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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love Our Lurkers Day, #6

Welcome to the sixth annual Love Our Lurkers (LOL) Day. Spearheaded once again by our brilliant blogging queen Bonnie, it's time to say how much we appreciate our readers, quiet ones included, and invite them to say hello.

OK, so technically, LOL Day is supposed to be Thursday and it's still Wednesday. I was going to be a proper OCD Virgo and wait until after midnight to blog. But then I saw that several of my fellow bloggers had already posted, so I thought, ah, screw it. Ooh, I'm posting three hours early! Watch me run with scissors next! :-)

So anyway... you guys know the drill. Bloggers love their viewers, and we love comments too. If we didn't want readers and comments, we'd write a private journal. Or we'd just talk to ourselves. We want to know who you are.

C'mon, it's easy. You don't have to recite a Shakespearean soliloquy. You don't have to explain particle physics. You don't have to hand over your credit card number, your social security number, or even your name. Just say something. Hi, Erica. Love your blog, Erica. Up yours, Erica.

Here, how about a multiple choice, and then all you have to do is post a letter?

a) I read this blog for the scintillating spanking adventures
b) I like the acerbic humor (oh, for Christ's sake, look it up)
c) I'm just here to see pictures of your butt
d) Other

Whatever you choose to say (or even if you don't), thanks for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere. Smooches to you all!


  1. Happy LOL Day, Erica! Not a lurker but could I still get someone to explain particle physics?

  2. Michael -- honey, if you find someone who knows anything about particle physics, or any kind of physics, by all means, send 'em here and tell them to de-lurk with an explanation. :-)

  3. e)! e)! e)! All of the above!

    Happy LOL, Erica! I'm a big fan of your work, even if I don't comment as often as I should.

  4. Dioneo -- oh, how funny. I JUST finished commenting on yours! GMTA :-)

  5. Hi, Erica. I have commented on your blog before, but not too often. I just wanted to say thank you for doing this and brightening up my day.

    "But then I saw that several of my fellow bloggers had already posted, so I thought, ah, screw it. Ooh, I'm posting three hours early! Watch me run with scissors next!"

    LOL. Sounds like something you are telling a Top to get out of a spanking...or not. You crack me up. Giggles. Ummmm.....if we are ever at the same spanking party, remind me never to stand within ear shot of you. I am pretty sure a Top would spank me just for laughing at your snarky comments and I really don't need the extra attention. ;)

  6. Running With Scissors was the warm-up act for Devo.

    But don't YOU do it!

    And Part Tickle Physics is one method of starting a play spanking; it gets the girl right over your lap in nothing flat.

    Speaking of Devo, here's Weird Al having fun with / making fun of 'em in "DARE TO BE STUPID!"

    Advice I try to follow.

    Hopefully I did the link right THIS time. :-D

  7. Hey, the Verification Word i hadda type was-- "BEATEE!!"

  8. Happpy LoL day, Erica.
    abcd I guess.

    I rarely comment, but regularly visit as you know!


  9. Bree -- thanks for stopping by! You won't get in trouble for laughing; I'll get in extra trouble for making you laugh. :-D

    Wolfie -- another brilliant Weird Al contribution! BEATEE? Warren?

    Chross -- I do know, and appreciate it tremendously!

  10. Hello Erica,

    Oh number 'B' for sure - that made me laugh out loud!

    Happy LOL day!

    TMT :)

  11. You forgot E) all of the above. :)

    Happy LOL Day!

  12. I was not sure what the proper greeting was for LOL day, so I am sending you a few and you can pick the one that works best for you. "Happy LOL day Erica." "Have a very Merry LOL day." "Wishing you a blessed LOL day." "Here's lurking at you, kid." "Wishing all your spanking dreams come true on LOL day".

    We both enjoy your blog very much and look forward to another year of witty and humorous musings. We'll be sure to add a few comments along the way.

    The VBB and the Wife

  13. Happy LOL day Erica; I read this blog for your humanity, and because the things you say strike home often.

    Oh, and I really like looking at pictures of your butt!

    All the best


  14. Hi Erica,

    I don't consider myself a lurker here; more like one of the family. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


  15. Happy LOL day Erica, keep getting those spankings !!

    MarQe xx

  16. E, but B for sure.
    See me in private for the credit card.

  17. Hi erica, just a very brief delurk to say: "c" (I'm male, you know, us males just go for the pictures :-))

    But also that your blog stands out as one of the nicest spanking blogs on the whole interweb!

  18. Happy LOL Day, Erica! I'm definitely not a lurker here (even though I can't keep up with commenting on all of your posts), and I like the combination of your spanking adventures, your humour, your writing style and the sweet pictures. :-)

  19. Keep writing, love reading your blog

    Happy LOL Day!

  20. Hi, Erica! I don't get to comment as often as I'm here reading, unless comments on twitter count? Always love your posts, they're definitely a fun addition to my day.


  21. Happy LOL day to you Erica! Love your blog as always.



  22. Hi
    I probably lurk too much without commenting.
    I will make amends.
    Great blog and your public adores you I am sure.
    Michael M

  23. You have such a friendly blog Erica and your one of my favourite bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy LOL Day.


  24. Hello,
    I perv here often. You are in my blog reader.

    Happy LOL Day.


    I invite you to visit my blog here:

    The Pleasure Principle

  25. Hi Erica,

    A very happy LOL day and I check your blog every day. And, oh yeah, I love the acerbic humor! And your adventures! You are much appreciated!

  26. Hi, Erica!

    I've been lurking here for a little while now. You have a great wit, and such a genuine writing style. I enjoy your posts, and just started reading your new book. Happy LOL Day!

    ~ Larken

  27. Erica, Happy Lurker's Day from your 'Yiddishe' friend. Love you, and your voluptous sophisticated spankable bare bottom.

  28. Hi Erica -
    Long time reader, first time poster. I truly admire your willingness to share about your life & TTWD. However, you are pretty obnoxious at times so it's a good thing you get spanked alot.

    Best wishes,


  29. Greetings to all! I am mostly a lurker, so thanks for loving me! :)

  30. Hi Erica
    Certainly a) b) and especially c)
    and to hear about the ups and downs of your life
    and the showbiz gems that you sometimes share.
    (Who are the current spankos in Hollywood - apart from Jack Nicholson)


  31. I did a just after midnight post and I am an Aquarius not a Virgo :) Happy LOL day.


  32. Happy LOL Day Erica :-)I don't feel like a Lurker either i feel like family :-)I LOVE your blog it's the BESTEST blog in the world, Your pic at the end is so ADOREABLE :-)Big Hug's and Smooches to you too from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  33. Thanks for the wonderful blog Erica. xoxo

  34. Hi Erica,

    Definitely a and b, and although I have nothing against your butt, it's not why I'm here. I do love your scathing humor and fun approach to life and spanking. Happy LOL day.

  35. (taking deep breath) OK, here goes...

    TMT -- welcome! Hope I can make you laugh often.

    Beth -- you're right, I forget E!

    VBB -- Hi! I know about YOU, you heartbreaker. ;-)

    Tim -- thanks, and welcome! Glad both my butt and my humanity have appeal. :-D

    Hermione -- the best kind of family, too; the one of our choosing! xox

    MarQe -- I'll keep getting 'em as long as people want to give them to me!

    Anonymous -- thanks! :-)

    OBB -- Oooh! Can I go on a shopping spree with your credit card? Can I can I can I?

    W -- thanks for stopping by. :-D Hey, I like visitors for any reason!

    Kaelah -- thank you, sweetie! Nice to see you.

    Vixen -- I will, I promise!

    Em -- I think Twitter counts somewhat, yes!

    Raven -- back atcha, honey.

    Michael M -- I certainly hope so! Please comment whenever you feel like it.

    Ronnie -- I enjoy yours as well! xo

    Hedone -- I will definitely check that out; thank you!

    Bobbie Jo -- thanks, friend! :-)

    Larken -- welcome to you! And thanks for getting my book. :-)

    six -- good to see you. :-)

    Bob -- obnoxious, MOI? (sniff)

    Pumpernickel -- welcome. :-)

    David -- y'know, I have no idea who the current Hollywood spankos are. Wish I did!

    Prefectdt -- would you say that you are a PREfectionist? :-)

    Jade -- you're always welcome here, sweetie.

    Anonymous -- haha, I know who you are!

    OFG -- thank you, darlin'. :-)

  36. scarlet -- you snuck in while I was doing mass comment reply, so you get one all for yourself! Ha... believe me, I'm happy to hear that people like this blog for the writing content! My butt's not gonna last forever, ya know.

  37. A, B, C, D. You are a gem for so many reasons. Much love! thanks for letting us into your life.

  38. Anonymous -- how lovely! Thank you. ♥

  39. Happy LOL day, Erica. I don't comment but I do enjoy nipping in to see what you have written. I'm with Scarlet, A and B!

  40. You're MY kind of ray of sunshine just the way you are!

  41. Alice -- thanks! And you can no longer say that you don't comment, 'cause you just did. :-)

    Kelly -- thank you, darlin'. :-)

  42. Erica,

    What can I say? I come here because you're like the sister I never had, only funnier! The appeal of this blog (and its predecessor) is YOU.

    Thanks for helping to make LOL Day 6 a success!

    Big hugs,

  43. Erica,

    You are fantastic, and I never miss one of your posts! They (you) always brighten my day.


  44. I'm late!

    Happy LOL Day! And I go with all of the above. (The "other" because I think you rock.)


  45. Happy LOL Day! We've long been fans of your writing, and we were thrilled when you moved to Blogger. We have to go with B and C for some of the biggest reasons. Not saying funny pics of your butt there... lol... but rather the humor AND the butt pictures!

    ~Todd and Suzy

  46. I guess I comment occasionally, but mostly, I lurk. Always a pleasure to come here, and I often leave chuckling.


  47. Bonnie -- I should be so lucky to have a sister like you! ♥

    Sophie -- I'm happy to hear that. :-)

    Pink -- and so do you!

    T & S -- thanks, and happy LOL Day to you too!

    Indy -- chuckling/laughing is a huge validation for me, so thank you. :-)

  48. Must say 'yes' to all, as others have. How can I help myself wanting to look at your amazing posterior as it is so superior to mine?! LOL Love you, your humor and of course, your beautiful ass! D.

  49. Love your writing and your sweet bottom.

  50. Um, I still talk to myself. Is that weird? Love your blog Erica, always a must read for me. Happy LOL Day!

  51. D -- well, thank you. :-)

    Red -- writing first! I like that. ;-)

    Lea -- got news for you, hon; we have yet another thing in common. I talk to myself all the time. Loners tend to do that, I think!

  52. Erica--would you believe, "All of the above"?

    Happy LOL day!

  53. Dr. Ken -- appreciate that. :-) Same to you!

  54. I ain't no lurker, but I'm glad to "sign in" every now and again...

  55. Craig -- always glad to see you. :-)

  56. Not quite a lurker, but happy to take the opportunity to tell you how much I love your blog - all the more so, as a latecomer, since I read your book and got a bit more of the backstory. Your writing has such effortless wit and charm. You're a great storyteller. I heart your acting. AND you're hot! Okay, I do love your blog but maybe I'm a tiiiiiiny bit jealous ;)