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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OT: Adventures in public transportation

As I'd mentioned earlier, John wanted me to see a specialist/periodontist for a second opinion on whether or not I needed oral surgery on my receding gums. My appointment was yesterday. This doctor was highly rated and John had had work done by him, so I had faith that I was doing the right thing. However, his office is in the heart of downtown L.A., which is a driver's nightmare: a maze of traffic, one-way streets and parking garages that charge you the equivalent of renting a room. So I decided to take public transportation.

The process?

1. Walk to the bus stop.
2. Take the MTA bus to the subway station.
3. Take the subway downtown.
4. Walk four blocks to dentist's office.

This took two hours. But at least I didn't have to drive.

Upon my arrival, I filled in the usual sheaf of forms, with some interesting new questions thrown in along with the standards. "Would you say you are a nervous person?" (Yes.)  "Are you apprehensive about dental procedures?" (Very.) I then waited an hour to be put in a dentist's chair, where I waited some more.

Busy doctor. Back and forth between me and two other patients. However, he did spend a ton of time with me. Did a thorough exam, and told me that if everyone's mouth/teeth were as healthy as mine, he'd be out of business. When I smiled at that, he said, "You don't have to gloat." I liked this guy.

I liked him even more when he recommended that we simply keep an eye on the recession, rather than taking an aggressive action now. I had plenty of root to the teeth, the teeth were not at all mobile and I was in no danger. If I monitored it, changed my brushing habits, etc., perhaps it could reverse itself. But even if it didn't and stayed as is it now, it was quite livable.


Thank you for another early birthday present, Dr.

I was there for three hours, and it took another hour-and-a-half to get home. The subway was standing room only at that hour... fun fun fun. How do people do this every day?? I gained a new respect yesterday. At least the bodies I was crammed up against seemed to be well washed.

Nice end to the day -- I found a package on my doorstep when I got home. Upon opening it, I was happily surprised to find Tina Fey's biography, Bossypants. Craig sent it to me for my birthday. Thank you, Craig! :-D  He knows I adore that woman. I always liked her on SNL, but after 2008 and that dead-on sendup of Sarah Palin, she became one of my heroes.

OK. No oral surgery, for now. I can keep all the pain in my bottom, where it belongs.


  1. I am so happy for you. Yes, keep the pain in your bottom. LOL. I bought Bossypants for my wife, she loved it.

  2. joey -- thanks. I know I'm a big baby, but I can't stand the idea of cutting inside my mouth. It sucked when I was 16 (wisdom teeth) and I'm sure it still does!

  3. You're livin' right Miss Scott.

    A pain free mouth, a gut busting laugh and a well spanked bottom all in the same week.

    Tina Fey is outstandingly funny portraying Sarah Palin. I don't know how she and other SNL cast members can perform skits like that without collapsing into laughter at their own outrageousness.

  4. Kelly -- yes, I'm grateful for the pain-free mouth. I still have to monitor that receding area, but for now, it's a non-issue.

    The SNL people do crack up now and then. Ever watch Bill Hader doing that gay character on Weekend Update? (I forget the name) He absolutely canNOT get through one of those skits without losing it.

  5. I'll have to keep an eye on Bill Hader. I haven't watched any of the last 2 SNL seasons.

    I have to add that you indeed had great luck with your public transportation excursion. I ride the bus on a regular basis and have been treated to the sight of urine trails streaming from one end of the bus to another!

  6. WOW Erica,That is WONDERFUL news i am so happy for you :-)COOL that Craig got you a birthday gift.that was so nice of him :-) I can't wait until the gift's arrive that i sent you :-)I agree that the transportation you took was a pain in the arse but at least the people you were standing next to didn't smell hehehe LMAO and that's a big plus :-) Love You XOXO

  7. Kelly -- AGGGGGHHHHHH!

    Jade -- I will get them soon, I'm sure! Thank you. :-)

  8. Craig -- yeah, I'm relieved. You know how squeamish I am.

  9. Brilliant news Erica.

    Happy Birthday to a fellow Virgo. Hope you have a wonderful day.


  10. Happy birthday, Erica. It just keeps getting better!

    If you haven't seen Wolfie's gift yet, I encourage you to pay him a visit.

    It sounds as though your second opinion was worth all of the transit foolishness.

    I think birthdays call for an appropriate celebration. Hmmm. Let's see...

    Big hugs,

  11. OH THANK GOD! Love 2nd opinions!

    (hmmmmm? .. you think those wily Tops would allow us a 2nd opinion when they make up their minds that we need spanked with wood??)


  12. Happy Birth Day, Erica.

    Have some kind of fun today and eat some See's!

  13. well , all truths be told it would prolly be one of the FEW ways that you could be kept quiet for an extended period . ;-) lol


  15. Ronnie -- thanks! I certainly am, so far.

    Bonnie -- yup, I think I know what that celebration is. ;-) Hugs to you!

    Zelle -- right? My first opinion is "wood sucks," and my second opinion is "you're a jackass for usin' it." LOL

    Bobbie Jo -- mmmm, See's! Good idea.

    Alan -- I suppose.

    Jade -- thank you, dear. :-)

  16. Yay! Avoiding any dental procedures can certainly make a good day!