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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some days, I feel really great

This, however, is not one of them.

I took down the cover photo blog; it was a mistake to put it up. I got over-eager and posted pictures that were of poor quality and that was pointless. As things stand now, I have nearly 200 photos, some of them quite good and a lot of them not so hot, and I need to look through them very carefully. I had my mind fixated on a horizontal shot, but Zelle made the excellent point that a horizontal shot on a vertical cover often leaves too much empty space and isn't as eye-catching. So I need to rethink that as well. Things are always more complicated than they seem. Or maybe I just make them that way.

I'm feeling tired and blech and hypersensitive today and I don't know why. Well, I sorta do, but I don't feel like being a Wendy Whiner, so I'm going to keep it to myself and deal with it. This too shall pass.

Think of pleasant things. It's my favorite kind of day outside -- cloudy. I have a nice new haircut. I get to see my sweetheart tomorrow.

So there's this woman throwing herself all over New Guy on FetLife, benevolently offering to make room on her busy schedule and reward him by freeing up her Monday nights for him. Monday nights? The nerve! Is it a bad thing that I feel like pulling her hair? :-) Chalk it up to my rotten mood. Tomorrow, I'll find it quite amusing.

I usually go to the gym on Thursdays and take a class, but I think, with this everyone-is-in-my-&#$%ing-way mood I'm in, I should stay home and exercise here instead.

Anyone know where I could get a shirt with this on it?


  1. you actually are, you know - a ray of... well at least for us, your readers, who chuckle along in empathy. i say make yourself a big, fat chocolate milkshake and get back into bed. it works for me every time!

  2. ck -- I'm glad I'm able to elicit empathy and chuckles, rather than the urge to tell me to STFU. :-D Mmmmm... chocolate! Good idea.

  3. Erica

    Okay...I was actually going to put myself into bed, feeling all lonely and miserable, not wanting to be here, but in the UK.

    Then I saw the icon (your badge) appearing on my blog, and I burst out laughing.

    I am sorry that you are having a not so good day - but at least you have made my end of the day absolutely perfect!



  4. Raven -- hugs back! Glad I could cheer you up. I figure if I'm going to get a good bitch on, I might as well be funny about it.

  5. Hello Erica i am VERY sorry that your having such a crummy day :-( that make's me feel bad. You know i am ALWAYS here for you if you need to talk i am a good listener :-) I hope you got my Easter card today because that would cheer you up a little? Chocolate is alway's good here is my suggestion a scoop of chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and chocolate chip's, Doesn't that sound YUMMY or what hehehe. Big Hug's and lot's of Love to you from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. Hiya, Toots!

    I know what you mean about the confusion of creative choices for a cover, but it will be an easier process when you're not fatigued and "under attack."

    Wasn't Wendy Whiner a recurring "Laugh-In" character? Nah, I guess not.

    Meanwhile, a big hug to you, and I'll put the link back in for the Perfect Erica Song!

  7. Oh, wait!! The Whiners were on SNL! They had DIVERTICULIIIIIITISS!

    I'm stealing that button, too.

  8. Jade -- I DID get your Easter card today, sweetie! It's so cute! :-) It's hard to be grumpy when you're looking at cute bunnies.

    Wolfie -- oh, thanks for putting the link back! I love that song. :-D Mmmmm.... nope, don't remember WW on Laugh-In. OMG, Laugh-In... I feel old!

  9. LOL... our comments crossed. Yup, SNL had the Whiners, and the Wydettes, too!

  10. *Steals the button as well* Sorry you had a rough morning I really hope it got better for you.

  11. This post reminds me of a photo I've had saved for awhile. I'll trot it out here...

  12. Cookie -- I did feel better after I worked out, thanks. :-)

    Pink -- HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that's perfect!

  13. You crack me up! ROFL .. I do hope you've consoled yourself by now .. with something decadent.. like .. "John". (weg)

  14. For your t-shirt..when you get it made, will you send ME one!
    I'd wear it quite often, and in my little neck of the woods, it would get incredibly rave reviews...well...erm..not really. But it sure would be fun!
    Hope your mood has been somewhat cheered by all your lovely friends above. They sure do love you!

  15. Zelle -- unfortunately, John had a godawful week and his mood wasn't much better! (sigh)

    Emily -- of course you may have one of my shirts. I like to spread the sunshine. :-)

  16. Oh dear.. sounds like you need a "pick-up-game"! In sports, a pick-up game is a game that has been spontaneously started by a group of players. I think this week would be a good week for you to drop "The Villain" a note.. and see if he can fill in 'those gaps' for ya. (smiles)