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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Tale (Tail?) of Two Birthdays

First, I have an announcement. I am officially retiring the name "New Guy." So no more New Guy, no more NG. Since he goes by the name SpankoTango on FetLife, I'm going to refer to him as ST. As one friend said, that could also stand for SuperTop. Which he most certainly is.

Tonight, the 19th, fell right between his birthday (the 15th) and mine (the 22nd), so I figured we were celebrating both this evening. I bought a giant chocolate cupcake and put two candles in it.

He came bearing gifts: A collector's set of four Yellow Submarine glasses, plus a bag of reusable "ice cubes" (you freeze them and put them in your drinks) -- in the shape of yellow submarines! How cool is that?

I thought for sure he'd combine his new age and mine and give me that amount for the birthday spanking. But no, he stuck with 54. Nice of him, right?

Yeah, right. Fifty-four with his hand... and every single fucking implement he had, plus three of mine. Twelve in all, plus his hand. One right after the other after the other.

Don't bother checking the calculator. That's 702. Oh, wait -- he gave me one to grow on with his hand. So, 703. And that's not even counting the warm-up.

Happy effing birthday to me!!

Here's the arsenal:

And me, under the arsenal:

I started out laughing, being a wise-ass, even had the nerve to count one stroke as a half (never again! Ouch). By the last couple of implements? Notsomuch.

"I love your birthday spankings," he teased. "I wish every week was your birthday."

AAAGGGGGHH! Please! I'm ageing quickly enough as it is, thank you. :-)

Oh, and he saved the heart-shaped paddle for last, 'cause he loves me so much. Yup. I was feeling the love, all right.

Afterward, we had our cake. Here's ST, enjoying his. Isn't he cute? But wait... what's that on his face?

(giggling) Silly man. Fork must have slipped.

What a lovely way to start Birthday Week! (Hey, any self-respecting attention whore stretches birthdays out to last a week, I'm thinking.)

Thank you, ST. My Sweet Top.


  1. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh... doesn't "ST" look good with that chocolate beauty mark!!

    You guys are a laugh riot! I also love his NEW MATH... he should write a book. (I'll do the cover!)


  2. Zelle -- LOL! I thought it was quite attractive! As you can see by the exasperated smirk on his face, he didn't share my sentiments.

    Love you too!

  3. Congratulations (bis!).
    But what sort of weird novel concept is this - using ice cubes for DRINKS?!??

  4. Thanks Erica for another great spanking story.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time, to me. Happy pre-birthday.

  6. Oh, so ST's returning every night this week for a repeat celebration?! :)

    That is the most adorable cupcake EVER!.
    I LOVE your share and share alike arrangement. You share treats...he shares his implements.

    How much sting does that heart shaped paddle produce? It looks pretty thick.

  7. Hi Erica, The cupcake look's YUMMY and is so CUTE :-)I am so happy that you and ST had a fun time celebrating your birthday. The pic of all the implement's look's so COOL but i know they all didn't feel too cool, i agree the heart shape paddle doe's look thick.ST look's CUTE in the pic of him with the frosting on his face :-)I have a feeling that his fork didn't slip hehehe LMAO.Happy that you have a Top that care's about you so much :-)Love You,Sending you big hug's YOU BOTH ROCK!

  8. I hope you both continue to have a wonderful birthday week, or month if you so choose :-) You two seem like a great match.


  9. Thank you for sharing your birthday with us. I'm glad that you've finally upgraded your wonderful top from NG to ST! He deserves a better grade of anonymity, lol. Loved the pictures too!

  10. It can be your birthday until the next astronomical sign comes around. Since you are the last day of Virgo, I am the 21st, next year ST can start in August. Always trying to be helpful.

  11. Happy Birthday Erica, may all your wishes come true. Love and Kiss's to you and your delicious spankable bare bottom.

  12. MrJ -- LOL! Well, they're not really traditional ice cubes, which is what makes them unusual.

    joey -- you're welcome.

    Cassandra -- thanks, and good luck with your new job!

    Kelly -- nooo, he is not!

    That paddle is quite solid. And he assures me it will never break.

    Jade -- you're right. His fork didn't slip. Mine did. ;-)

    Quai -- I usually milk it until John's birthday rolls around on Oct. 5. :-D

    Dana -- yeah, it's been a year. It was time.

    OBB -- happy early birthday to you, too!

    six -- it needs kissing, after last night!

  13. ROFLMHO! "It needs kissing after last night!" I bet! Uh, can you even sit down today? Oh, wait; you have a "bionic" bottom, no? I know you had fun anyway because you had chocolate!

  14. Happy (belated) Birthday! Everyone needs to get (or give) a birthday spanking! :)

  15. Bobbie Jo -- LOL... it's fine today. No marks, minimal soreness. Scary.

    Beth -- well, belated for ST, but not for me. Mine is Thursday. :-) And yes, birthday spankings all around (as long as I don't have to give any!).

  16. He's a Virgo too? That must be interesting when you both can be as stubborn as the other. Lol. Happy bday to you both!

  17. Lea -- yup, he's another Virgo. Not left-handed, though. :-)

    I dunno... honestly, THE most stubborn person I know is John, and he's a Libra!