not sure. It might be one of the series I did for Spanking Court, where I got 200 swats with a wooden paddle.

    Hermione -- LOL! I was tied up like a roast? Now that's funny. Dragonfly Sleeve, indeed.

    Anonymous -- I'm surprised YouTube hasn't taken those down. They're so vanilla, and the vids clearly show people being tied up.

  12. The risk of exposure mainly. My sort of naughty humor! :)

  13. You look so beautiful tied up like that! (LOL, aren't we a weird a bunch?)

  14. Hi Erica -- Your pics are FABULOUS :-) You look so COOL and BEAUTIFUL tied up like that :-) being tied up sounds like a lot of fun,I can't stop laughing, about you and Steve in the hallway, LOL you both are too funny :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  15. One of these days, someone is going to see you in the hall...and if it's a guy, he'll wish he were in my shoes; and if it's a woman, she'll wish she was barefoot in the hall just like you! Signed, your DEMON Top. Hugs and spanks.

  16. Erica,

    Nice rope work. I have used You Tube as well. Beware of cameras in the halls! You may not see them, but Security may see you.


  17. Beth -- thanks, sweetie. Yes, we are -- fun, isn't it? :-D

    Jade -- it's definitely different. It takes some time, but it looks so neat afterward, so it's worth it.

    DEMON Steve -- and if it's the building manager, my sorry half-naked ass will be in the street. You want that on your hands? :-Þ

    joey -- GAAAAH! That's a scary thought. :-) Don't they have an obligation to inform you if those are present? Mine is a small building, privately owned (70 units), so I doubt we have security cameras, but who knows. LOL! My poor old manager...

  18. I got nothing brainy to say today, so here goes: wow, you look hot!

    As for your neighbor, have Steve tie you to a large crucifix! If your neighbor gets uppity about it, just tell her you're practicing for a play about Easter, and then apologize that you had to use ropes instead of nails. It’s a little less bloody that way. She just might see the logic in it. If not, have an escape plan.

    If I keep this up, I just might get banned from your blog.