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Thursday, March 6, 2014

My AAA debut

That's Triple A Spanking, not the Auto Club, just to be clear.

The clip I shot with John Osborne (I call him AAA-John to differentiate him from my John) at Shadow Lane has just been released! AAA-John has written a blog about it, and you can read about it (and see lots of pictures) here. He talks about clip piracy first, which is a very important subject, and then I'm at the end. For those who are on FetLife and can watch videos, he also put up a quick teaser on his page.

The plot was simple: we went to a posh party and I spent most of the night flirting outrageously with a hunky young bartender (hence the video name, the Bartender Incident). AAA-John refers to me in the description as a "cougar" -- I told him he's lucky I like him so damn much! :-D 

Oh, and I am so mortified about that "flake" thing -- I will never live it down! For those who don't remember from my SL party report, AAA-John and I had a bit of a snafu hooking up for the shoot, because John and I went to his room at the appointed time and he wasn't there. I had just met AAA-John and didn't have contact info for him, so we waited in the hall for 20 minutes. I was disappointed, thinking the shoot had fallen through, and I sighed to John, "Why are people so flaky?"

Well, of course, we found each other and all was well. Except when Mr. Big Mouth John blurted that I'd called AAA-John a flake! AUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGH! Why does that man do these things to me?? Aaaaand of course, I will never, ever be allowed to forget that. (heavy sigh)

So basically that night, I was both thrown under a bus and over a lap. And just what's going on with my expression here?

Oh, speaking of expressions, I simply must post this one. Tell me... could AAA-John look any more pervy here? :-D

A good time was had by all!

Speaking of good times, had another wonderful lunch with Alex and SpankCake. Always a fun time with those two! Time slips away while we laugh and dish and share. Thank you, ladies! ♥ I did have a bit of a weird lunch, though. I ordered something that was called the "Go Green Frittata" on the menu, which is sort of like an omelet, but it's flat instead of folded over. It was described as having eggs, spinach puree, broccoli, zucchini, garlic, quinoa (a type of grain), and it sounded marvelously healthy and tasty. But when it arrived, I was a little taken aback -- what I had on my plate looked like, I kid you not, an over-sized green hockey puck. It tasted OK (a little bland), but the whole thing looked so disconcertingly green and unappetizing; I'm ordering something else next time!

(I really need to learn how to take pictures on the spot. I wish I'd snapped a photo of that thing.)

Anyway, go give Triple A some love, y'all!


  1. Some protector Your John turned out to be, huh? He's a brat, too for being a
    tattle-tale. :)
    I'm so happy to see you continue shoot participation. There are a lot of very clever producers and models who execute very entertaining scenarios.
    3 cheers for Erica's smart mouth and sassy booty! :)

  2. Kelly -- oh, John is worse than any of us, trust me! :-)

    I love shooting. I will keep doing it until people stop asking me to.

  3. Moi! Pervy? Why thank you, Erica. Oh, I am just checking over some of the footage from our last filming and the look on your face when I produced the thermometer was priceless... but I think I've said enough already, LOL!

  4. Amazing my friend, your bottom is just beautiful and nice scene overall.......I love you holding onto his leg, very sexy.


  5. John -- ha! I'll bet -- my horror was real! LOL

    Ron -- there is something about that leg hold, isn't there... thanks!

  6. Erica,

    You have an amazing bottom. Is their a fountain of youth somewhere in southern California.

    Please give SC a big hug for me when you next see her. I miss her blog.


  7. joey -- yup. It's called the gym. :-) I miss her blog too! We're trying to talk her into starting it up again.

  8. Recently found this site and have to agree, you have a nice spankable bottom. Good luck with the book as well. I've directed my sub to check it out.

    Take care

  9. Erica ,AAASpanking is a very good spanky site ,best wishes from ,Tim.

  10. Erica, I love those photo's and I am sure you know the reason why. XXX Luv ya

  11. Tim -- yes, it is.

    Six -- I do indeed.

  12. Hi Erica -- I Love the pics of you and John from Triple AAA they are FANTASTIC :-) On one of the pics, you could see John's handprint on your butt LOL :-) Your expressions were PRICELESS. I bet he spanks very hard.I wish I could get spanked by him that would be AWESOME :-) Thanks for sharing.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  13. (Singing) Triple your pleasure! Triple your fun! By spanking her, spanking her, spanking her buns!" That's confuse the kids.

    Very nice, Erica!!

  14. Wolfie -- LOL! Yes, we are dating ourselves.

    My stepdad used to be fond of singing, "Double your pleasure, Double your fun, Shack up with two girls instead of just one!"