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Monday, March 3, 2014

The Drop

It's inevitable. Well, for me, at least. Some people on FetLife said they don't feel post-party drop -- they just enjoy the memories and good feelings. How I envy them.

I thought I'd escaped it this time, but it seems that it was delayed. I came back to distractions such as work and a nasal infection, plus all the usual catching up (blogging, posting, etc.) that comes after a party. But now that that's all settled, work had quieted once again and my nose is healing, now I've crashed. 

FetLife has moved on... they're already abuzz about BBW in April. But John and I won't go to another party or see our friends until next Labor Day. So I need to steel myself and not let that make me sad. Easier said than done, of course. I will basically have a case of FOMO from now until August.

John and I were both lucky. I didn't come down with this stupid, painful infection until we came home, and he managed to have one of his good weekends for the party. Poor guy was back to being under the weather this weekend -- tired, coughing, sleeping poorly. His next sleep study appointment isn't until the end of this month. The health system drags on at the speed of snails.

In other words, getting back to reality blows. These party weekends are such extreme escapism.

I will get a couple of transfusions of friendship and love and play this week -- Steve tomorrow, and on Thursday I get to have another girlie lunch with Alex and SpankCake. I love that Alex lives here in L.A. again! And SC, although she hasn't been blogging, is very much alive and well and I so enjoy her company.

And look out, Southern CA... Princess Kelley May is moving here! She is a party coordinator extraordinaire -- maybe between having her here, and what with Alex and Paul and some others, we can finally resurrect the limping, straggling Los Angeles spanking scene? One can only hope. And I'll bet if Kelley found us a venue for a spanking party, it wouldn't be a freaking BDSM dungeon. :-)

So, onward. Drag my sorry ass to the gym once again. (It feels like sandpaper now. My ass, not the gym.) 

Who watched the Oscars last night? I don't know why I keep watching them; maybe it's a cultural literacy thing. Maybe I just like looking at the dresses. Or I wait for the little delights, like having the incomparable Sidney Poitier, bless his 87-year-old heart, as one of the presenters. But overall, they aren't the way they used to be.

Then again, what is?


  1. I love you! My real world is no where near as exciting as my party scene life...I miss our friends too! That aside, I just felt you could use a little comment of love and support from a man that thinks the world of you. Happy Monday dear friend!


  2. Michael -- I love you too! Leave it to you to come by and give me some sweetness. Thank you. ♥

  3. Southern cal will never be the same...
    Princess kelley

    PS. Hell no it won't be in a dungeon.
    Pps. Biggest hugs. Love and miss you.

  4. I wish I lived closer to you and a few other genuine scene friends.
    What's the sensation like sitting on cane stripes? Stinging or throbbing? I'm about to find out in a few days! :)

  5. Hi Erica -- I wish that I lived closer to you as well,I would love to meet you in person :-) That would be AWESOME :-) Hope you and John feel better VERY soon. I agree that the health system is slow as snails. It's ridiculous I am so tired of waiting for things :-( I enjoy reading about you and Steve :-) I am glad, you are having lunch with Alex and SpankCake this week. That will be fun :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  6. Erica,

    After a long party with spanko friends, it is so hard to get back to every day life.

    I am glad you had fun with your friends.


  7. Kelley -- no, it sure as hell won't! :-D xo

    Kelly -- hard to say; it depends on whether or not the skin is welted. With me, the stripes disappear right away, but I feel a deeper pain in the muscle.

    Jade -- thanks. :-)

    joey -- yes, it is. That particular atmosphere is so charged with excitement and fun, and then... poof!

  8. Heck. I get subdrop right after I leave my top! I wonder what it will be after April and BBW?! Yes, I know. Deflation. I will survive.

    I'm glad you are seeing Spank Cake and Alex. Wish I was there to meet you ladies. If you think LA is dead spank-wise, come to Sacramento. No, wait! Don't come. It is deader than a door nail except for the local party which can be rather boring!

  9. Bobbie Jo -- people assume that because L.A. is such a metropolis, we're hopping with scene. Partially true -- BDSM and dungeons, yes. Spanking, notsomuch.

  10. Erica, we grew up when a different set of movie stars reigned in Hollywood. Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Newman, etc. We show our age. Tinsel Town was very different then. Besides, I liked your acting in those Epic Spanking movies a few years back, compared to what we have now. In those days females wore garter-belt and stockings. which made those movies, for me more sensual, and erotic. XXX luv ya.

  11. Six -- yes, it was very different. But everything changes, I guess. Although I just can't reconcile pizza delivery and group selfies with the Oscars. They used to be a little, I don't know... classier?

  12. I'm so excited about lunch! Don't tuck your memories away, quite yet... I want all the juicy details too scandalous to print :)

    Also, if either one of your ladies wanted to meet earlier to get pedicures, I would be so open to that. My feet look so torn up... I'm calling them my ghet-toes until they can be fit to be seen once again.


  13. SC -- ghet-toes?? LOL! I need to remember that. I still have a fairly fresh pedi, but check with Alex!

    Scandalous, moi?

  14. Erica don't tell anyone, but I heard one of those pizza pies they served, had 'gifillte fish', on them. Also didn't Bette Midler sound great singing "The wind beneath my wings' One of my all time favorite songs. XXX Luv ya.

  15. Grammy moment...amazing rendition of Rainbow.

  16. Ron -- I confess I had recorded the program, and I fast-forwarded through all the musical numbers. Just not interested in them most of the time.