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Friday, November 18, 2011

A happy post for a change

Happy Friday, everyone. In direct contrast to my last two cranky, Grinch-y posts, I've got some fun things to share today.

First, I have a new interview up on the blog Spank Place. If you haven't seen this site, do check it out. Every month, Mark interviews someone in the scene, and I was very flattered when he asked me.

He made the effort to ask several questions specific to me, which I appreciated. One of them was "What is Spanking Court?", so I was very happy to give them a big plug. He asked for a selection of pictures and so I sent him a head shot plus six random spanking shots. He put up five of the seven, so there's a nice pictorial along with the interview. You can read it here.

And even better -- I sort of got Double-Chrossed today. My Rough entry from Monday was included, plus my interview. Thank you, Mr. Chross! That does my little attention-whore heart good.

This was a weird week. I have been feeling especially square-peggish, and it seemed that wherever I went, cyber or real, I clashed with someone. On Twitter, someone jumped on my ass because she didn't like something I posted. Yup, I said I didn't like seeing Bible study posts on my FetLife feed, and she said I was judgmental. Oh, please! I wasn't judging people who study the Bible. But some things just aren't a good mix. Do you see me going to church study groups and talking about spanking, bondage and other forms of happy debauchery? Especially since most religious groups think people like us are going to fry in hell? Whatever.

Then on FetLife, I expressed some thoughts on a controversial topic and was laughed at by a condescending know-it-all. Frustrated, I went to the gym later that day to blow off some steam, and had a particularly unpleasant encounter with a pair of women in my class. They were making so much noise right behind me, talking and laughing, and I couldn't concentrate on the really tough moves the teacher was putting us through. So I politely asked them (yes, I was polite) if they would please take it down a bit. Their response was to glare at me, then spend the rest of the class whispering and snickering behind me. I felt like I was back in grade school.

I came home thinking, Jeeeezus, I can't get along with anyone. I really need my own island. Perhaps my own planet.

Then yesterday, I got a lovely present.

A while back, I had a correspondence with a young woman just breaking into the spanking scene. She had read my book and had many questions, so we passed some lengthy emails back and forth. After a while, she joined FetLife, and I've seen her bloom. She's posting pictures, making friends, getting tons of comments, and it's like watching a kid in a candy store. I was very happy for her.

Yesterday, she posted this on my wall:

Erica, just wanted to send you yet another quick soul-felt thank you. If it weren't for you, I might never have started down this path of experiencing these things. You were so kind and gentle with me, right from the start, so willing to communicate so openly. Your kindness has opened so many doors for me. Thank you.

She may never fully comprehend how much that meant to me, and how timely it was. If I'd received this a year ago, I would have included it in my book. What a keeper.

Thank you, dear. Enjoy and embrace your journey. You have so many treats ahead of you.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Double-Chrossed?!!!!!

    THAT trumps em' all!...Let the dancin' under the pale moonlight with the devil (or SpankoTango) commence!!!

  2. Zelle -- I'm dating myself, but remember this one? :-)

    Ask your mom and your daddy, can you come out tonight
    When the stars are bright,
    Beneath the pale moonlight,

    Ask your mom and daddy, can you come out tonight
    We gonna dance by the light of the moon!

  3. Erica,

    So glad you got double-Chrossed! That is just fantastic and I can think of no one more deserving. I think you will be doing the SpankoTango with ST on Monday. :-D

  4. oh... aarrgh (LOL) .. yessssssss... I remember that one! Talk about 'dating' someone! LOL

  5. Bobbie Jo -- I believe I will! :-)

    Zelle -- (giggling) Sorry, but your comment reminded me of that song. (Quite a fun little dance tune, that one.)

  6. I'm glad your week ended much more positive than it began.

    And without a doubt you have provided many of us with excellent advice for navigating the spanking waters and I imaging that will continue for some years to come. :)

  7. Hi Erica,I am VERY happy for you that you got Double Chrossed and you were picked to do an interview with Spank Place CONGRATS you deserve everything that's good in this world :-)I think it was VERY nice of that young woman to write that little note on your wall :-)I totally agree with every word she said :-) YOU are the GREATEST and i LOVE everything about you your advice is TOPS with me and lot's of other's you are a true LEGEND :-)Wishing you and John a nice weekend, much love and hug's to you both from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  8. Kelly -- thanks; I hope so. :-)

    Jade -- you're such a sweetie.

  9. Thank you very much, Erica. I really enjoyed reading your answers and I hope everyone likes the interview.

    BTW, where does Chross get all those links from? It must be an army of people searching the interwebs, surely!?

  10. Mark -- thank YOU. I was so pleased that you asked me. :-)

    Chross has a lengthy list of blog links; I just don't know how he finds the time to read them all!

  11. "... can you come out tonight/We gonna dance by the light of the moon..."

    Okay, that makes me think of It's A Wonderful Life which I assume is in your pile of hated holiday traditions. Lol.

    Congrats on the double Chrossing! You are great with keeping up on correspondence and I'm sure there are many others who feel the same way as the woman on FL but just didn't share it.

  12. Great interview on Spank Place, Erica. Congratulations on being double-Chrossed this week; that's quite and achievement!

    As for how Chross finds the time to seek out the very best in spanking blogdom each week, he has a small army of helpers who read blogs and alert him to possibilities.


  13. What is that quote about when you're feeling down and depressed, look around and make sure you're not just surrounded by assholes. Yeah, sounds like that was your 'problem'. Assholes all around.

    And i hear you on the seeing Bible stuff in your feed. Now, I subscribe to a religious view, but I don't usually talk about it in the kink world. In my opinion, it really has no place, and mainly for the very reason you state. Technically, technically (altho hubby hates to admit this) we are part of the adult industry that is considered "PORN" by much of mainstream society. Just totally out of place, I think. Now, I may discuss these issues with spanko friends with whom I am close, but that is usually out of the adult public forum.

    Anywa, read the interview yesterday. Great job and congrats!!


  14. Of course Erica, of all those spanking photo's, that display your bare bottom, the one I liked the most was seeing you in garter-belt and stockings. Thank you Erica, for such sexually erotic feminine beauty. I love you, and kisses to that voluptous naked rear end of yours.

  15. I missed being updated on how you're doing while I was moving, and I'm sorry to hear that things were frustrating for a while, but I hope life is good for you now! <3

  16. Lea -- ha! I agree, it sounds like "Buffalo Gal," but those lyrics are actually from a 1960s song called "Dance By the Light of the Moon" by the Olympics.

    Hermione -- ah, so he DOES have help!

    Sarah -- I appreciate the viewpoint of one who is a subscriber to religion. So I'm not the only one who feels this way! It's just a weird fit, right? Going to a kink site to discuss the Bible is like looking for fruit in a hardware store.

    six -- glad you enjoyed.

    alex -- hope your move went well!

  17. Haven't you heard the old saying, my dear friend?

    "Opinions are like assholes...everyone should feel some pressure on theirs from time to time."

    That's not right, is it?

    (I love you woman.)

  18. I was gonna post a pithy comment, then read Dana's comment above and, well, after a hearty laugh I've got nothin'.

    Nicely said, Dana!

  19. Hermione, that would be quite nice to have a small army of helpers!
    Alas, I only rarely get submissions for the weekly link list (perhaps one ion a fortnight?). Strange, isn't it?
    So it's really just a click-on-every-link effort every week.


  20. Great interview Erica and congrats on getting Chrossed twice.


  21. My mistake, Chross. I assumed you relied on the folks in your forum who alert you to new posts. Than you do deserve a round of applause for all your hard work.

  22. Yep, I saw your double Chross (HAR) and enjoyed the interview lots and lots!!

  23. Dana -- snort! Good thing I wasn't drinking anything at the moment. Nooooo... not quite right, but you knew that, didn't you.

    Love you too!!

    Craig -- pretty hard to top that one, huh?

    Chross -- yayyyyy! I got a comment from The Man!

    Ronnie -- thanks, hon. :-)

    Hermione -- he does indeed!

    Dave -- glad you liked it, sweets.