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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spare the bare and spoil the spanking?

OK, you all know I'm all about spanko purism and following all the lovely little rituals involved with classic spanking. And of course, to a great many of us, tradition dictates that a spanking may start over clothes, or over panties, but eventually, those babies have got to come down. I get that, truly I do. And there is a certain thrill associated with the ceremony of peeling (or yanking) the panties down/off, even though I grumble and protest when it happens.

But is it really that much of a deal if the panties stay up? Particularly when they are thong style and pretty much everything is bare anyway? Or what if the panties are wedged between the cheeks, baring most of the flesh? Is that a deal-breaker?

You see, Mr. D is a bit different. Along with enjoying spanking, he also happens to have a thing for panties, as many do. Sooooo... he likes mine to stay on for the entire time, to absorb my... reactions. Because, you see, he takes them home with him afterward. TMI? No, TMI would be detailing what he does with them. ;-) However, suffice it to say, that's part of the experience for him. And personally, I'm just as happy leaving them on, especially when we're taking pictures. Then I don't have to worry about my bits hanging out all over the place.

We have fun with it. He likes to tease me about how, er, damp my underwear gets. "Is that for me?" he'll say. Depending on my mood, I may give him a sarcastic answer. "Do you see anyone else here?" or "No, I'm fantasizing about someone else." But other times, I'll just nod, speechless in my subspace.

John is totally OK with this; I told him all about it. Of course, he made jokes. ("He's got a panty fetish? What kind of sick fuck is he??")

However, since I've been posting some of the photos on FetLife, I've been getting comments like: "Why are those panties still up?" "What's with the panties still being on?" "Why weren't your panties pulled down?" The gist being, it's not a REAL spanking unless the bottom is completely bare.

Oh, good grief.

OK, folks. I aim to please, after all. So tonight's blog has something for everyone. For those who like panties, behold:

Gotta be bare? Here you go:

Let it not be said that Erica Scott is inflexible. (I am, but don't say it.) :-)

First scene tonight was quite intense, with a lot of his hand, plus some leather (my strap and his belt). I went through many emotions, most of them deeply pleasurable. But at the very end, one final snap of the strap shocked me with the sharpness and pain, and I went to a dark place for a while. Mr. D tried to find out what was going on, but I retreated, curling into a ball and shaking as I cried. So he waited patiently, holding me close and soothing me. Eventually, I calmed down enough to be able to talk, and we discussed what had happened, how I'd gone within. My body loosened and unfolded, my fists uncurled. He was so kind to me, so completely understanding. He listened. He reassured. He cared.

The closeness of a top/bottom relationship is not necessarily measured in the perfection of the scenes. It's often measured in the imperfections and how you handle them, together. How you communicate. I love what's happening here.

Later, another round broke out, this one much more playful. I guess I may have called him a name. (shrugging) Really, he can't prove it. But whatever he thinks he heard me say, he took exception to it, and I was rolled back onto my belly.

"Go ahead, call me that again." I was only too happy to oblige. Several times. I even spelled it for him.

"That's it," he said, getting up and going to my vanity drawer. Oh, crap. The wooden stuff is in there. I looked over to see what he was getting. "You turn around!" he ordered. "Look the other way." I didn't.

He came back, and a wooden paddle cracked down on one cheek. "That's for looking," he said. Another crack, the other cheek. "So is that." Two more whacks. "And those also."

I turned and gave him my most plaintive look. "Can I help it if I like looking at you?"

CRACK! again. "And that's for me." Sheesh. Can't pull anything over on this guy.

Ah well. It was certainly worth it. :-D

I had another treat in store; he'd brought his guitar. It had been in his car and he didn't want to leave it there. "Do you want me to play?" he asked. Oh, yes, please! I put my PJs on and curled up on my living room carpet, while he played and sang me a song. "White Shadows" by Coldplay. I'd never heard it before. It's beautiful.

He left me there, dreamily content on the carpet, and let himself out.

I am sleepy and sore. I cried myself out and giggled like a child. For another week, I am sated.

He says he is a lucky man. But I'm the lucky one.


  1. Erica,

    You are both lucky. Thank you for sharing.

    I really appreciate the pretty panties that females use to adorn their bottoms. I do not like to use the wedgie technique although I have experienced it myself. Thongs are the next best thing to being bare, but that strap in the butt crack is not very comfortable. Been there, done that.

    A bare bottom is perfect for the top and bottom.

    Thank you for sharing another fun and sexy spanking story.


  2. Erica, one of the great sexual erotic joys in life, is to take a woman's panties, knicker's, or bloomer's down from her bottom. And believe me Erica, when I see your voluptous naked rear end, it certainly gladden's my heart. XXX Luv ya.

  3. I'm sure you're WELL aware but it its YOUR spanking...YOUR butt so YOU get to decide how you want it to proceed-within reasonable protest of course! LOL!

    I'm just sick of the "one uppers" who have the balls to say "Oh it's NOT red enough! Spank harder!" etc, etc. I remarked on another person's blog that implement spankings especially wooden paddles used over jeans are VERY sexy and thrilling for me to receive-almost as much as bare. Some know-it-all pounced on that comment and suggested to the blog host/Top to NOT spank over clothing, that bare is what people want to see.

  4. There is something incredibly sexy about having one's panties pulled down, especially after being spanked over one's clothes. Love your pictures--maybe it's just me, but it looks like you are getting more marks on your bottom with Mr. D than usual. ;-)

  5. joey -- I agree, the wedgie is very uncomfortable. As for thongs, some are kinder and gentler than others. G-strings are awful, comfort-wise.

    Six -- I know that's a big part of the ritual for many. I like it too. But sometimes, it's just not an option, like at the big parties. With rare exceptions, my panties stay up during those scenes.

    Kelly -- yeah, it's all part of the "one twue way" mentality. Annoying.

    Dana -- not, it's not just you. Mr. D has a different technique, I think. More impactful (if that's not a word, then I just coined it). I've been surprised at how I'm marking and getting "strawberries." I thought I'd lost that capability completely.

  6. I like spankings on the bare, and this is how Ludwig usually applies them since this is his personal preference. We usually don't even start over clothing. But I very much enjoy fantasies which involve spankings over clothing as well. In fact, one of my favourite spanking clips features a fully clothed spanking. And since I don't do any frontal nudity, I find thongs very practical when it comes to taking pictures. My assumption is that many of those who say that a spanking is only a real spanking without knickers just want to have pictures that show a fully bare bottom (and maybe also private parts). As Kelly already said, it is only up to the people involved in a scene to decide what they prefer. In my opinion you look as good wearing a thong as you look without one. :-)

  7. I've never been a purist so it's probably not shocking I see nothing wrong with leaving a thong on or even the occasional pair of cute panties. If someone I played with started showing up in, oh I don't know, say bloomers (or granny panties) or a 1920's style swim suit and wanted to keep them on it would probably be a deal killer. I say probably only so I'll seem a little flexible too.

    Nice to see you having fun again.

  8. Kaelah -- you're probably right about the panties complaints being more about voyeurism than anything else. ;-) But I do understand the purity and intensity of a bare-bottom spanking. I guess I like it all -- no surprise there!

    MM -- how about the spankers who fetishize girdles? Now THAT one I don't get at all! But there's something for everyone, I guess. Some love that old-fashioned Bettie Page look with the granny panties and girdles. Not for this girl.

  9. Hi Erica -- I enjoyed reading this like i usually do :-)I Love your pic's :-)Mr.D is AWESOME,I am very happy that you have a Top who is caring and you both have good communication with each other,Those 2 word's caring and communication mean a lot :-)I also agree that you are marking more,I even noticed that you had a little cut that was bleeding on your bum.How nice of him to bring his guitar and sing you a song :-)I Love you my VERY dear friend,big hug's alway's from Naughty Girl Jade xoxo

  10. If you ask me there isn't any reason to pull down a thong, unless the spanking is going to progress to something a little more intimate. It sounds like you are both getting what you need out of your playtime so I say screw the people that are complaining. Because I tell you, your behind looks like it was really spanked. :-)

  11. Jade -- the weird thing is I have no cut. There is nothing there today. I think it was just a bright red spot that looked like blood.

    Kaki -- oh, it was. :-) You know how it is. Everyone's a critic and everyone can do it better!

  12. You - at least some part of you - may wish to be a bit more flexible - reddens less.

  13. MrJ -- hmmmm... not sure what part you mean. Probably don't want to know! :-)

  14. I think I'm the sick fuck for wanting to know what he does with your panties! TMI? MI,P!

    It sounds like you guys have great chemistry... and being serenaded is icing on the cake. I always found that sort of thing to be a... well... a panty-melter. ;)


  15. It freaking pisses me off like none other when people comment on my fetlife photos to complain about my panties being up in a photo. It can put me in a snit when it happens too often. Uggggh.
    Look at you, being so flexible. <3

  16. SC -- me too. There's something about a man with a guitar. (swoon) Oh, and check your email.

    Alex -- believe me, I know. We have both experienced the FetLife critics! Like it's any of their freaking business, anyway? If I don't care for a picture, I move on to the next one; I don't critique it! (grumble)

  17. Erica,

    First off, wow, what an amzing spanking you received and thank you so much for the details. Again I say, you share what you want to share, personnally, as previously noted, you and your lovely bottom in a nice panty is amazing. Now love the effort but that is a thong, lovely but not a panty. So anyway, thank you for sharing with us and your effort to show us what is asked. For me, your bottom is beautiful and made for some terrific and fun panty spankings.

    Great post, thank you.

  18. Ron -- (laughing) Technically, thongs ARE panties. Just a particular style of them (like bikinis, boy shorts, briefs, etc.). But glad you enjoyed the post.

    1. Love you laughing but hey, I understand that my dear and love it. I loved the post and love your bottom, pantied is wonerful, but thong yes is lovely.
      Great post

  19. I get perturbed when others complain about not seeing a bare bottom. Some spankings I have seen were over jeans and I ask, "Why not?" It can be a very nice spanking experience. I should know. I still like to be spanked over jeans and my view on it is if the top is very good at what they do, they really don't need to see how the bottom is. Yeah, I know tops are visual. Still, if they know what they are doing, they can spank safely over jeans.

    I am so happy for you and Mr. D. You both have good communication and he is a caring person. That is special.

  20. Panties or not, your bottom always looks lovely. People always find something to critique. "It's not a real spanking unless it's on the bare," "That's not red enough. Looks like you need me to come over and finish the job." Whatever. Fuck 'em. All that spanking and then guitar serenading? Omg. Does he have a twin?

    1. Lea,

      I do not know you but wonderful reply and so well said, love it.

  21. Bobbie Jo -- you know, I don't even like the feeling of spanking over jeans. The material muffles the hand and makes it feel thuddy to me. But that's the beauty of this scene -- whatever works for you is what works.

    Lea -- he has many siblings, but no twin. :-) Oh yeahhhhh... "not red enough." I've gotten that a lot. Not lately, though!

  22. Myself im a panty lover and enjoy keeping the panties on when i spank ,i may eventually take them down ,if there the g string type theres no need to take them down . Keep up the good work erica