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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time for Love Our Lurkers #7!

(Sorry for any confusion -- I put this up this morning, then realized I had the wrong day and took it down! If you tried to comment earlier, please try again.)

Welcome to LOL7! (Not to be confused with "L7," which is a very old term for someone considered "square." Geeez, I'm dating myself here.) Started in 2006 by our brilliant blogster Bonnie, Love Our Lurkers Day sends a special greeting to the shy readers, the ones who follow our blatherings faithfully but prefer not to comment.

We appreciate you! You keep our stats up and give us incentive to keep writing, because we know you're out there reading, and hopefully enjoying what you read. On this day we invite you to take a deep breath, click on Post Comment and introduce yourselves.

Like I've said in previous LOLs, it doesn't have to be an epic posting. It can be a simple hello, or whatever your comfort level dictates. You can give your name or remain anonymous. But I'd love to know who some of you are.

Of course, all non-lurkers are welcome to comment too. :-)

Let's make this the best LOL Day yet -- all my fellow bloggers, please join in! See how many lurkers you can get to come out of the shadows.

Blowing my readers a kiss!


  1. Happy LOL day, Erica.
    I have not been commenting here much, but I'm always reading, so I think I qualify as a Lurker.
    Thank you for all your postings.
    Blowing the kiss back to you

  2. Hi Erica,

    Happy LOL 7 Day! I saw the earlier post and figured it was something to do with California time being a day earlier that Eastern time. Or something like that:)


  3. I do lurk sometimes but not today. Happy LOL Day, Erica.


  4. Our best to one of our fav bloggers.

  5. I lurked for a long time before I commented. I finally decided you're so darn funny, that I couldn't keep silent. Happy LOL day!

  6. I mostly lurk, but in my case you know that I visit regularly =)

    Happy LoL Day, Erica!


  7. Dear Erica, I kiss you with a spank on your bare bottom, from one of your admired Lurker's xxx luv ya. 'Six of the Best'.

  8. Hi Erica, Happy LOL Day. I love your blog, you are a funny, kind, and warm person.

  9. An adorable picture - wish I was there to give it a tap. Glad to see you might have shaken off the blues. Have a nice spanking this weekend.
    Michael M

  10. Happy LOL Day. And hope some of your lurkers stop by to say hello.


  11. I lurk more than I comment here, but you are certainly well known in the community. Hope to read your book sometime soon as well. Regards.

  12. Happy LOL Day, Erica! May lots of lurkers use this special occasion to raise their heads. Usually I am not a lurker on your blog, but the recent weeks have been so stressful that I didn't manage to write any comments. This will hopefully become better again soon. :-)

  13. Happy Love Our Lurkers Day, Erica. Am always entertained when I visit and usually leave feeling much better than when I came. Season feels the same and sends her love.

    And what a cute, cheeky photo! Am blowing a kiss back to you.

  14. Delurking in progress...please wait

    Blimey Erica, you have the most perfect, cute, spankable bottom!

  15. Happy LOL! This is my first time checking out your blog and I love it! Guess you could say you have de-lurked and de-flowered a new reader!! :)

  16. I mostly lurk - but I love reading your stuff. :)

  17. Happy LOL day.


  18. Hi Erica

    Deep down I just keep getting this idea in my head that you are such a brat! I could be mistaken.



  19. Happy LOL Day, beautiful lady!

    I don't read many blogs, but I do read yours regularly. Every single post! I live vicariously through your weekly spankings even though it does turn me absolutely green with envy. What also makes me green is that I wish never have tush as perfect as yours.

    Keep on blogging! I don't comment as much as I should but I really do love reading what you share.

  20. When it comes to commenting you were my first time. Thanks for making the experience so easy for me. Blowing you a kiss back and I hope I hit you in the "cheek".


  21. What a neat blog! I discovered it today from a link of Bonnie's blog. :)

  22. Kiss right back to you my dear and wow, lovely bottom!


  23. Hi Erica!

    I've been following your blog for quite some time now, but don't think i've commented before!!

    Love reading your writings, and look forward to reading more in the future

  24. Happy LOL day Erica -- You know i ALWAY'S comment and i Love your blog :-)I look forward to reading it all the time,you are a WONDERFUL person and you make me laugh with your wit :-)The pic of you blowing everyone a kiss is so darn cute.Well i just blew a kiss and a bunch of hug's right back at you :-)from naughty girl Jade xoxo

  25. Catches kiss and pockets it :) Have a good LOL Day.


  26. Bas -- good to see you!

    Hermione -- nah, it was just me confusing the date. Senior moment?

    Ronnie -- always happy to see you. :-)

    OBB -- thank you, dear.

    Mick -- glad you finally did!

    Chross -- I do know that, and I love it. :-)

    Six -- thank you!

    Kaki -- that's so nice! :-)

    MM -- for the moment, they are at bay.

    FD -- so far, a few have, yup!

    SNP -- hope you'll comment more often. :-)

    Kaelah -- I love your comments, so will be happy to see them again.

    Michael -- you two are so lovely. Thank you.

    wordsmith -- really, is this your first time commenting? Cool! Thank you so much.

    Sierra -- welcome! Come back often. :-)

    Conina -- thanks for speaking up! (and yes, I accidentally typed "spanking" when I meant "speaking")

    joey -- same to you, dear.

    Emanuele -- no, you're not mistaken. :-)

    Beth -- WHAT on earth are you talking about, Miss Body to Die For? :-) Love you!

    Jon -- I took your commenting virginity? I hope I was gentle.

    Alais -- I'm so glad! Please feel free to visit often.

    Ron -- thank you. :-)

    Nimue -- welcome! I will keep writing as long as people keep reading. :-)

    Jade -- I enjoy making you smile.

    Prefectdt -- you too!

  27. Erica! HAPPY LOL DAY! I hope you're getting tons o'spanks today and I can't wiat to see you again at our biyearly meetups :D

  28. Hi Miss Erica,
    I do enjoy reading your Blog, and have for quite some time now. Thanks for all the effort you put into it.
    Hugs, (from a kindred bottom)!

  29. Happy LOL Day! I don't think I qualify as a lurker but I always enjoy reading here and yours is one of the first blogs I read each day. You may be thanking lurkers, but thank YOU for continuing to write and keeping us all entertained.

  30. I just got your book off of blushing books after lurking for a while. It was a great read. Thanks for allowing me to live a fantasy vicariously through you and your blog. My hubby just doesn't have any interest in the subject but it has been my desire from a very young age.

  31. I have said this before, and I want to say it again. Your blog was the first one I became seriously, and humorously, involved with. I love it. I have linked to others from here and I am so glad I found your blog because I then connected with you. Thank you!

  32. Heather -- I look forward to your sweet self this April! :-)

    Lea -- I guess everyone starts as a lurker, huh? Happy LOL to you too, and thanks for all YOUR fun reads.

    Jen -- welcome, and thanks; I'm glad you enjoyed the book. :-)

    MrBB -- thanks, and you too.

    Bobbie Jo -- I'm glad too! :-)

  33. Happy (late) LOL Day! We're long time fans, since well before Blogger.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  34. Happy belated LOL day to you too....
    I think I use to comment more when your MySpace account was more active. Just like you I've gotten use to using Google's Blogger for my stuff (The Tech-Info and Rants site) and have noticed I get a lot of "Lurkers" but not comments.
    Anyway, I still enjoy reading your Blog!

  35. Belated Happy LOL Day, Erica!

    I love you too. :)


  36. Erica, You have a MAGNIFICENT behind!!! JayJay

  37. Adding my greetings and praises! Thanks for all you so wonderfully share, the tears as well as the laughter, all the life and love!

  38. Ooooops! Forgot Ed in the last batch -- thank you for dropping by!

    T&S -- thank you, same to you!

    Milt -- good to see you. I hope you and yours are recovering from Sandy.

    Chelsea -- same to you. :-)

    Bonnie -- look at how far and wide your little project from seven years ago has traveled! I hope it gives you great joy. :-)

    JayJay -- why thank you. :-)

    Wolfie -- love you!

  39. Happy Belated LOL Day, Erica> I'd lurk less and post more if I could figure out the dang profile thing here.

    I always enjoy your writing, you always say what you're thinking and you don't whine. I admire that in a person! :-)


  40. Cindy -- I don't whine? Can I have that dated and notarized?? :-D

  41. No, you don't whine. Sometimes you bitch, but there's a big difference.