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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving thoughts

Of top importance: ST's dog is OK. He had a growth on his back that was increasing in size, but it turned out to be a benign tumor. He has a big incision and staples, but he will heal up just fine. And fortunately, the area is out of his reach so he can't bite at it, so I guess he doesn't have to wear one of those stupid head cone thingies. What a relief!

In other news, my third Spanking Court clip went up on the site yesterday. It's been a while since we shot it, so it was fun to see and remember. Unfortunately, because of the camera angle this time, V's head is cut off through most of it, so you don't get to see his priceless facial reactions. But it's still a lot of fun. I love the unexpected twist at the end. ;-)

So... tomorrow is Thanksgiving. What is everyone doing? Who's cooking? Who's going out? Family? Friends?

All three of John's siblings are going to other homes tomorrow, so no family gathering, thank you. However, John was the only one of the four to say, "Hey what about Mom?" I swear, they don't deserve him. So, his little canyon area has this thing every year at TG and Xmas, where they have a potluck dinner for the neighborhood; he's taking his mom to that. And fortunately, while he's made it clear that I'm welcome to join them, he hasn't pushed it. Let's see: lots of people, mostly ones I don't know. All crowded into a small space. Lots of noise. Nothing to do but eat, and babysit John's mother. I love you, honey, but I'd rather suck down an arsenic and cyanide smoothie.

On the flip side, ST is having a quiet TG dinner at home and has invited me to join him and the furry invalid. If I were going to do anything, it would be that. But...I dunno. I'd like to BE there. But I don't feel like going there, if that makes any sense. I don't want to dress and put on makeup and fix my crazy hair and make the drive. I just don't feel like it. Welcome to the life of a depressive isolator.

I actually have some work to do (yay!), and laundry as well. There are some good movies on Turner Classic Movies tomorrow. It's probably going to be rainy. I think I will cozy up with sweats and fuzzy slippers and pretty much treat the day like Thursday.

However, in the spirit of thankfulness, I am grateful for the loved ones in my life. John, ST, my friends... you have expanded my curmudgeon's little world and brought me much joy. I love you guys. Thank you.

Have a wonderful turkey day.


  1. I think you should go. I don't think you'll regret going but you might regret NOT going. ST cares about you, I don't think he'll care if you drive over in sweatpants and curlers. :) He'll just be happy to see you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Beth -- yeah, I know. Even John is telling me to go. But I don't really feel like I'm good holiday company right now.

    Good luck with your dinner for 16! :-)

  3. Ahhhh I'm SO GLAD "SPANKO TANGO DOG" is on the mend. I see he's swinging the heart paddle (for when you come over for TG dinner! AND I'm guessing he picked up a copy of your book to read whilst recuperating!

    Poor John.. (sighs) .. wish I could BLINK and make it all better.

    I vote for going over to ST's .. as I have it from a reliable resource.. that "SpankoTango Dog" does not care one way or t'other.. if you wear make up and/or dress up! Same goes for his darling owner!

    LOVE, LOVE, "LOVED" the SpankingCourt clips! OMFG you are one crazy woman!

    I'm taking a friend out to eat at a really cool Chinese restaurant.. (she didn't wanna eat traditional.. as it just reminded her of what she was missing).. so, executive decision said.. CHICKEN and CASHEWs it shall be!

    Happy Turkey Day all!

  4. Zelle -- HAHA! Oh, you are priceless. Love the picture! ♥

  5. What can I say.. I was aiming to get a laugh out of you and ST.. so far.. so good! (grins) - I even put staples in his back.. LOL

  6. So glad the dog is doing well! Whatever you decided to do, have a great day!

  7. It's nice to have options without pressure. Maybe when you get up tomorrow, you'll decide to go to ST's, or NOT. You're cared for no matter what.

    I am planning on getting 10 hrs of MUCH needed sleep tonight, then going with 2 friends to my Aunt's for dinner tomorrow afternoon. NO cooking for this girl-clean up only! :)

  8. My T-day is on Friday this year. I will be going to my niece's new home in the middle of nowhere and have dinner there. Her hubby's birthday is tomorrow so they will be with his family. No problem for me.

    Erica, I think you should go and at least give Spanko Tango Dog some TLC. Maybe you might get some special attention, too. Whatever you decide to do, is ok regardless. Do what you want to do.

    Glad you got some work, too. :-D

  9. Kelly -- I actually enjoy helping with the cleanup. I feel like I need to move about a bit after all that food!

    Bobbie Jo -- well, I WANT to go to sleep until 2012, but that's not on the option menu. :-)

  10. Yes, yes. I know what you really WANT to do. However, as you said, that option isn't on the menu. I don't see you as Rumple Stiltskin, though. I guess we just have to grin (not grinch) and bear it.

    Have you ever noticed how crazy people get at this time of year? Especially when driving? I just want to stay off the freakin' roads!

  11. I hope you have a good day, whatever you end up doing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Hi Erica,I am VERY happy to hear that Spanko Tango Dog is doing just fine :-)I agree with Zelle that you should have Thanksgiving dinner with ST :-)but it is your choice do whatever makes you happy,I agree with you that John's family doe's NOT deserve him.My dad is cooking tomorrow so i will be staying home.I am VERY THANKFUL for you my VERY best friend Erica :-)HAPPY THANKSGIVING I LOVE YOU, Big hug's from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  13. Lea -- same to you, thanks! :-)

    Jade -- I hope you have a great day, honey.

  14. WIll be having a quiet Thanksgiving dinner at home with family. Of course, I'll be doing most the cooking, but hey! I like it!

  15. Craig -- I know you do. :-) Hope it's a wonderful day!

  16. I'm glad the pooch is okay. Lumps are such scary things! It's great that it's in an inaccessible location, away from probing tongues and sharp teeth and gooey saliva... Oops! Lost my train of thought :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, and you spend it however you like. That's something to be thankful for.

    We'll be eating grilled locally-made sausages (the best in Canada, BTW) and Ron will be glued to the TV watching football. I'll be glued to the computer, reading spanking blogs.


  17. Hermione -- You have a wonderful day, both of you!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving Day Erica, for us, have you ever ate turkey on Chalah bread, with gifilte fish, It 'smacks' a delicious taste in your mouth, as well as on your voluptous bare bottom. Try it, you might like it. LUV YA,

  19. six -- OK, I love turkey, and I love challah. But gefilte fish is DISGUSTING! lol