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Monday, June 25, 2012

Uh oh! What happened??

Well, let's see. I'm either:
1. Dead
2. Asleep, or
3. Spanked into oblivion

You guys figure it out. :-)

It took a lot to get me there tonight. I was definitely in feisty mode, but ST was in fine form himself. Would you believe he accused me of being a Drama Queen? Humph! Just because I was talking about the latest drama on FetLife, and he said I liked that drama, that I enjoyed joining in the fray a bit.

"I do NOT!" "Yes, you do!"

"No, I don't! I only commented once on that thread and otherwise, I stayed out of it."

"Maybe so, but you got all wound up with it in that little mind of yours."

"ExCUSE me," I huffed. "I do not have a little mind. I have a fine, big mind."

"Yes, you do," he admitted. "It matches your mouth."


Oh, and some warm-up! He started with the freaking Spanking Buddy! What's that about? I protested that he was going full-bore from the outset, and he said it was my mouth going full-bore, not him. "I guess I should go full-bore now, shouldn't I?"

I thought of a reply, but stifled it. Still, I couldn't help giggling over it, and he whaled on me. "I didn't SAY anything!" I screeched.

"Yeah, but you were thinking something bad!"

Well, screw it. If I'm going to get in trouble just for thinking something, I might as well say it and get some fun out of it, right? So I snapped, "I was just going to say that I think you're a full bore already!"

That did not go over too well. Did I learn from it? Hell, no.

"You must have done something wrong," he insisted, and I kept insisting that I hadn't. "Then why are you over my knee getting spanked?"

"I dunno... because you're an ass?"

Wrong answer. After a few persuasive minutes, he asked, "Would you like to rephrase that?"

"Ass you're an!" Hey, that's "you're an ass" rephrased, isn't it?

On and on and on we went. And sure enough, after a while, I stopped giggling. I stopped sassing. I just sort stopped everything except making guttural sounds. Which he loved. Things switched from playful to primal when he grabbed my hair, and really laid into me. And I wanted it. More, more, more. Yes.

And when it was all over, could I lie there in boneless oblivion? Nope. I had to get up on my wobbly legs and go stand in the corner.

But not for too long, don't worry. :-)  After that, I got to relax and enjoy lotion and some snuggle time. We chatted for over an hour. I love when he stays for a while, love winding down with him.

Now if I could just figure out how to make this peaceful mood last a full week. I've been noticing that by about Thursday, I'm back in cranky, uppity, go-ahead-try-screwing-with-me mode again. (sigh) It's a damn good thing that this addiction is so much fun, because it needs frequent satisfaction!


  1. You should've talked like Yoda to him. "An ass you are. Sorry I'm not." Lol! And I will take a stand with you on "thinking something bad." Tops already get after us for our actions, our words, now our thoughts too? Where does it end? Puh-leeze!

  2. Ahh. Alls fair in love and war (and spanking) Ladies.

    Have a good week

    BOB B

  3. Spankings are like paint. By Thursday you need a second coat!

  4. Don't ask me why but while reading this, Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" popped into my head. Based upon your feisty mode: "She cried More! More! More!" LOL

    I found you to be VERY well behaved re: "THE FL Drama" of late.
    So THERE... ST! :)

  5. Erica,

    First, I want to compliment the photo of your beautiful legs and bottom, and very nice red glow.

    Second, you are so right, it is a great feeling which continuously needs to be satisfied.


  6. I lie there in boneless oblivion

    Bacall says that, I have lost my bones.

  7. Hi Erica -- You and ST are so funny hehehe LOL :-)Your pic's are AWESOME.I agree with you about ST saying you did something wrong when you didn't,I am glad you said some fun remark's to him :-)cause it was all worth it,I like being feisty myself hehehe LOL.I am happy you got what you wanted and needed :-)much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  8. Sometimes it just seems that smart-assery hits (those of us born without a filter) @ the most inappropriate of times. Or for a spanko, would that be the most appropriate of times?
    I don't know what it is about being in a most vulnerable position that tends to flood my mind with smart ass thoughts & comments! Sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth quite by accident, sometimes I'm just being a smart ass! LoL!
    U & ST r very funny! I love ur blog!

    Jayden ;-)

  9. Lea -- the answer is, it never ends! (but thank goodness they can't really read minds, huh?) :-D

    Bob -- (snort) If you say so!

    Ben -- my coats are constantly worn off, for some reason.

    Kelly -- hah! Thank you! Yeah, for the most part, I wanted to stay out of that one. Just too ugly.

    Joey -- thank you. :-) I suppose if I have to have an addiction, this one is relatively harmless.

    OBB -- that's exactly how I feel, afterward. And how I look, apparently!

    Jade -- thanks, sweetie.

    Jayden -- welcome! And feel free to borrow my line -- whenever a top tells me I've put my foot in my mouth, I reply, "I'd rather have my foot in my mouth than my head up my ass." ;-)

  10. Wow hot corner pic! Did you say something else?


    Loved it.

  11. Emen -- well, you know, I say a lot of things in the course of the evening, as does ST. I try to remember all the best of the dialogue, but sometimes memory fails me.

    ST is no slouch, either. I was talking about acronyms and he asked if Acronym was a city in Ohio. (groan)

  12. Erica,

    If I didn't see that sweet tush of yours I would think your legs ran all the way to your neck! Jealous! All hail the Queen Brat! ;)


  13. Erica,

    You are proof that with aging, you do NOT have to lose beauty---especially with your legs and gorgeous bottom. Better than 99% of any out there regardless of age.


  14. What ever occured you look very contented indeed lying there.

    Correction Man.