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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Hodgepodge

Can't believe it's Friday already. This week slipped by in a haze of party afterbuzz.

First... people have been asking about the video that Richard and I shot. There is something going on with Spanking Tube -- Rich told me that he has uploaded the video twice, and it still hasn't shown up. He is going to contact them after his work day and try to find out what the problem is. I have every confidence that it will be up soon.

Next... my book has been reviewed on the blogs of Zelle, Bonnie and Dana Kane, and now that latest is Cassandra Park. Thank you, Sandy! You and I go back several years and I appreciate your kind words greatly.

I thought I would address one of her comments here, since it's quite a legitimate question and deserves an answer.

...since she has written that her dad was a well-known Hollywood comedy writer, and that there were actors and other famous writers at his parties and in her life, I was hoping for a little more about the issues of maintaining anonymity in the face of these associations.

You know, it's never been an issue, and for a simple reason: These associations are long gone. My father passed away in 1998; Erica Scott didn't come to be until 2000. Sadly, over the years, most of my father's peers in the industry have died. I am quite removed from the Hollywood crowd and have been for years.

In my book, I mention a writer/producer cousin, one who was once partnered with my father many years ago and who had helped me a great deal when I was young. He is still with us, but he is in his late 80s and has several children and grandchildren... a second cousin is not on his radar. I haven't seen him in years. So I don't worry about him either.

Who knows... maybe someday, someone from my old life will discover me. If that happens, I'll deal with it. But I'm not afraid of it.

Next up, a couple more photos from the Shadow Lane party. Here is the aforementioned shot of Sarah Gregory, Clare Fonda and me from the Friday vendor fair:

Rich was kind enough to take a nice picture of John and me with Mir and S, but unfortunately, I cannot show them. But I wanted y'all to see how handsome John looked in his suit anyway. :-)

Also, I'd neglected to mention this earlier, but another couple I met at Shadow Lane were Kaelah and Ludwig, from the Rohrstockpalast blog. This was their first SL party and they'd traveled all the way from Germany. They were lovely! Soft-spoken and sweet, and both very attractive. I think I amused Kaelah, because I kept looking at them and exclaiming, "You two are so CUTE!"

Finally, back on the subject of my book, I have a huge favor to ask. For those of you who read it and like it, will you do something for me? Drop over to the Amazon page and give it a rating and a review. It doesn't have to be lengthy; even a few words will suffice. So far, two friends have given it five stars and a lovely writeup (thank you!!), and I'm hoping others will follow suit. The blog reviews have been wonderful, and having the positive words on Amazon, where the mass public will see them, will be so helpful. Thanks!

John and I have no plans this weekend, and I'm not complaining. I think my post-party drop is physical this year, rather than emotional... I am so damned tired. All I want to do is sleep, and when I'm awake, I feel sluggish. Perhaps that's due in part to the heat as well. I was telling a friend that it was a shock to come home on Monday and discover that So. CA was actually hotter than Vegas had been! Blech! Yesterday, there was a massive power outage that affected Orange County, San Diego and other parts of So. CA, all the way into Mexico and Arizona as well. About five million people, on one of the hottest days of the year!! But Los Angeles County was not affected. Feel like I dodged another bullet.

Have a great weekend, y'all. :-)


  1. Hi Erica, Your pic's are LOVELY :-)You are so BEAUTIFUL and John is VERY handsome, I am happy that you didn't lose power that would of been TERRIBLE in that heat. I am going to Amazon now to give you a review :-)Wish there was such a thing as 100 stars instead of 5 cause i would definately give you a 100. Love You and sending you big hug's ALWAYS f rom your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  2. You "ladies" look great! And you and John are a gorgeous couple. He looks very healthy, too. :)

    As soon as I get another job, I promise to buy, read and rate your book.

    You'd love the weather here in PA-several rainy days in a row with temps ranging from 55-75 degrees for the next week.

  3. Jade -- yes, I can't imagine how people managed in that heat with no power, no A/C, not even a fan. Just awful. :-(

    Kelly -- you're right, I'd love that weather! Here, it's dropped down to a frigid 80s, and we're being told we should conserve power and turn off our A/C. To that, I say kiss my a$%.

  4. Hi! I am a third of the way through your book so far and I will be happy to do an Amazon review when done! I know already it will be 5 stars as I can't put it down. (Only have to do so when a certain Toppy person makes me go to bed).

  5. Season -- hey girl! I'm so glad you're liking it. And you know what I have to say about bedtimes... :-)

  6. From your lips to Mr. Toppy's ears!

  7. Hi Erica

    I wanted to get your nod for what I had to say about your great book. CHross just happened to mention one of my posts and I thought if I put something up quickly it would get the greatest exposure. Hope you approve.



  8. Parties are exhausting, I always just want to sleep, sleep, sleep when I get home. I hope to finish the rest of your book tomorrow and will post reviews anywhere and everywhere that someone may come across. I love it. :-)

  9. I will post a review with a five star rating of course. Great pictures of the party.

  10. Did not recognize John not in the shower.
    Yes, handsome. Not bad yourself.

    Five stars, how about five licks? Nah, that would not be an appetizer for you. Our Amazon signon is under Bacall's real name, but we will have a "review" next week.

  11. I can't wait to read your book, having read all the glowing reviews. My copy from Amazon has been delayed till the 19th. Why??? I'll bet they're all sold out:-)


  12. I think anonymity is probably helped that it's unlikely someone will simply stumble over any work by Erica Scott. A person probably needs to be in the spanking scene or purchasing spanking videos/books etc. Which probably helps in two ways. 1. Outing Erica's identity would also out the spanko who finds her and 2. The spanking community is relatively small.

  13. Lovely pictures Erica and John looks so handsome. I love a man in a suit.

    Will definitely leave a review on Amazon when I've finished your book.


  14. Emanuele -- I've been offline since about 7:00 PM last night, so I haven't had a chance to look up what you wrote, but I'm sure it's great! Thanks in advance! :-)

    Lea -- ♥ ♥ ♥ ! Thank you!

    joey -- I will appreciate that greatly. :-)

    OBB -- yeah, he's got clothes on! LOL

    Hermione -- the 19th, really? How weird!

    Anonymous -- that's the way I figured it. One has to be actively seeking my stuff, which makes them "one of us."

    Ronnie -- me tooo!

  15. YAY Erica, I just saw you and Richard's clip on Spankingtube YOU BOTH ROCKED, IT WAS SO CUTE and BRILLIANT :-) I LOVED IT GREAT JOB XOXO

  16. Erica, Why do I love thee, let me count the ways. I saw your promo with Richard Windsor, for your book "Late Bloomer". Your bottom is so delightfully enticing, when you are wearing garter-belt and stockings, while being spanked. Thank you Erica, thank you. A million spanks to you, on your bare bottom. Hopefully you will also sell a 'miilon', books. Love.

  17. Erica,
    I've finished my second reading of Late Bloomer - I read everything that I love twice immediately, so that I don't miss any of the nuances - and I have to tell you, it's a really excellent book. Subtract the spanko-commonality, take away the fact that I know and adore you, and still...
    fanfreakingtastic writing. You are an AUTHOR! And I am so impressed.
    Congratulations, again and again.

    - Dana

    ps. I'm heading to now, and cannot believe that it hadn't occurred to me sooner. Eek.

  18. Craig -- yup, very low-key. Kind of sad, too, watching all the 9/11 remembrance programming. But I guess that was inevitable.

    Jade -- yay! I didn't even realize it was up until I read your comment. Finally! :)

    six -- I've been happy with a few hundred at this point, but a million sounds good too!

    Dana -- ♥ you! Can't wait to see you again and give you a gigantic hug. :-)

  19. Erica, it was a real pleasure to finally meet you in person! :-) I don't have any problems with being called “cute” (I only turn mad when Ludwig uses the word to tease me ;-) ) and found it a very sweet compliment.

    The party was absolutely great because of all the lovely people we spent our time with. It was just a pity that your books were already sold out before we managed to get one. But of course it was good to see that you had sold them so successfully!

    It's amazing how fast you are with your Shadow Lane reports! I've just managed to post the first part of mine.

  20. Kaelah -- Yay! I was hoping you'd see this blog.

    You know, I get them up fast because I want to make sure I don't forget details. When a certain amount of time goes by and real life takes over, the memories fade.

  21. A late remark to thank you again for such a splendid sharing from Vegas!

    The pic of you and John makes my heart smile!

    By the way, I'm eagerly anticipating the read: Amazon will have your book in my mailbox shortly, if I can get it out before it melts the metal.

  22. Wolfie -- There you are! Was wondering where you'd been. :-) I hope you enjoy the book!