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Monday, October 21, 2013

"Toppy Knows Best"??

No, I'm not stating that as fact. I'm repeating something that actually came out of Steve's face today. If I hadn't already been horizontal, I would have keeled over laughing.

We are definitely back in gear, kids. Today was delicious, even with an unexpected interruption.

As always, we had a nice long hand spanking on the couch, one that practically put me in subspace on its own. During that portion of our scene, his phone rang, but he ignored it. While I was resting before Round 2, he checked messages. Turned out he had to deal with something right now.

I watched him switch gears, go from Top mode to Responsible Adult mode, making calls, dealing with the issue that had come up, sending emails, making more calls. Every now and then, he'd look over at me and mouth, "I'm sorry." What could I say? Life stuff doesn't take a break just because we want to escape from the world for a few hours. 

This went on for about a half-hour, and I figured, oh well. There won't be any Round 2 after all. He'll be too preoccupied, the mood is lost, he'll be stressed, etc. At least we got to play some, if not all we wanted. I tried hard to swallow my disappointment.

When he finished with his final call, he sighed, rubbed his eyes, put his glasses back on and straightened, glancing at me. His brow had unfurrowed. "Ready for the ottoman?" he asked.

Huh?? "You up for that?" I said, incredulous. "Sure, are you?" Well, duh, of course I was. "I've taken care of everything I can for now, except you. Your turn." 

Feeling my enthusiasm bubbling up again, I settled myself in position on the ottoman while he went to get two toys: my leather paddle and that @#$%ing Licking Stick. Damn, I hate that thing. But I was so happy that we were going to play some more, I didn't even mind that. Much. And I didn't even feel like bratting him. Much.

"Are you getting what you need?" he asked. "I need you!" I gasped, flinching from the implements and welcoming them at the same time. "You've got me," he assured. "I'm right here, taking care of you." 

No tears today, either. I was too blissed out. Oh, and during Round 2? His phone rang again. Twice. I kept waiting for him to stop and answer it. But he didn't. ♥

We did have our silly moments, of course. Most of them after the scene was over. His aftercare today including biting. Yes, you read correctly.

"I just want to bite that bottom," he mused. "You know, I think I will!" 

And he freaking well did. Those circles are his teeth!!

Look close; see my hand turned up, like I'm saying "WTF are you doing?" :-D

"Put those legs down..."

Me, being a ham and striking poses...

(No, he didn't spank me in that pose. And no, he didn't spank me with my remote control. Just that damned stick and the paddle.)

All good things must come to an end, though, and at last I had to get to my feet.

He couldn't linger this time, but it was OK. He stayed long enough to hold me and let me come down. I'd gotten what I needed, and he'd gotten his own stress release. Win-win. :-)

The biting thing? Welllllllll, I've always liked a little nibbling. And just this past weekend, John referred to me playfully as his "chew toy."

(Yes, that's his artwork on my neck.)

Prize of the day goes to a FetLife commenter, regarding the bites on my butt. "He's obviously not on a glute-free diet!"


Happy Monday...


  1. Glad you had a great play date, Erica. Loved the pictures, you are gorgeous as always.

  2. Erica, I am sure when Steve took a bite out of you. He tasted the best 'kosher', food he has had in a long time. Congratulations. The photo's of you, were great. XXX Luv ya.

  3. Glute-free diet - LOL!

    I would have been plenty p***ed off if a spanking got interrupted by half an hour of phoning/texting. I'm so glad you had round two. But why didn't he turn the phone off?


  4. Wonderful reconnection with sound bites and beats.

  5. Anonymous -- thank you!

    Six -- he tasted a tough old bird is what he tasted. ;-)

    Hermione -- well... without getting into too much of his personal stuff, it was crucial to have the phone on, and the interruption was unavoidable. He's still got a lot going on. I'm just happy that he's back and not in retreat mode anymore, you know? :-)

    MrJ -- ha! True.

  6. Glute Free - that's great. I wish I could come up with that stuff! You're a lucky lady and he's a lucky guy I think. :)

  7. Natasha -- he says he is, but I have my doubts on that one! ;-)

  8. One of them should dress up like a vampire for Halloween.
    I'm so glad you're back on track.
    I wonder if anyone is giving out Lickin' Sticks for "treats" this year. lol!

  9. Kelly -- (snort) Those things are not treats!

  10. I love this post, but so love the panty but also just for me love your initial comment about the over the knee hand it. Well done

  11. Ron -- the hand is always my favorite. :-)

  12. It's those initial hand spankings that put me into subspace. :-)

  13. I understand totally about how the phone has to be on at times, because of the nature of hubby's job. Still annoying, while clearly understandable and not his fault!

    Oh, and hubby bites my butt! Sometimes a bit too hard!

    Cute panties, btw! And of course, cute butt in those panties!

  14. Big congrats to you for having the last several photos taken with no tags showing! I never used to notice things like that, but you've moaned about it enough that my eye always looks for it now! It's good to see you back into the swing of things again.


  15. Bobbie Jo -- I don't always go there with just the hand, but it's lovely when it happens.

    Sarah -- Thanks! Good old Target! :-D I guess when you (1) own a business and/or (2) have kids, you pretty much have to be accessible all the time. I couldn't stand it, myself!

    Pam -- Steve seems to have gotten into the habit of making sure the tags are tucked in before he takes the shots. See, men CAN learn stuff! ;-D

  16. Hi Erica -- OMG I was thinking the same thing as Kelly LOL :-) Someone should dress up as a Vampire HAHAHAHAHA,Instead of the vampire saying I am going to bite your neck he would say I am going to bite your butt LMFAO.I Love your pics :-) Steve is such a COOL top,I like how he takes care of you.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  17. Erica,

    Happy to see you back and in gear.


  18. Jade -- I like it too. :-)

    Ronnie -- thank you, dear.

  19. awwww, you look so pretty and happy in that last picture! The others look pretty ouchy to me.

    I know you go to the gym and work out and stuff, but DANG, girl! You look fabulous!


  20. Cindy -- aw, thanks. :-) There'd better be some pay-off for all that damned work!

  21. Glute free, hahaha. Good one. I'm glad you're back in the swing of things! I've been lightly bit on my bottom and elsewhere but don't think it's ever left marks like that. I love those panties, by the way!

  22. Lea -- thanks! Good ol' Target. Matching bra, too!