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Thursday, June 14, 2012

We interrupt this program...

... to bring you this special public service message.

To all of you out there who have the inexplicable need to:

1. Post nasty, personal, anonymous comments on people's blogs;
2. Criticize people's videos to pieces, even though you've never shot one in your life;
3. Steal other people's photos and claim them as your own;
4. Create fake profiles/personalities for the sole purpose of harassing others;
5. Perpetrate any and all other forms of online douchebaggery, asshattery, fuckwaddery and just plain meanness --

Please feel free to go fuck yourselves. Because, apparently, no one else will.

Message concluded. Please return to your regularly scheduled perving.


  1. VERY eloquently expressed, Miss Scott!

    For the life of me, I don't get why people need to "shit in others'yards." :(

    Other than the picture thieving fuckwad on FetLife, I REALLY try to lay low when it comes to negative commentary specified to a person or interest there. If I don't approve of something, I do my best to keep that to myself.

  2. G -- thanks. :-)

    Kelly -- this week, I've witnessed all of #1-4. It was just too damn much.

  3. I am handling the one who inspired #2 at the moment. I am tempted to post the entire conversation up on Fetlife.

  4. Loki -- go for it. I'm sure many will appreciate it.

    Jill -- my pleasure! :-)

  5. Amen sista! Apparently, I missed it. Hopefully Loki will give in to temptation. >:)


  6. My name is The Famous Kat, and I approve of this message! ;)

  7. Erica,

    While I agree with you say, I fear that saying will only encourage more of the same. This person is probably especially pleased with himself right now, because how has evidence of how much he pissed you off.


  8. Sarah -- I hope he does!

    Kat -- I thought you might. ;-)

    Ray -- doing my best!

    Walter -- I get your point, I really do. You make good sense. But so damned many unpleasant things happened this week; not just to me, but to my friends. I'd reached my saturation point.

  9. Very well said Erica :-)I am glad you gave them hell,I am so tired of negative comment's and of other people's BS :-( There are a few i would like to knock the fuck out, oh if only UGHHHHHHH.Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  10. You are so right.

  11. Jade -- well... knocking people out isn't a good idea. But it feels good to tell them off, now and then. :-)

    Joey -- you know, I don't even want to be right. I just want the asshats to go away.

  12. Hear, hear! Or is it here, here? In any case, agreed!

  13. It's hear hear Lea and I agree. The mindless would have been burning witches in the 17th century and rooting out "Commies" for McCarthy now they are just spiteful little cowards. Old Tom
    (I chose annonymous because none of those IDs seem to apply to me but I am Old Tom)

  14. Good girl, Erica! Keep up the good work. Give those fucktards HELL from us! Oh, and one other thing. While Walter has a point, which you've aknowledged, you have one too. Sometimes, we just need to tell the fucktards to go to hell, and we don't really care that it give them the satisfaction of knowing they pissed us off, cause telling them to go to hell gives US some satisfaction.

  15. I always thought it was Hear, here. As in hear me over here.

    We can study the etymology later though :)

    The other day when I got a nasty comment there is one thing that stood out, despite not liking it the person was tangible, they existed. Now as much as I thought the comment was unnecessary, one can't help but think "Oh well, that person doesn't care for me, big deal"

    The problem that I have had, as you well know, is with the cowardly attacks from a guy hiding behind a fake profile. In a way it is amusing though, it's not like anyone in the spanking community doesn't know where it is coming from. I could think of many adjectives, I just never knew that spineless was going to be one of them. That is why I will keep poking the troll with a stick, my life is that important to him :)

    You forgot cowardly in your prose, that is something that I never, ever expected. Of course, I just can't understand why someone would do any of the things that you listed anyway, perhaps my life is so full that their logic is above me.

  16. Individuals like you describe are usually just attention whores acting out . . . while calling them out for their misdeeds feels good . . . they usually go away faster when simply starved . . .

    it's kinda like how some folks act out in order to provoke a spanking . . . when an attention whore see posts like this it makes them feel successful . . . they got the spanking they were looking for . . . and that's usually the last thing you want . . .

  17. Erica,
    I don't comment much these days, due to deteriorating eyesight.
    I have this rule, 'if I can't say something decent and/or constructive, I'll stay schtum.'
    I doubt that I could improve on your invective and I very much concur with your last sentence. :D
    Warm hugs,

  18. I did notice an example of #1 yesterday, in a comment to one of your recent posts. My first thought was that it was someone impersonating a member of your family.

    All this makes me wonder if I need to join Fetlife to see what all the fuss is about.


  19. Erica, the wonders of the internet connect us in so many beautiful ways, and also make it so easy for someone to say terrible things and hide behind an assumed identity. The yin and the yang, as always. Luckily, the good people overwhelmingly outnumber those with an unpleasant agenda. But you summed it up perfectly!


  20. God, dare I ask what happened? Sorry some moron put you in such a state.

    On an entirely separate note, as you know, you're the first person to introduce the word "asshat" to me and I was certain it was a word of your own invention. However, while reading a legitimate magazine (Esquire) I read the word "asshat" in an article in that publication. I chuckled on the plane about that. Erica's word showing up in a legit magazine. Made me happy.

  21. What i am about to say will not change how others respond to your blog or you yourself choose to respond to them.But if you get uptight and annoyed they only get more pleasure and continue in their quest.If you can hold together a little self discipline and totaly ignore their ingnorant remarks, they may just understand you are not concerned one jot about their petty foolish comments. However this is your blog and you can say and do whatever you please, and i wish you only well what ever your decission..

    Correction Man.

  22. Lea -- I confess, I've never been sure about that myself! I see it both ways all the time.

    Old Tom -- coward is a good word, which Rich pointed out in his comment. Yeah, it takes a lot of guts to sit behind the safety of your computer monitor or your tablet and take anonymous potshots.

    Terri -- yup, it made me feel very good! :-D

    Rich -- you're right, I forgot cowardly. And you know I was thinking partially of you when I wrote this rant. That fake profile that was created in your name (sort of) on FetLife this week made me sick. Truly. :-(

    Michael -- I know you're right. I don't do this often. More often, I ignore. But this week, so many things happened and I just snapped.

    Paul -- I like that word, "schtum." Not to be confused with "schtupp." ;-)

    Hermione -- yes, that little gem was the proverbial straw.

    Scarlet -- I did get loads and loads of yin recently when my mother passed, and people were so kind. I guess the cyber universe felt the need to restore balance with some nasty yang! Ah well.

    Craig -- well, it wasn't just one thing, and it wasn't just done to me, but to several of my friends. It was just an asshat week. :-) And nope, I can't claim credit for that word. I just adopted it 'cause I like it so much!

    Correction Man -- you are correct. :-) I normally refrain. And I don't expect anything to change. I just needed to blow off some steam.

    Poppy -- thank you, sweets.

  23. Well, I don't know anything about this, but it sounds like some jealous, impotent twig who can't stand others' decency and popularity.

    Kind of sad, when you think about it, because they miss out on all the good stuff.

  24. Ah, yes. I once went through a nasty experience when a "writer" who worked on a project with me constantly turned in late, incomplete inadequate material with the request that I "make it funny." When he got busted for plagiarism (on the only script of his that I didn't touch), he began an all out attack on me in every public forum he could find. I didn't respond, and soon enough, the truth came out.

  25. Maguffin -- ugh! Well, at least in this case, you knew who it was. Not sure if that's any better, though. Still, it's creepy knowing there are faceless, nameless strangers out there who hate you.

  26. "That fake profile that was created in your name (sort of) on FetLife this week made me sick."

    Surprisingly though, Erica, it hardly even registered to me. There is this problem that I have, and it is called character. If someone I knew of and liked questioned my character I could well have a problem with it, but things like that do nothing more than amuse me. Though I do also think it is sad that someone would obsess over me so much, I'm really a nobody.

    Que sera, sera, though, one day, with much ignoring on my behalf, they may actually move on and start to enjoy life.

  27. Well put Erica:)


  28. As late Australian comedienne Dawn Lake used to say:

    "You tell 'em, Love!"