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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Odds & Ends not in my book, Part 4

A favorite John story, which really should have been in the book. I confess, I completely forgot about it.

For those who have already read the book, you may recall I mentioned a couple that John and I befriended in our early scene days -- I referred to them as A & C. But I didn't explain how we met them.

In the late '90s (before Erica Scott was born), John and I used to go to a lot of local BDSM parties, including a regular gathering at a private house. This house was set far back from the street, behind a parking lot that was empty at night, so it was perfect for guest parking. People could play inside the house, or in the garage, which the owner had fashioned into a dungeon.

I was still fairly new to all this and even then, I knew I wasn't much of a fit in these BDSM gatherings, but I did the best I could. John would help -- he'd scope out the crowd with me, ask if I saw anyone I thought I might like to play with. If I was too shy to approach someone (and I usually was), he would do it for me.

One Saturday night, the party was particularly crowded, and one man stood out above the rest -- literally. He was very tall, with dark hair and eyes, wearing all black, and my "oh my God, who is that" radar went off. So when John sidled over to me and said, "See anyone you like?", I pointed right at the aforementioned gentleman and answered, "Yeah. Him. I want him."

John looked over, then snorted. "Oh, you would pick him!" he laughed. "No way! You'd go home with him!" Then he took my arm and led me out of the room and into the garage. There, we found one of our friends and started chatting, and I temporarily forgot about the handsome stranger.

"I'm going to get a Diet Coke," John announced. "You want anything?" I said no thanks; he told our friend to keep an eye on me, and he made his way through the crowded dungeon out the door. A few minutes later, he came back in with a glass of soda and rejoined us.

I was feeling a bit restless, wanting to play, and my eyes wandered. I watched people coming in and out, and then -- (gulp). I saw Mr. Handsome walk in. He stood near the doorway, looking around the room... and then he looked right at me. And didn't look away -- his eyes held mine.

Breathe, Erica. Oxygen is your friend.

Not only did he not break eye contact, but he smiled. And started walking toward me. Slowly.

It's just a coincidence. There are a lot of people here; he's coming over to talk to someone else. Get a grip.

And then there he was, right in front of me. "Hi," he said. "Are you Erica?"

Does this dungeon come equipped with a defibrillator?? "Yes," I croaked.

"I'm A," he said, extending his hand. I shook it, but he didn't let go. Instead, he gripped it more firmly, then leaned down to whisper to me, his breath tickling my ear. "And I hear you need a really good spanking."

John, of course, was sitting right there, observing with great amusement. "JOHN!" I blurted. "What did you do??" He just gave me a wide-eyed innocent look, and A laughed. "Come with me," he said, pulling me to my feet.

Was the spanking scene hot? Of course it was. But that build-up was one of the best I'd ever experienced. It couldn't have been a more perfect surprise. I was beaming and giddy for the rest of the night.

I heard the story later. John had gone back into the house, gotten his drink and then found A, introducing himself. "Look," he said. "I know this is going to sound weird, but go with me for a second. Do you spank?" A said yes. "My girlfriend really wants to play with you. Would you mind?"

A hesitated -- kind of on the spot there, right? I mean, he didn't know me, he didn't know what he was signing on for. John hastened to assure him. "I think you'll like her," he said, "but you don't have to commit to anything. She's in the garage talking with a friend of ours; go check her out first." He then went on to describe me and what I was wearing. So A said sure, why not.

What a sport, huh? :-D

As it turned out, A was there with his own girlfriend C, and the four of us hit it off immediately. We were friends for years, before the two of them dropped out of the local scene. Last I heard, they had relocated in Europe. I have so many fond memories of the two of them. A and I went on to have many more scenes together.

See, now you guys get even more why I love John so much. It takes a very special man to pimp out his girlfriend to handsome strangers for a spanking. But of course, I still went home with John. Always did, always will. ♥


  1. Hi Erica, I Loved this entry John is so sweet he is such a kind man :-)I am VERY happy that you got him in your life you are both AMAZING :-)By the way did that guy spank you very hard? hehehe inquiring mind's want to know LOL.Love and hug's to you my dear friend xoxo from your naughty girl Jade

  2. Jade -- not super hard, the first time. But he had lots of other opportunities after that. :-)

  3. Great story Erica.

  4. I applaud John's confidence and your ability to foster it. :) I've often thought about how much fun a scenario like this would be -- fantasized about it. And you've lived it! *Sigh* Lucky, lucky girl.


  5. Pink -- John is the youngest of four. He learned early on how to share. :-D

  6. I remember this story! HOT! What a nice guy, that John!

  7. If their is any hint of jealousy in either partner, attending a spanking party will create fireworks. You and John are able to share.

  8. OBB -- I think one of the secrets is making sure your partner always feels extra, extra special. :-)

  9. I loved this story! John is a prince. It's too bad your friends disappeared.

  10. Dana -- yeah, I know. I don't know what it is... seems like every time I make friends, they move away! :-(

  11. That's true love right there. John as your spanking agent saved you the hassle of approaching Mr. Hottie yourself. :)

    Too bad you all lost contact. :(

  12. Kelly -- these days, I would approach him myself. But back then, I was still way over my head in this stuff. :-) Yeah, it's a shame, but we do have lots of fun memories.

  13. "It takes a very special man to pimp out his girlfriend to handsome strangers for a spanking."

    Indeed it does! John is certainly a keeper, but you already know that,of course. ;-)

  14. Lea -- I do know that. :-) I'm a lucky woman.

  15. John sounds such a lovely man Erica. Your a lucky women.


  16. Ronnie -- he is. He is beyond lovely. :-)

  17. "It takes a very special man to pimp out his girlfriend to handsome strangers for a spanking."


    And your NEXT line melted my Wolfie heart!

    A great story, and you and John are two of the people that make the world enjoyable!

  18. Wolfie -- and you're another one! ♥