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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Retroactive spanking

I recently heard from a friend, who said she'd be shooting a video soon, with the subject being a sort of tongue-in-cheek penance for a past guilt -- in her case, failing to return a library book. While this seems like a rather mild crime to me (especially since I still, to this day, have two books in my shelves with the Beverly Hills High School Library timecard in them), I can see how it could be made into a rather funny video.

But this got me thinking. While a lot of people spank just for fun, others do use it to relieve stress and/or release guilt. Have any of you ever thought, just for the heck of it, about anything in your past that you probably should have been spanked for, but weren't? Would it make for a cathartic scene if you were to address it now? Or maybe even a fun role-play scene?

I know, without giving it more than a few seconds of thought, what my past crime would be. Or, at least, what you guys would consider a past spankable offense.

When I was in my early teens, I hitchhiked. Several times.

Oh, don't look so shocked. It was the early 70s. Back then, everyone did it. OK, not everyone, but a whole lot more people. I know, I know. It still was a stupid, unsafe thing to do. But consider my situation. I lived high up in a canyon area, far from the bus lines. I didn't ride a bike. My dad wouldn't let me ride in a car with older kids who had licenses. I hated being dependent on my dad or stepmother to drive me everywhere, and they weren't too thrilled about it either. My brother had done it for years, in his teens. And... well, I lived in Beverly Hills. It wasn't exactly a high crime area.

I didn't do it that much. Just here and there, with friends, to get from Point A to Point B if we didn't have rides, or didn't have bus fare (or just didn't want to spend it). Yeah, I know. It only takes one bad time (hanging head in shame). But I guess I was lucky. We never got picked up by anyone who was anything less than perfectly nice and friendly.

But I recall one time when I was extra stupid.

It was a Saturday; my folks were out doing something or another and I had plans to visit some friends in "the flats" (the part of BH below the canyons). My dad had left me cab fare to get there (yes, I took a lot of cabs in those days too), and they would pick me up later that evening. Since my friends lived just a couple of blocks from the main shopping area of BH, I decided to cab to the center of the city so I could shop for while, have some lunch, and then I'd walk to my friends.

I wore a skimpy crop top and tight jeans (of course, everything was tight on me, back then), and as I walked down Beverly Drive that afternoon, some fancy sports car (a Jaguar? I forget) pulled into a driveway in front of me. The top was down, and a very handsome man (maybe around 30?) called out to me. "Hey, gorgeous, can I drop you off anywhere?"

I smiled at him. "No, thanks -- I'm just walking for a couple of blocks."

"Honey," he replied, "with a body like that, I'd take you anywhere."

massive eye roll  Oh, brother. But at the very naive age of fourteen, my head was turned by lines like that. Besides, I wasn't used to getting compliments on my body, or much of anything else.

He pushed the passenger's side door open and I hopped in. "Where to?" he asked, and I told him. As we drove toward the residential area, he asked what I do. I told him I was still in school. "Oh, college?" 

"No, high school."

I thought I felt the car swerve, just slightly. "Senior?" he asked, his voice taking on a slight edge.

"No, freshman."

This time, the car definitely jerked. "Um... how old are you?" he stammered.

"Fourteen," I answered.

I couldn't understand why he had gone from being so friendly to so thoroughly uncomfortable. "Oh... oh, god," he stuttered. "I'm... sorry. I thought you were a lot older." He then took a deep breath and refocused on the road. "So, OK, where do you want me to drop you off?"

I directed him to the street and he pulled up to the curb, seeming very eager to get me the hell out of that car. As I opened the door, he laughed nervously and asked, "So where did you get a body like that at fourteen??"

(Um, I dunno... Kraft Macaroni & Cheese??) I didn't know how to answer that, so just shrugged and smiled at him, thanking him politely as I exited. And he tore off like he had a firecracker in his tailpipe.

I can't help but wonder how that little scenario would have played out, had I been legal. Or if he hadn't been so scrupulous about my being underage. Yeah, I know, things could have been very different that day. But what the hell. I turned out OK, right? :-D

Anyone else want to play along and share a past "indiscretion"? 


  1. I HAVE been spanked for things I did in the past, mostly school stuff to make it a little more on the fun side. Skipping school (high school) got me the switch when I was in NY last year! I'm not ABOUT to tell him some of the grades I got back then. LOL

    I was the same way as a teenager. When I was twelve I went from 4'11" to 5'5" in six months, filled out completely, and looked sixteen. It was the mid 70's, so I wore jeans and halter tops that tied right under my boobs, because it was the style. By the time I was fourteen there were guys who thought I was in college if I dressed the right way. It could've been so dangerous if I hadn't had my wits about me. Luckily I didn't hitchhike! I can't imagine what G. would do if I'd done that!

  2. Jen -- ah, halter tops. I had one that was decorated just like a Wonder Bread package, white with red and blue dots and WONDER in big red letters across the chest. :-D

  3. My best one was black with little roses on it, damn near see through, and long sleeves. With jeans it was a killer, because I was so skinny, having gained so much in height and weighing what I had when I'd been 4'11". Much older guys, probably the age of the guy who picked you up, would stare. Luckily at twelve I wasn't interested!

  4. Yikes, Erica! I'm glad everything turned out all right.

    I believe I lived a rather boring life as a teenager and through my college years. I was top of the class in high school, held leadership positions in band (both high school and college), and interned for four summers at NASA in college...OK, so maybe it wasn't completely boring, but I never did anything that I'd consider crazy or dangerous.

    I know one of my biggest problems has always been my lack of self-confidence. I have no faith in my own abilities. I hold a degree in mechanical engineering and have a very good mechanical engineering job, but because I failed one class in college, I feel that the degree – that damn piece of paper – really doesn’t mean a damn thing. I did retake the class to graduate, but I had to drop everything else in order to pass it the second time around. I would probably benefit a great deal from being given a confidence boost while being spanked, and it probably wouldn’t be too hard to catch me in a moment of self-doubt.

  5. Ok. This is one of those things you laugh at later, but wasn't funny at the time; even if my mom was trying not to laugh. I didn't get in trouble, either.

    Between our block and the next one over, there was a ditch between the houses. We called it the Little Field. One day a friend of mine and I were playing there. I found a valve wheel and we were wondering what it was. I though it might be for a sprinkling system. To find out, I turned it and nothing happened. I figured I had better turn it back. Well, wouldn't you know that water started bubbling out of it. We decided to get out of there in a hurry.

    A little later, we decided to ride our bikes by there and we saw three guys standing around that valve. One of them had his ball cap in hand and was scratching his head. We later found out that the valve was the main water shut off for the entire block. When I turned it, I inadvertently shut the water off. The valve was so rusty it stayed shut. It took them three days to dig it up and replace it. Oops!

    I don't remember how the subject came up, but I was talking with Mom one day and she found out about it. She was trying not to laugh when she said, "Oh, you know what you guys did?" Then she told me.

  6. Well I guess it takes one thief to know another! :)
    Maybe Steve will spank you for your 2 "borrowed" books. Perhaps he'll give you a spank for each page combined in the books.
    You're welcome. :)

    I can't "tsk tsk" you for hitchhiking because as you said that was common back then.
    But that man likely did have ulterior motives until he learned your age. Thankfully you got out of the car safe and sound.

    Dana and I already filmed a scene where I got a hard paddling as a grown woman making up for several true past school aged misdeeds which included skipping certain classes, mouthing off to teachers and refusing to do homework.
    Even though it was role play I did feel like I paid some penance after all. For several years after I graduated from school and long before I met and played with my favorite tops I had fantasized about getting my LONG overdue paddling from the teachers I most tormented back then.

  7. Jay -- my dear, I've been with a mechanical engineer for nearly 18 years. I KNOW how smart and accomplished you are. And yes, it would be good for you to know it. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- (giggles) Oops, indeed!

    Alexis -- oh, please. Like Beverly Hills libraries can't afford to replace a couple of books? :-Þ I didn't torment teachers, I don't think. I did cut class sometimes, though.

  8. Hi Erica -- I am so glad you got out of that guys car safe and sound :-) In the Summer of 2000, My foster Mom stopped and got gas at a Cumberland Farm's, She handed me twenty dollar's to pay for the gas,So I played a little joke on her, I went inside where the clerk was, there was a bit of a line,She didn't see me get out of line,When I got back into the car we went back to the Camp ground where we were camping.I started laughing because I thought what I did was VERY funny LOL. Mom asks me what was so funny and I said nothing much, To make a long story short, I blurted out that I didn't pay for the gas and that I was very sorry, She said What the hell is wrong with you, Do you know that what you did was called stealing. I told her it was just a joke and she said that she should give me the spanking of my life. She was wearing an all metal chain belt, I know I deserved a spanking but if she had spanked me with that belt my bum would of been a freaking mess from cuts.She told me to get my ass to bed,Then she took the money to the clerk.Well at least no one got arrested which is a good thing :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  9. I really just wanted to +1 halter tops...what was the other question again? :)

    Many of my past indiscretions relate to primary school. We had a 30ish teacher who paddled. One day at recess, Mother Nature had deposited much rain on the playground, and an icky brown pool of mud had formed. We, the boys, found that carefully thrown rocks would land in the mud pool and spatter mud all over the face of the previously clean girls.

    If this wasn't bad enough, my shining moment that day was being able to describe the similarity of that mud on the girls' faces to some other even less pleasant, warm, brown and smelly substance.

    Of course the teacher that paddled heard all of this, the entire story. I was given a choice that day (rare for that day and age) and I chose to apologize to all involved rather than accept a more painful proposition.

    I think there's tremendous role-playing potential nowadays, reliving the path not traveled. The only problem is I'll need to find a suitable partner, playground and mud puddle. (Mud can't be a Fet hard limit...snort)

  10. Jade -- well, at least the clerk got their money, so it all worked out. :-)

    Anonymous -- LOL! Sure, let me know how that works out for you, finding a woman who'll let you splatter mud in her face. ;-)

  11. I have a few naughty tales to share.

    Several years ago I belonged to the gym Bally's. My BFF and I used to sneak booze into our "water" bottles and drink by the outdoor pool. :)

    One time at said pool a very good looking guy came over to us while we were laying out. He asked me if I wanted him to rub sunscreen on my back. I did and he obliged. At some point we ended up going in the pool together. For some reason I allowed
    his fingers to stray south into my bathing suit bottoms. No kids were there since they weren't allowed to be at the gym. But a woman in the vicinity noticed and smirked and said something like, " I KNOW what you were doing!"

    Upon leaving a favorite bar of mine at closing time, I noticed a pizza box sitting on top of the booth's table. The pizza was mostly left intact coupled with silverware inside the box. No one was there to claim it and for some reason I thought the eaters had left. Not wanting it to be neglected, I snatched the box and my best friend and I sat in her car and munched on pizza at 2:30 am. :)

  12. Why thank you!
    When I do it, I do it with gusto! :)

    Oh... one more tale.

    Years ago I went with a gang of girlfriends to see male strippers. One of them was really hot and he became my favorite.
    At one point I went into the bathroom which had shutters for the individual stalls. As I was about to leave the main door burst open and wouldn't you know it, HOT Stripper barged in and came over to me. Who knows what compelled us but he pulled my pants down and gave me some firm spanks to my bum. THEN HIS fingers made a detour to my CAT.
    When I came out of there and told my crew they all cheered for me. :) I'm sure we did celebratory shots of whatever booze was handy.

  13. Hi Erica,

    I hitchhiked just once, at university. I had returned to school by bus early Sunday afternoon, and had a rehearsal to attend. The bus station was a good half-hour walk from campus and no city buses ran on Sunday. I saw a boy I knew, also hoping for a ride, and he and I hitched together. I arrived in time for the rehearsal, and never hitched again.

    I also have a book sitting on my bookshelf, borrowed from a university where I once did a summer course. But that reminds me of the time I borrowed Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, from the public library. It was a beautifully bound edition, one of a set of six novels. I took it with me when my boyfriend and I went to visit his family for the weekend. We travelled by motorcycle, and I strapped the book behind me under the seat. When we arrived, it was gone. The library sent me notices, which I returned with Address Unknown scrawled across them. My boyfriend and I got married so I applied for a new library card under my married name.


  14. You did not change a bit! ;-))

  15. Hermione -- whoops! Well, technically, you didn't steal it, you lost it. :-D "Address Unknown" -- I like it!

    MrJ -- ah, but I have. I guarantee you, hot guys in sports cars don't try to pick me up anymore! ;-)

  16. I used to belong to a male/male spanking site that produced several videos based on a bottom's past indiscretions. The top would conduct a brief interview where the bottom would describe something "that would have resulted in a spanking had I been caught". I have to admit that some of the scenarios were kind of lame but the whole concept was rather hot. I always enjoyed seeing the bottom get spanked for a "real" rather than a made up reason.


  17. Mike -- I agree that a real spanking for a real offense can be intense and compelling. Trouble is, for the purpose of video, many people wouldn't want something that personal recorded for all to see.

  18. Erica,

    I'm glad everything turned out all right for you with that fella. He was a gentleman, thank god! I have nothing in my life that even compares!

  19. AP -- yes, I have to say that he was.