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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shadow Lane 2011, Part 4

Aside from returning the rental car, I haven't done a damn thing today but edit photos, answer email and write blogs, FetLife posts and comments. Welcome to Day After Party syndrome; you're fairly worthless, but it's fun.

Before I continue with Saturday night, I forgot this little tidbit from Friday night. In both Jeff's and Dr. L's rooms, along with the beer and wine, there was this unusual find:

That's right, Kinky Liqueur. It is vodka with several fruit juices, and although it's hard to tell in this picture, it is bright orange, like a ripe cantaloupe.

I was sitting and yakking with Sarah, and she said we had to try that liqueur. We got the bottle and she poured some into a cup, tasting it, then handing it to me. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... sweet! Very sweet. But with a hefty kick to it. She decided to make a mixed drink of it, adding ice cubes and Diet Coke. I know, to some of you it may sound gross, but I kinda liked it, so she made one for me. Yes, Erica had a drink. Just enough to get a quick, giggly buzz. How can you be at a kink party and not drink Kinky Liqueur? :-)

Back to Saturday -- Djinn and I went back to Dr. L's room, which was packed. In one of the rooms, the guys were having sort of a Mad Men gathering, smoking cigars. OK, I have to admit, I hate the smell of cigars. But I was in such a mellow mood at that point, I barely noticed them.

I approached Michael, the newcomer I'd mentioned in part 1, and we started talking. He was leaning in the doorway of the smoking room, but he wrapped his hand holding the cigar around the back of the doorjamb so that I didn't notice it. He told me about what an amazing time he was having so far, and I told him about all the different types of party scenes, including the one I'd just had. I said that they can't all be that special a connection, but it's OK, because sometimes, fun is just that -- fun -- and it's lovely to play just for playing's sake at these gatherings sometimes.

As we talked, I could feel the pre-spanking tension build... we were going to play, I knew it. But he took his time. Said he wanted me to savor the feelings from my scene with Djinn for a while, that he didn't want to tromp all over that. I liked that. So we kept talking, until he suggested we go into the other room. It was time.

Wow. What a great scene we had! Just a hand spanking (I experienced very few implements this weekend), but we connected well. He looked down at me a lot, leaned down and spoke to me, and I was able to tune out the noise in the room, even though things were rather raucous at that point. He was in a suit, and as things escalated, he stopped for a minute to shrug off his jacket and roll up his sleeves. Getting serious here! :-) He laid his jacket neatly next to me. "Don't touch my jacket," he warned.

Of course, I touched it. Repeatedly. I made a show of poking it with my finger. He reacted appropriately.

"I said, don't touch my jacket!"

I poked it some more.

"Are you still touching my jacket??" Yup.

"You do realize," I laughed, "that your telling me not to touch your jacket just ensures that I'm going to touch it, right?" Then the light bulb went off. I knew how to kick this up a notch.

"Hey," I added. "If your jacket is out of reach, I can't touch it." Then I grabbed the jacket and threw it on the floor.

Ohhhhhhh, my. He got out from under me, got onto the bed on his knees next to me and hunkered down, putting his full arm into it. I thought I heard someone off to the side say, "Wowwww...." but I'm not sure. He was really letting me have it. And of course, I loved it.

When we were done, it took a long time for me to get up, and he didn't rush me. He laid next to me, put his arm across me, stroked my hair, my back and neck, let me come down. Eventually, all the noise finally got to be a bit much and I sat up, reluctantly. We hugged and he retrieved my glasses from the nightstand, even thoughtfully stopping to clean them with his tie before handing them back. Lovely!

I went back into the main room and found John on the couch, so I sat next to him, sprawled against him and stretched my legs out, propping my feet on the arm of the other couch. And there I sat quietly for a while, smiling. Michael came out, saw me and wandered over. Leaning down, he whispered, "As great as that scene was, I think I like this even more -- knowing I put that smile on your face."

A while later, I saw Dr. L and I just had to approach him and express my gratitude to him, for these awesome room parties. If it hadn't been for him and for Tom in 960, I don't know where we all would have gone, honestly. He was sweet, said he loved doing it -- then asked if I'd like to play. Absolutely!

Holy moly. It wasn't a long scene, but it was freaking amazing. Can I just tell you that Dr. L's hand is a force to be reckoned with? I do believe that if we did a lengthy scene, he'd join the short list of men who can make me say "mercy" with just their hand. No lie. He picked up the pace and strength and by the end, he had me hollering. In a good way.

After he wound down (and after I could speak again), the first thing I did was turn my head, look up at him and breathe, "Damn! How is it I've never played with you before??" I think he liked that.

And then I was done playing for the night. I knew I'd had three incredible scenes and I didn't want to push it, trying for more. There was still another day. So, after some odds and ends of chatting with others (which has become a blur), John took me back to our room and poured me into bed. I forget what time it was. Late. Maybe 2:30?

Yeah, I know. That's early for the all-nighters. What can I say, I need sleep. :-)

More to come!


  1. LOVE THAT KINKY LIQUEUR! I'm going to be vending *THESE LITTLE "whine" BEVERAGES* at the Chicago Crimson Moon Party in October!

    OMG.. you had to mention "MAD MEN"! (I'm on season 2 now.. and watching in marathon form. I'm exhausted! LOL)

    AND HERE is another "OMG!" .. YOU have played with DrLectr before me, and I've seen the man umpteen times! You huzzy! LOL ---(That'll teach me to be all shy and stuff!) - god I love fireman.. they are just as good at starting fires.. as they are at puttin' them out!

    I LOVE YOUR PARTY STORIES! Keep them cards and letters coming! :-)

  2. Zelle -- hah! Love those beverages! Much nicer names than some of the beer names I've seen (Fat Weasel? Arrogant Bastard Ale?).

    When I found out Dr. L is a firefighter, my comment was "No wonder I like you so much!" Most noble of professions, IMO.

  3. And now ya know why "SS" is my TOP! LOL (another one of those Fireman dudes) LOL

  4. Love the liquor bottle! I always take an extra day off from work after I get back from a party because I know I need time to decompress and get back into the swing of things. Sounds like you had a lot of great scenes, I can SO picture you poking the jacket over and over, LOL!

  5. Lea -- oh yes... decompression is essential. I can't imagine jumping right back into real life. It's too hard after a fantasy weekend.

  6. Great party story Erica. You really know how to motivate a top. LOL.

  7. Hey thanks for writing all this up for those of us who couldn't make it, Erica!

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  8. Glad you had fun , sounds like your bottom may be sore a few days . I look forward to being able to attend one day .

  9. Hi Erica, I am happy that you had 3 GREAT scenes sounds like they were TOTALLY AWESOME :-) I would love to be spanked by a firefighter that would be so freakin COOL and with a hard hand as well :-)That kinky lique bottle looks really good i need some of that so i can feel better from my fibro pain with that i would hardly notice it hehehe LOL. Love you big hugs always xoxo

  10. joey -- do I? :-)

    KF -- it was my pleasure!

    Alan -- nope, not sore at all. NG will fix that next Monday.

    Jade -- firefighters are the best!

  11. That vodka concoction is right up my alley.
    Pretty cute of you to throw the jacket on the floor.
    And get a hand spanking like you got from Dr. L. would be Heavenly! :)

  12. Kelly -- I took a bit of a chance with the jacket throwing; not everyone would have appreciated that. But I somehow knew he'd be fine with it, and he loved it. :-D