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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shadow Lane 2011, Part 2

Saturday morning, as per usual, I slept in while John headed to the gym. He dragged me out of bed and we showered, dressed and went down to Cafe Siena for lunch. I love that place! They have great breakfast stuff and they're so accommodating of us all, our big groups and ever-expanding tables.

This time, we were joined by Mir and S, and Mija and Pablo, and had a nice meal with lively discussion and lots of laughs. Later in the afternoon, we went to the Strictly Spanking New York suite party, which was crammed wall to wall with people. They were showing a series of their film shorts and we caught the last few -- hilarious! I so want to go to their Boardwalk Badness party next April. I did a couple of quickie scenes there, including with Mir's S, which was great fun. When the party wound down, John and I went back to our room to relax a bit before preparing for the evening's activities.

You know, it's laughable how jittery I am while getting ready, after all these years. Thank goodness for John... My dress tied at both shoulders, and I had to recruit him to tie each side in a neat bow. And of course, he hooked my garters, since with my shaky hands it would have taken all evening. However, he does like to torment me while I try to do my hair and makeup -- stands next to me and preens/makes faces in the mirror. I finally had to say, "Honey, I see you. Yes, you look great. I love you. Now will you please get the hell out of here!" LOL

The ballroom buffet/dance was a blast! Everyone looked smashing, as usual -- lots of suits on the men and beautiful dresses on the women. Got a few pictures -- Here I am with the incomparable Sarah Gregory. How about her dress, huh? Wooo hooooo!

With "Tubaman" Paul -- we shared a dance, too:

And here I am with Richard Windsor -- the much slimmer version!

I danced a little, but mostly I watched, and chatted with others all around the room until it was time to head for suite parties once again. The buffet was delicious, as always, but who can eat that much?

Before heading to Dr. Lectr's, I went to Rich's room so we could shoot a fun little video promo for my book. He'd come up with a very cool concept (I won't spoil it; you'll just have to see it when he puts it up on SpankingTube), and it didn't take too long. In fact, I spent more time chatting with him then I did shooting. Can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you, Rich!

You know what? I think I will finish up Saturday night in Part 3. I had two very special and intense scenes and I don't want to just tack them onto the end of this; they deserve their own portion.


  1. Oh how fabulous you look!!! Can't wait to see the video of you and Richard! That will be a hoot I'm sure!

    GREAT PICS! So glad you had a lovely time!!! NEXT YEAR... Boardwalk Badness! YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!

  2. You and Sarah Gregory are gorgeous and could actually be related. Did you two brats tag team any of the TOPS on video or in private suites? :)

    Is Coach Tanner a heavy hitter?

  3. You look fantastic in the pictures Erica.

    Glad you had a good time.

  4. Enquiring minds wanna know , were you standing when you wrote this ? :-D

    From what ive seen so far it looks like a good time was had by all.

    Look forward to seeing more

  5. Zelle -- yes, no matter what, we MUST make that one! :-)

    Kelly -- nope, none of that. I did all my bratting on my own this time. :-D In SL 2010, I experienced five strokes with Coach Tanner's family strap. I'd say the answer to your question is yes! Yee-owch.

  6. joey -- thank you. :-) I take my best pictures when I'm happy, I guess.

    Alan -- I am not marked, and I am not sore. Honestly, I didn't play as much this time.

  7. Great review! I am so envious!

    And yes, it is quite easy to get more caught up in chatting with the UPT than engaging in spanking, isn't it? Love that guy!


  8. sarah -- he's quite the fun character, yes! Wish you and Kat and more of the Fet gang could have been there.

  9. Haha -- we cross-posted. Thank you!

  10. Yeah, we'll make SL one day. We just stopped trying, it always fell at such a bad time. And the one year we actually had the date free, once I calculate the cost, I was like, "I could buy the kids their winter wardrobes with that" and the guilt set in, you know? To spend that much money for one weekend. :( Normally, at the parties we go to, we drive.

    Maybe we'll think about next year. I'd love to meet you! Hopefully, in any case, you can come to BBW!


  11. Hi Erica, i Love the pic's you look so happy in them :-) You and Sarah Gregory have such a VERY good taste in clothes both your dresse's looked FABULOUS and your both so pretty. When you said that John was making face's in the mirror and you told him that you could see him not get the hell out of here i laughed my butt off your both so funny hehehe LOL, Coach Tanner is AWESOME i saw a few of his clips and i could tell that he spank's hard from the expression's on the girl's face's, Happy that you had a WONDERFUL time XOXO

  12. Jade -- yes, my John is quite the devil. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Sarah can't take a bad picture!

  13. Great pics, you look lovely. And here you were worried about what to wear! I've never messed with the whole garter belt thing but from what I hear from all who have, they sound like quite a pain.

  14. Lea -- thanks! Regarding garter belts, they have pros and cons. Pro -- they look hot, they frame your bottom well and they don't make the bulges that the elasticized thigh-highs create. Con -- yes, they are a pain in the arse to put on!