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Friday, November 2, 2012

Strange days indeed

I feel like blogging today. But I'm at a loss.

There is nothing wrong here. It's a peacefully sunny day, I've had work to do this week, I have the weekend with my sweetheart and Monday with my top to look forward to. I got Chrossed today, which always pleases me. I want to post something fun and spanky.

But I can't. Everything feels kind of frivolous and unimportant, in the face of what people are enduring on the East coast.

I'm not one who dwells on the news and watches every waking moment. I can't; it's too much. But I did watch a special on Sandy's aftermath last night. I saw the wreckage, the flooding, the darkness. I watched as people wept hysterically, walking among the pilings that were once their homes. I know the human spirit is resilient, but I honestly do not know how anyone comes back from that level of complete devastation.

I wonder about friends in the area. I wonder who among the people I know from parties and social media and so forth is suffering right now. One of my clients is in Hackensack, NJ. I'm currently working on something for them and have questions, but I cannot contact them. The phone lines are unresponsive, and my emails to them bounce back to me.

It's kind of surreal, being in a state of peace and yet knowing there is chaos happening. I feel guilty, and yet not. We've gone through our own insanity with earthquakes. We face The Big One, as they keep telling us. But for now, things are calm. I am grateful for that.

Does anyone else feel weird? Like "why them, and not me?" Confused at the random patterns of life, of suffering, of joy? Perhaps if I believed in a deity, but ironically, I bear the cross of an atheist -- I have no personal answers.

Anyway, don't mean to get all heavy on you. I did enough of that last Friday. I'm not depressed, just feeling a bit strange, and wondering what others are feeling.

Go have some fun, those of you who can. Enjoy your weekend and your loved ones. And don't forget to turn your clocks back. Yay, my favorite time of year -- early darkness!


  1. I'm grateful to emerge unscathed from the storm's wrath. But I have mixed feelings about some "moving forward" aspects.

    Sports oriented: NYC was supposed to have it's marathon on Sunday as scheduled. But outraged residents forced them to cancel as of just a few minutes ago. My Steelers are supposed to play the NY Giants. I say reschedule OR move to an unaffected location. The storm victims were crying and yelling in understandable sorrow and outrage a few days ago. WHY subject them to MORE em effing traffic jams, delays in getting gas, etc?!

  2. Hi Erica-OMG how i missed you,I am so thankful that me and my family made it through this TERRIBLE storm :-)We just got back our power a few hour's ago,5 day's of darkness and freezing cold and not being able to clean up properly :-( it SUCKED, I also had to go to the ER on Wednesday.there was total HELL with a certain person in my house,I didn't have a good week at all.I feel strange too.I Love you my VERY dear friend,big hug's alway's from naughty girl Jade xoxo

  3. Kelly -- Anderson Cooper tweeted that the marathon was canceled. I was so relieved to hear that; I can't believe they were even considering the damn thing, for God's sake.

    Jade -- I am relieved to hear from you! I'm sure it was a horrible week and I'm so sorry. I hope you and your family and pets will be back to normal soon.

  4. I'm connected to the East Coast through G., so I got to worry about him until things settled down. I tried to talk him into getting the hell out of there before it hit because he lives on Long Island, but he refused and stocked up on everything so that he wouldn't have a problem staying. He's far enough inland that he didn't have to worry about flooding, so the power going out was his main problem, which it did Monday night. He got it back Wednesday afternoon though, so his charmed life has once again provided for him. LOL

  5. Jen -- I'm glad he's OK. Power outage is a tremendous pain (and dangerous in very cold or very hot weather), but when it's over, it's over. Flood and wind damage is another story. :-(

  6. I can't imagine what the people on the coast are going through. I'm glad to hear the marathon was cancelled. We were directly in the storm's path then unexpectedly it went elsewhere to cause havoc.

    We don't usually have to endure tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes here, but we have had terrible ice storms which clog the roads with fallen trees and downed power lines, so it's not only dark but also very cold.


  7. I'm on the east coast and we hardly had any storm here at all. A little wind, some rain, but nothing out of the ordinary. I guess we were lucky. I usually don't watch the news so if it wasn't for people talking about the storm on-line I wouldn't have known we "got hit".

    Some people seem to be looking for answers (why me? why not me?), but I see this as nature just doing it's thing. It's indifferent and terrible and beautiful.

  8. Were lucky in the UK, yes we have and have had bad storms, power failure that lasted a couple of days but nothing like Sandy. My heart goes out to them.


  9. I grew up in NYC and spent much of my early working life in the downtown financial district.

    I remember "The Perfect Storm" back in the early '90's when the streets flooded because the East River overflowed. Most of the city lost power for several days, and the parked cars and fish from the Fulton Fish Market literally floated by. It was quite a scene. Despite that, I never imagined that another storm could ever hit that would be worse. I'm sure our enemies abroad are celebrating our disaster. What a thought--the infidels getting their come-uppence!

    I still have family and friends in the City but haven't heard anything about how they were affected and am praying for all those people who have been dispossessed and are now homeless. One of my greatest fears in life is that someday I will become homeless and destitute. These things can happen in the blink of an eye.

  10. Hermione -- I've heard of ice storms. I would imagine without power, it gets awfully cold! :-(

    Anonymous -- glad you weren't affected. I guess you're not in NY or NJ, or at least the parts that got slammed.

    Ronnie -- there is no wrath quite like Mother Nature, is there.

    Dana -- yes, they can. It scares me too.

  11. I have lots of friends out in that area through SCONY and was really worried that first day or two. I tried to stay in touch with a few people who were updating me every time they had someone else check in with them so I wasn't texting people's minimal battery power away. Friends in Long Island (including Ms. M and Mr. R) have been without power for a week now. Fortunately everyone I know has been accounted for and is physically safe, which is the most important thing.

  12. Lea -- I am hoping that the power is their only hardship and that once that's back on, they'll all be OK. The damages have been so widespread and awful.

  13. Being one of those....dont worry, you did not want this to happen to you. We are safe and just got power, lots of damage to repair but safe. god bless those less fortunate and love your blog, made my week.

  14. Ron -- I'm so sorry for what you and yours have had to go through. I'm glad you still have your home, though. Please take care.

  15. We are blessed, and so nice to see your pantied bottom so well spanked. Love your blog!