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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Some days...

... I feel like a really heavy-duty scene, laden with implements, pushing me to the edge and making the pent-up stress come bursting through my pores.

Yesterday wasn't one of those days.

We both felt like a mellower scene, a simple but intense hand spanking, no implements. It was delicious. Sass was at a minimum, but he did manage to call me "Your Heinie-ness" at some point. (I'm sure he's not the first to coin that. I'm not a huge fan of the term, but that made me laugh.)

We didn't do anything fancy with photos, either, just a selfie or two on the couch. (Why am I getting a red squiggle under "selfie"? Get with it, Blogger. It's a word. It's officially in the dictionary.) I'm particularly fond of this one, poor quality and all:

And speaking of segues (I wasn't, but I'm about to make one): Can someone please explain to me why feet are considered so fascinating? OK, I get the foot fetish thing, but I would think that would be more like nice feet with polished toes in some really sexy shoes. But plain bare feet? What's the deal? 

Steve (and others in the past) have said that it's fun to watch my feet during a scene, because they are apparently very active. They twitch, they curl, they rub up against each other. I am not aware of any of this. Yesterday, Steve took two pictures of my feet. Said he just had to capture them, because they looked so cute. Really? My feet?? Personally, I don't think they're all that sexy. When you've been walking on something for 57 years, it's bound to look a bit hard ridden. But thank goodness for a bit of softening and changing it to black and white.

I thought about posting the above on FetLife for the foot folks, but then changed my mind. There's this one guy who seemingly spends his days combing FL for pictures of feet and commenting on them. And it's always the same thing, again and again and again, with minor variations: "You have such beautiful wrinkled soles." "I love your sexy wrinkled soles." "I wish I could kiss those wrinkled soles." I swear, sometimes I feel like if I read that one more time, I'm going to plant my wrinkled sole right on his ass. Dude... get a clue. Nothing with the word "wrinkled" in it is a compliment to a woman. Unless you're cooing to your female Shar-Pei.

So last week I was jammed with work, and this week I have zero. I guess it's my opportunity to Get Stuff Done. Funny how I can never think of the Stuff I so urgently need to Get Done when I have time for it. Happy hump day.


  1. Erica, it might come as a surprise to you. Every part of the human body be it male or female, some one likes it sexually. Yes, be it from head to toe, the human being gets off it a sexually. Erica talking about TOES. Pardon the PUN. When someone stepped on your toe doing the HORA, was that painfully HORific for you, XXX Luv ya

  2. I'm in need of a heavier scene but...not sure when that'll happen. :-/

    As for feet, I had a few friends growing up that were terrified of feet coming anywhere near them. To each his/her own.

  3. Six -- it was! I was wearing open-toed shoes, and a sharp high heel landed right on my big toe. I had to leave the dance floor and run to the restroom, because I was bleeding.

    Jay -- I've had some really nice foot massages from men who love feet. But when they start with the biting and the licking, I get a little squicked!

  4. Call me stubborn and self centered, but since I derive ZERO pleasure at the sight of my feet, I could not indulge another person's wish to "worship" mine. I actually don't pay attention to other peoples' feet unless I like their tennis shoes or a sexy pair of boots they're wearing.

    Yeah I knew of one FL member who loves "feets" every bit as much as he loves bums.

  5. Kelly -- I'll tell you when I was grateful for foot fetishists; back in the day when John and I used to go to dungeon parties, and I wore fetish-y high-heeled shoes that made my feet hurt. After an evening of standing on those damn things, I was more than happy to have the foot guys massage my feet! :-D

  6. So last post you showed us a wonderful picture of you, stunning and now, a long serious hand spanking on the, lovely, honest and true spanko you are.....nothing is better totally than a hand spanking, I know some of the implements are wonderful but back to basics of a hand spanking, long and hard. Heaven.
    Amazing lady you are and beautiful as well.

  7. Ron -- heaven indeed! I love a firm hand.

  8. "Nothing with the word "wrinkled" in it is a compliment to a woman. Unless you're cooing to your female Shar-Pei."

    This made me laugh so hard I nearly choked!! I love reading your blog, finally worked up the courage to comment. :)

  9. I love both photos! I kind of like feet, they can be very expressive and photogenic, even without the manicured nails.

    Just wanted to say a quick hello. With school back in session, I'm back in homeschooling mode and my blog reading time has been cut to moments i can escape, and it doesnt leave much time for comments. But you're officially my favorite. Happy late birthday to John.

  10. Brat -- thank you! Oh boy, homeschooling. No "me time" for you, huh?

  11. I have no foot fetishes at all. I’m not interested in feet for their own sake, but they can sure add a lot to a spanking. If I’m spanking a girl, or just watching, I really enjoy seeing her kicking her feet and legs around in the air. When I spank a woman I always have her take her shoes off right at the beginning. I always want her barefoot. And I will position her in such a way, and deliver the kind of smacks, I think we’ll get her feet and legs moving. I have thought about why I like this so much for a while and have come up with a couple of theories. The female pelvis is proportional wider than the male of course, and her hips are hinged further part. She can do things with her feet and legs a man can’t do. Maybe that conveys a feeling of female sexuality. And the feminine foot is different from its masculine counterpart. Any teenage girl who’s been taking ballet for three months can dance on point. Even professional male ballet dancers can’t do that, and imagine a man trying to wear a woman’s high-heeled shoe. Maybe this is just an expression of womanhood which heats up a spanking. Or maybe it goes even deeper. I wonder, is it a throwback to our primitive ancestors, back to a time when evolution was driving maximum procreation in order to preserve the species. Everybody wanted to pass on their genes. I can think of a cavewoman saying hey cave guys , look at me, look what I can do, see I have good hips and a nice wide pelvis. I’d be really great and having babies. And of course evolution would have programmed the males to find that attractive. I don’t know maybe it’s built into our nature or maybe I’m just a pervert, but either way it’s a super turn on for me.

  12. Anonymous -- I see you've given this a lot of thought. And actually, I've seen my share of men wearing high-heeled shoes. ;-)

  13. Hi Erica -- I Love your pics :-) I think your feet are ADORABLE :-) I laughed when you said about the female shar -pei :-) You are too funny. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade