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Sunday, March 23, 2014

"7-Eleven Mouth"

What does that mean, you're wondering.

I ran across a couple of new photos -- one from Triple A, and one from Sarah Gregory -- from the shoots I did over the 50 Freaks weekend. In both, I'm being spanked by John Osborne. Here I am as his wife who faked being sick to avoid seeing his business colleague:

And here I am after I gambled all our money away:

What do these two photos have in common, besides the obvious?

Yup. My mouth is open.

As I look back on my library of videos, it cracks me up how many of my pictures show me with this open-mouthed, righteous indignation face. It seems to be one of my two signature expressions (the other being a smirk).

Here's the big mouth again in Northern Spankings' "Nutless"...

And my yap is once again in the open position here, in a Spanking Court photo:

Still open here, for Sarah Gregory spanking:

For Shadow Lane:

And for Lily Starr:

Even when I'm not being spanked, my mouth is open! Like here...

Or here...

Hence, the name 7-Eleven Mouth: Open 24 Hours!!

Oh well. Every spankee needs a go-to expression. And I am way too fucking old to pull off pouting. Come on, don't argue. Pouting is for cute little young faces. A girl's gotta work with what she's got. :-D

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. LOL!!
    That "Nutless" retort is priceless. I reread that again, yesterday. He probably nearly died laughing inside at least. :)
    When I'm not laughing or running my jaws at my spanker, I trade off by gritting my teeth.

  2. Kelly -- not to mention the M&Ms I dumped over his head. :-D

  3. Hahahaha! Thank you for a good laugh. Yep! I agree with you. The pouting is for the younger set. I think us more mature types can have just as much fun or maybe even more fun.

  4. Bobbie Jo -- when I pout, really awful things happen to my chin and jawline. No one wants to see it, trust me.

  5. This just made me laugh...if I ever go to my first spanking party, say Shadow Lane, and see a gaping mouth from afar, I won't even need to see the name tag :) Or a nice (I won't say "seasoned"!) bottom seemingly made of asbestos bouncing around on a lap amidst a cacophony of defiance in one of the suites...

  6. Anonymous -- LOL. Clearly, you're aware of one of my peeves. My butt is not a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  7. This must make things really easy for your Dentist :)


  8. Erica, you might be surprised when I say this. The one photo for me that I like the best, is the one where you are wearing the green dress, laying over some gentleman's knee. Yes I can imagine him pulling this garment up, taking down your panties, and imagine that you are wearing garter-belt and stockings, when that voluptuous naked rear end of yours comes into view. Please allow me that dream ?.XXX Luv ya.

  9. Prefectdt -- hah! Not really. :-)

    Six -- you're certainly welcome to dream. :-)

  10. I like the pic from Northern Spanking the best. Maybe its the lighting, I dont know but there is a soft, sexy quality to that pic. When your mouth is open, to me it looks like he hit the right spot on your butt and you orgasmed. Thats my dream. Love you Erica.

  11. Gerald -- I wish! But no. :-)

  12. Hi Erica -- I Love all these pics they are PRICELESS :-) The pic of you and Keith Jones made me giggle,it looked like you were up to no good LOL :-) You have a VERY young looking face :-) I may be naughty but I would never lie to you. I am on my kindle at the moment,I am going to the hospital tomorrow morning for my first ever spinal tap :-( I am a bit nervous and freaked out about it,but I will be taking 5mg of Valium to keep me calm LOL. I would rather be caned and strapped with the tawse.PLEASE keep me in your thoughts.Thank you my very dear friend :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  13. Jade -- good luck. I know you will be brave and they will take good care of you. :-)

  14. LOL. I hadn't noticed this before, Erica... mind you I was concentrating on your fine rear instead!

  15. By Gum, you're right! I have to echo Mr. Osborne's remark! But now I recall one of the stills with you and Dev from "Stand Corrected" had your open-mouthed reaction! In fact, it was THIS ONE!

  16. John -- probably the better choice! :-D

    Dave -- ha! I remember your doctoring of that photo!

  17. That's fantastic. Of course, I can't recall you having your mouth SHUT!

  18. Craig -- on rare occasions. :-)

  19. Boy I needed a laugh this morning and this sure made me chuckle. Listening to you harass Tops is almost as much fun for me as watching you get spanked!