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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear Real Life...

... YOU SUCK!!!!

No, don't worry. Nothing has happened. I'm just frustrated and in a MOOD, and need to blow it off. 

Fun is needed. Play is needed. Distraction is needed. Balance is needed. Because there's just too much real life I'm sick of, at the moment.

I'm sick of hearing about a dysfunctional government run by a bunch of babies, and being at their mercy. I'm sick of having too many friends living too far away. I'm sick of not having enough money to go be with said friends. I'm sick of worrying endlessly about the man I love more than anything in the world, because what will be, will be, and all my worrying helps nothing. I'm sick of wondering when I'll get my next job project. I'm sick of all the "what-ifs" that swarm in my head during times like these. (No, I'm not going to list them. That would give them too much validity.)

I'm sick of ME -- of how my well-being so often depends on externals. It annoys the hell out of me that all I need to snap me out of this maelstrom is a damn good spanking and all will be well with the world again. How screwed up is that?? I'm sick of how I need attention. It's tedious.

Yeah, I know. I have a lot to be grateful for and I'm whining. Don't lecture me. I know what I'm doing. Instead of stuffing down my feelings (along with half a jar of crunchy peanut butter, or too much chocolate, or whatever else would be my drug of choice), I'm admitting where I am today. You lucky people.  

Fortunately, I am meeting a friend this afternoon, so I will have an hour or two of fun and distraction. It's a gal pal, so there won't be spanking. But there will be frozen yogurt. With crumbled brownie topping, dammit. And chocolate sauce. And nuts. Fuck calories. I'm burning them up right now with all my stewing.

I guess now is the part where I wind down with some sort of bromide about how this too will pass? Meh. Forget it. I'm just in a rotten mood today. 


  1. I get it. I got it. I've had it, too. (((HUGS)))

  2. Bobbie Jo -- I figured you would. Thanks. :-)

  3. Erica, when I was in the army they had a WORD for you problem. The word being SNAFU. (Situation Normal All Fucked Up.) Seriously this means What are your priorities.. Is your number 1 priority your job that you make a living from. Is it John, your boyfriend. Is it getting spanked. Is it your blog. I know you do not like to discuss or talk about it. but your age must also be considered. What are your plans for retirement. Who will be looking after you when you reach old age. Remember many 'spanking bloggers' are married. They can look after each other. Yes, Erica, I am posing very serious questions that in the near distant future you must answer. Sit down with your boyfriend, and have a heart to heart talk with him. XXX Luv ya.

  4. I feel ya my friend. THIS is the kind of day that I wish for the well being of others they tread VERY carefully around me or else...
    Can I jump on the hug bandwagon, too? I hope you licked every last dribble of that frozen yogurt.
    By the way, we had a work party today and someone bought gourmet donuts. I sampled a maple and bacon concoction. It SUCKED C@!k!!! LOL!!!! The last bit was so inundated with bacon the sweet/salt combo actually tasted like burnt food.

  5. Six -- wow. (sigh) I don't have those answers. Please excuse me while I go open a vein.

    Kelly -- oh, don't get me started on that bacon-in-everything crap. But yes, the fro-yo was delicious, and the two-hour-+ chat and laughs helped a lot too. Of course you can get in on the hugs. :-)

  6. hang in there sweetie. (and good lord sixofthebest... lets examine your life, why don't we?)

  7. SS -- thanks. I'll try, promise.

  8. But you do have your blog! ;-)))

  9. My ex-husband's mother used to say "It's healthy to want."

    I hated her.

    Feel better

  10. I feel the same way my dear!
    Great post!

  11. MrJ -- I do, and my lucky readers get to read ALL about my rotten moods! :-)

    Dana -- oh, pfffffffffft. Don't you hate those adages? Have they ever, even once, made anyone feel better?

    Ron -- thanks... feeling a bit better today. Girlfriend time helped!

  12. I wish I could have some girlfriend time at the yogurt shop with you. Someday I hope. :-)

  13. Hi Erica -- I feel the same way as you my very dear friend, I have been in a very bad mood lately :-( for more reason than one, It SUCKS. Hope we both feel better,Wish I lived closer so we could hang out.Sending big hugs your way :-) Love always naughty girl Jade

  14. A friend of mine has that Hellno Kitty shirt. Cracks me up every time. Mmm. Frozen yogurt.

  15. Lea -- yeah, it was either that or that fucking Grumpy Cat.

  16. I relate to this a whole lot. *Hugs* Lol @ Hellno Kitty!