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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank you

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful comments, on this blog and privately, that I've received since I put up the clips last week. It's been extremely gratifying for both of us to read them.

I'm sure they weren't everyone's cup of tea. There may be people who aren't commenting because they found them too intense or personal. And on the flip side, I'll bet there are some (you know, the ones who really, really like severity) who are thinking, "Jeeezus, what was she bawling about? That was nothing." Ah well... can't please everyone. But I'm happy that so many people appreciated what we did.

New Guy put the video up in its entirety on his FetLife page (it turned out to be 17 minutes total). He got several comments over the weekend, all of them positive except for one. One guy wrote the following:

Well Lady, I feel sorry for you if you can put up with crap like that. He made you cry and that tells me you really did not enjoy that one bit.

Oh, give me a break. Talk about completely missing the point!
I wanted to see who our detractor was, so I checked out his profile. Turns out he's 72 years old, a retired truck driver, and his profile picture is him naked except for a ball cap that looks like the American flag and a multi-colored thong.
Pass me the brain bleach. :-Þ
Part of me found his cluelessness amusing and another part wanted to tear him a new one. I dialed it back, of course, since I do endeavor to be somewhat polite, even when I'm being bitchy. But I couldn't resist replying with this:
Well, Man, I guarantee you have no reason to feel sorry for me. My tears were born of trust, and I was in the best of hands. Now please do us all a favor and go put some clothes on.
Snarky? Yup. Hey, I had a humbling session... I didn't have a personality overhaul. :-D
I showed the video to John yesterday. He was quite impressed -- a couple of times, he murmured, "Damn, he's good!" When NG apologized for the high stroke, John laughed a little and then said, "Wow, what a great top." I thought I'd be kind of uncomfortable watching it with him, but I wasn't. He said more than once that NG should do videos; the professional and paying kind, not just the little ones we do. I wholeheartedly agree, but I respect his reservations in that area. I'm just happy he wants to make them with me. :-)
Anyway... tomorrow is Monday once again. Anyone been following that insipid song "Friday" that went viral on YouTube? If you don't want to bother watching the video (and I don't blame you), it's a 'tween girl named Rebecca Black singing about the joys of Friday and looking forward to the weekend. It's been parodied and ridiculed all over the place.
I feel my own parody coming on... "Monday, Monday, gotta get spanked on Monday..." Or not. I may get punished again if I do it. (snicker)
Stay tuned for tomorrow night's festivities.


  1. Erica,
    I hope you do not mind but I referred my readers to your clips that evening. I felt it was important for those people who read mine to know what it was all about. I highly doubt my husband will ever concede to sharing something that he considers so personal between us the way that you did, and I admire you for it, especially as it was a learning experience for you, and those are often the hardest to share.
    I agree, NG is an excellent top..and he should make movies. Can I be in one? Or at least write the screen play?

  2. Hola Chica! It's been a good weekend! Had a photoshoot today at a horse show, and "my client won, YAY!"

    "Pass the brain bleach"??.. hahaha! God you're funny! Those yahoos that you run into are killin' me! It was all I could do to restrain myself from responding to that jerk.. but I kept myself in check. God knows how.. LOL

    That video.. "Friday" -- OMG! 81,647,780 views!! That's just crazy!! And now I can't get that silly little tune outta my head! ROFL - Thanks! LOL

    So when you putting up the "It's Monday, Monday" video? I can make myself available to be the friend holding up NG's right hand .. just sayin'. If you intersperse that with some funny blooper spanking clips.. that's damn sure to go viral and you'd be makin' boo-coo-bucks on Itunes right now. (grinz) ♥

  3. Your VERY welcome my Erica :-) i alway's enjoy reading about your Monday night festivities, i know NG is a VERY good top but i think John is just as good of a top as NG, I would love to be spanked otk by both of them, at seperate time's of course hehehe LOL. You should also tell that old guy to eat some prune's hehehe i am such a naughty girl. YOU,NG AND JOHN ALL ROCK, Love and hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  4. Emily -- no, I don't mind at all; I'm flattered. You wanna make a video with NG? Hey, maybe he should hire me as his agent. :-D

    Zelle -- LOL! Not gonna happen, hon. I can't sing. Isn't that song AWFUL? "partyin' partyin', YEAH! partyin' partyin', YEAH!" (ducking)

    I thought my comment to that underdressed yahoo was tastefully restrained, no? (snickers)

    Jade -- you're certainly right; they're both wonderful. :-)

  5. Love the brain bleach comment...and I am also left with quite a vivid picture of a 72 year old man, with a THONG!! (somehow in my mind I have got as a bright pink neon colour)....sometimes the imagination takes over to an extend I rather wish it would not.



  6. Raven -- it wasn't a pretty sight, let me tell you. I suppose some will think I'm being mean here... but hey, he started it. :-Þ

  7. Erica,

    You are a very brave person, and you have the fortitude of any five people I know. I couldn't even begin to match the bravery you have shown in your willingness to share something so personal with us. I can't think of one thing I've done to deserve your trust and openness.

    Maybe one day I might have an opportunity to share how I might have handled the situation.
    But then again I'm sure you don't need yet another uninformed opinion of questionable value.

    Hold on...let me get my ball cap and thong before I open my big mouth any further so I can put both feet in it!

    Hang in there!

  8. Erica,

    Love the "brain bleach" comment. You were very civil through your sarcasm. Hehehe! Point made and, well, who cares how he took it. Some young hunk might look good that way. Not at 72! I can see the flab now. LOL I guess he is either all guts or no sense at all to be in the buff. Maybe he needs to run some Oxyclean through his ears!

    Oh, and that excuse for a song....I didn't bother getting all the way though it. I will say she has a good voice if she would sing some good songs.

    Back to "Monday, Monday, so good to me. Monday, Monday was all I hoped it would be...Cause Monday mornin' Monday mornin' could guarentee, that Monday evenin' he would be here with me.........

  9. Got around to watching the videos and they're quite good. Intense, sure, but the way you introduced them put the whole thing in context and made the event a good experience (I think).

    NG looks pretty hot in the suit (you lucky girl) and I'm sure he'd be a hit in future videos.

  10. AP -- I honestly don't consider myself that brave, but thank you.

    Bobbie Jo -- you know, even the hunkiest of hunks wouldn't look good in that multi-colored thong he was wearing. (shudder)

    Anonymous -- ah well... I guess the masses hoping for the next spanking male superstar will have to be content with our amateur productions. :-)

  11. LOL! LOL! LOL!

    I am NOT one to ever initiate a criticism at other spankos, HOWEVER...if thong man or someone else ever sent a direct cheap shot or negative comment to me, I'd surely find a way to burst his bubble. :)

    And call me a snob, but I HATE teenage pop songs. Anytime a video airs on tv or song on the radio, it's history!

    Enjoy your waning pain free sitting pleasure this afternoon. Ha! Ha!

  12. Kelly -- well, then I'm a snob too. I don't like them either. And the Justin Bieber craze has me grinding my teeth.

  13. LOL!!

    I didn't see what color thong man had on so if it was irridecent green with pink and purple pokadots, then I can't see any good looking hunk touching it. (snark)

  14. Erica, I'm a little late on this, but I wanted to write you a comment nonetheless. I'm not into any form of real life punishment or discipline, but I'm always interested in how these things work for others. And the clips you posted were very touching indeed.

    The idea of combining spanking with telling the spankee how much one loves her (or him) and how much one cares resonates a lot with me, anyway. What I liked most about the clip was the moment when NG apologized for that high stroke. It was obvious that his apology came absolutely naturally and that he didn't have to think for a second about it.

    To my mind it was very brave to post these clips. I'm very open about my fears, weaknesses and personal thoughts in my writing, but I think I wouldn't be comfortable with publishing such an intimate scene on video for everyone to see. So, thanks a lot for sharing this!

  15. Kaelah -- it's never too late for one of your thoughtful comments.

    I'm not into "real" discipline either, honestly. But this was such a unique situation and the perfect opportunity to explore that realm, for both of us.

    Despite my openness about who I am, I know there are still those out there who think I'm all about sarcasm and sass and spanking insatiability and so forth. If this video showed them otherwise, it was worth it for that reason alone, among the many others. :-)

  16. If your video clips showed a sign of Erica not being snarky or sarcastic (and I think they did), it was definitely worth the effort. Those of us who are fans already know that there is another side to ERICA ♥.

    You have received so many beautiful comments from so many people--Not that it is any surprise--there is little that I can add that is new. Just another thank-you for revealing your most tender self to us outsiders.

  17. Dana -- you guys aren't outsiders. :-) And thank you. I am so grateful for the comments and I appreciate my friends so much.

  18. I liked your clips Erica. They are the nearest thing to what I want to see in spanking videos.

  19. Malcolm -- thanks; I'm glad you liked them.

  20. I like the person you reveal in your fearless comments about yourself. You come across as so human, a unique individual, so strong that you are unafraid to be vulnerable.

  21. Anonymous -- wow. Thank you so much. :-)