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Friday, July 27, 2012

Quickie random Friday thoughts

Happy Friday and congratulations to my fellow Chrosslings. Yup, still get the same thrill as ever.

This blog now has 199 followers. Wondering who's going to be #200.

I currently have 666 friends on FetLife. ST commented on my wall that he can't stop spanking me for a minute without my turning into a little devil. What can I say... :-)

Spankos are partying in Chicago at Crimson Moon this weekend. (sigh) Isn't it time for Shadow Lane yet? Hope everyone there is having a blast. Play some extra for me.

Probably hundreds of people will want to spank me for this, but I honestly don't care about the Olympics. John watches them non-stop, so when I'm with him, I'll see them. Otherwise? OK, maybe the gymnastics. But that's about it.

And finally -- yes, I know this is un-PC. I know it's in questionable taste. I apologize to anyone who has dyslexia. But all that said, this still made me laugh out loud.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. LOL.... Very clever. Me likes.

    Congrats on the Chross! It made my week as well! :)


  2. Hi Erica

    Very funny, i have never been very clever with words but i like this and so will a friend that has it. Hope you reach 200 followers soon.
    Would you mind if i put in a friends request on FL.

    Have a good weekend

    BOB B

  3. I don't care for the Olympics much either, although I do like the equestrian events. Sadly, they are rarely televised, except the stadium jumping on the last day. Dressage doesn't draw the viewers like beach volleyball.

    Congrats on your Chrossing! My blog disappeared again overnight. That's the third time. Apparently it's on a 14 day deletion cycle. Sigh.


  4. Woman, you are one adorable she devil! :)

    The Olympics bore the crap out of me. I've never watched a single event by myself, I only see something in passing at a bar.

    I don't know if this ever happened to you, but when I know I have no spankings coming my way for a ???? period of time my mind seems to shut down my desire anyhow.

  5. Hi,
    I am not normally one for the Olympics but I found last night so moving, I think it could be because I am a Brit. :) you see we are capable of emotion sometimes.
    I suppose I think if you're not into the Olympics (entirely understandable ) then don't mention them - talk about all the other gazzillion things in the world that are interesting to you. I loved Twitter last night, I was on my own feeling cut off and sad that I couldn't sit and chat with anyone about what I saw and suddenly Twitter became like a village pub as we chatted away. I think that feeling of being part of something and being proud of it makes me happy.
    But I 100% understand that you are not into it. Just ignore it and, like a bad Top, it will soon saunter off. Don't blame those of us that are cheered by it . Xxx

  6. P doesn't care for the Olympics but me I love watching (or some of it) and same as Poppy last night was moving. I was so disappointed I couldn't get tickets for the events I wanted.

    Enjoy your weekend Erica.


  7. It says a lot about you that you enjoy so much every time you're Chrossed. Congratulations.

    I either completely ignore the Olympics or get so addicted I find myself yelling at the TV (at 4am) at a tiny Korean female weight lifter, "Get your legs under you! How do you think you're going to pick that up?"


  8. SC -- I figured it would! :-)

    Bob -- absolutely, please do.

    Hermione -- again?? What the hell?

    Kelly -- sadly, no. Just the opposite. I always want what I can't have. It's the brat in me.

    Poppy -- oh, no, I don't blame anyone for liking them. It's not like that at all. It's more like my feeling like an outsider because I just don't get the fascination. So I feel like I'm missing something. And also, I totally get that Brits are especially proud this time around, hosting them (Mitt Romney and his stupid remarks notwithstanding). I'm glad last night cheered you. :-)

    Ronnie -- being in the UK must have been especially exciting. :-)

    Emen -- it's the little things in life, you know? That little acknowledgment makes me beam.

  9. Hi Erica -- CONGRATS on getting chrossed :-)I don't care about the Olympic's either,Unless it's the event's i do at the Special Olynpic's,now that is fun,If you ever were at one of my event's you would get excited and say what an AWESOME game :-)Have a nice weekend.Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  10. Erica, on this particular occassion, I CAN NOT agree with you, about your feelings on the OLYMPIC GAMES. So you might have to accept a spanking from me, in (abstentia) of course. For in my lifetime I have visited about 150 of these international countries, that are now competing in these games. And in my humble opinion it's a beautiful world out there, and these athletes are competing as amateurs. just for the honor.

  11. Love the dyslexia word play I laughed out loud when I read it, it has been a while since I had a good laugh at something so silly. Sometimes it good to laugh at ourselves..... It feels good to laugh a little again.

  12. I actually sent that little gem to several of my dyslexic/parent-of-a-dyslexic-child friends. The only reason I hesitated is because of the last word. One of my friends said the only reason she wasn't going to repost it is that she had teenagers on her site and she didn't want to give them the wrong impression. :)

    It is indeed good to laugh, as long as it's not mean-spirited...and I don't think that this one is.

  13. I don't care for the Olympics at all. No interest. And this is going to make me sound like I'm 80 but I'm really annoyed that Days Of Our Lives is pre-empted for the next 2 weeks while the Olympics air! Grr! I usually record it while I'm at work, but now waiting on the cliffhanger.

    That pic is funny, I've seen that one before. Makes me laugh. I've been so back and forth over Shadow Lane for the last month, but right now it looks like there's a chance once again that I might be going! Trying to talk some friends into coming because I REALLY don't want to drive to Vegas by myself. *crossing fingers*

  14. Jade -- absolutely, if I saw you in the Special Olympics, I would cheer for you. :-)

    Six -- I do appreciate the sentiment. Like I said, I feel sometimes like I'm missing something because I don't share it.

    VBB -- welcome back, dear. :-)

    Ana -- I hesitated, because I suppose folks with dyslexia might be offended. But then again, a lot of them poke fun at themselves, so I took the chance.

    Lea -- yeah, I don't like the complete inundation either. John and I watched some of it last night. I quickly grew bored of watching people swim back and forth and started doing a crossword puzzle. But I did enjoy the gymnastics. Such incredible bodies.

    Really, you might come to SL? How cool!

  15. Lea, at least here in Canada they aren't pre-empting Coronation Street. That would be a matter of grave national concern:)

  16. Well, I'm a fairly regular visitor here, so I guess I may as well join.

    Do I get a prize for being number 200? No need; just being here is honour enough!

    This is always an entertaining blog to read, so please keep it up.

    All the best


  17. Tim -- hey, thank you! :-) No, no prize, I'm afraid. Honestly, I have no idea what benefit there is in "following" a blog. But I'm glad people do!

  18. I was glued to the horsey Olympics.. and was very happy to see the Dressage riding Brits (Carl Hester (Team Gold) and Charlotte Dujarin (Team and Ind Gold), and Laura Laura Bechtolsheimer (Team and Ind Bronze) (all brits) do so well! They were fantastic! (the rest pretty much didn't show me harmony and grace and the elegance I so associate with "GOOD" dressage.) :-)

    Yes.. I watched "some" gymnastics. But I'm sick of those "canned answers" out of all the girls.. it's like they're "Stepford Gymnasts"! ALSO.. talk about some of them showing the poorest sportsmanship! Yee gadz.. they are cut throat to each other!

  19. Zelle -- didn't watch any horsies. Didn't even know they HAD horsies... see how out of it I am?