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Monday, June 18, 2012

Someday, I'll learn to simply ask for more

Someday. But tonight wasn't it.

Just last week, I wrote about bratting. Once again, kids, the following is not something I'd suggest if you don't know your top. ;-)

Most of the time, I like to play hard. It's my only spanking of the week and it has to tide me over. And ST is usually up for delivering it. However, I think he was a bit tired tonight. He was quiet when he arrived, and he told me that he'd strained his back a bit and it was sore. I asked if he was OK, if he wanted some Advil, but he said he was fine.

We commenced with our scene and he perked up a bit, getting into it and engaging in banter with me. He referred to himself as my "doctor," and I said, "What does PhD stand for -- phony doctor?" "No... Pretty Hard Discipline." I groaned aloud.

"Some of us need to behave," he teased. "Don't we?"

"What's this 'we' stuff? Who are you, the Queen of England?"

"Are you calling me a queen, now??" He'd give me a few harder swats after I cracked wise.

But I needed him to ramp it up. I waited for it to get edgy, to feel the challenge, to wonder if I could take it. The strap and slapper stung, but I was absorbing them fairly easily. And then, ST actually got onto the bed, lay next to me and started swatting me playfully from his lying position. Oh, please!

I bent my elbow, propped up my chin on my hand and turned to look at him. "You know, if you're not up for this, we can just end it and call it a night!"

He laughed. "What kind of night shall we call it?"

"Oh, I don't know," I snapped. "How about Lame-Ass Top Night?"

That did it.

Of course I don't think he's lame. Of course I didn't mean it. But oh, it just seemed so right to say that moment. :-D

"I guess we'd better get down to business, huh?" He didn't wait for me to answer that, just laid it on hard with the strap and slapper.

Uh oh... he caught my eye roll.

I think that was around the time he decided to get my two canes and lexan paddle. Oh, dear. Yes, I was about to be challenged. Especially when it came down to the final 10 with all three. That was when I finally screamed inside my head, "Oh noooooo, I can't take it!" But I knew I could. I hunkered down, breathed deep and took it. Because I wanted to. I needed to.

It hurt, of course.

Not complaining, however. :-)

Afterward, I was spent and quiet, so we stayed on the bed for another hour or so in companionable silence. I do believe the activity might have fixed ST's back as well as my attitude.

Not sure why I was so edgy tonight. Maybe it was all the tension lately. Maybe it was all the asshattery last week. I didn't feel angry, just edgy. Whatever. For now, it's vanquished.

Nap time.


  1. "Lame Ass Top Night" HA! I'm awful at directly asking for things myself. Maybe it's a Virgo thing, we don't want to seem demanding? People pleasers, we are.

  2. Sounds like one of those nights that are just up in the air. Still, it sounds like you got what you were needing and that makes it ok. If I want something specific, I can ask, though I am letting my top do the "talking" for the most part.

    I have to wait now for three months! WHAH!

  3. Hi Erica -- HAHAHAHAHA you and ST are too funny LOL :-)I Love your pic's, I am happy you got what you needed and wanted :-)I never got spanked with a lexan before,i heard it really hurt's but i don't care i am up for the challenge.As alway's a GREAT blog, :-)much Love and hug's alway's from your naughty girl Jade

  4. Lea -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Honey, I'm a lot of Virgo things, but no one would ever say I'm a people pleaser. Nice try, though. ;-)

    Bobbie Jo -- three months? Blech! You have my sympathies!

    Jade -- yes, lexan hurts like crazy. And it's unbreakable!

  5. My friend, PLEASE remind me not to drink anything while reading your blog. I nearly bathed my monitor in iced tea when ST asked if you called him a Queen.

    So lexan's a bitch? Does it compare at all to thick wood or straps?

  6. Kelly -- LOL. Should my blog come with a "put your drinks down" warning? Hard to explain lexan; I just experienced it in recent months, myself. It both thuds AND stings. And it's indestructible.

  7. Erica, in many of your photo's that you display in your bedroom, there is a poster, of the singing group the BEATLES. Once when I was visiting the British Museum. in London, England, in a small room, they had on exhibiton, three famous renowned items. First, was the 'ROSETTA STONE', Second, was the MAGNA CARTA. Third was Paul Mcartneys orginal lyrics note the song "YESTERDAYS". in his own handwriting. I was proud and deeply moved, that he received such renowned honor. For I have always loved this group's music.

  8. Six -- that is indeed quite an honor. I love the Beatles. I grew up with them, and they remain my favorite band to this day.