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Sunday, October 19, 2014

How cool is this!!

Last week was certainly a bounty for my little attention-whore heart. First, the release of my video with Pandora Blake (and her lovely write-up about it). And then on Friday, a very special treat was posted.

For those who enjoy spanking videos and clips, you surely must be familiar with The Spanking Galleries ( (And if you aren't, do rectify that.) They have a huge collection of photos, descriptions and links to all kinds of spanking videos, every orientation, with stars from Adriana Evans to Zoe Montana. Recently, the folks who run the site (sorry, but "The Curator" must remain anonymous) contacted me and said they were starting to do "Model Spotlight" pages, and they wanted yours truly to be the first one. Daaaaamn!

He/she/they requested that I go through my photo archives and select 10-12 photos that I thought were a good representation of my years in the spanking scene. Not just the professional film shots, but my own personal play shots as well. This was no easy feat, since I have hundreds of pictures. I lost myself in memories for a while, digging up stuff I hadn't looked at in years. But I finally managed to narrow things down to what I thought was a reasonably varied mix, wrote up a little description/caption for each one, and sent them on.

And, combined with lovely, complimentary words of tribute, those photos became this page.

Go take a look! I'll wait.

* * * *

Isn't that awesome?? I was quite beside myself with pleasure over this; I could see a lot of work went into it and there was a lot of love and appreciation behind it. As timing would have it, the Pandora video came out just in time to get some extra attention in this piece, as well. 

Please take a look at some of the other pages, and if you like the videos/models/etc., take a second and hit the Ratings stars (one through five) at the top of each entry. (Good ratings are not only a nice thing and much appreciated, but they also help cancel out the haters who love to drop in on sites like this one and hit one star, just to be mean.)

So thank you, Spanking Galleries. So much. You're the best, and I'm really tickled to bits. ♥


  1. Hi Erica -- This is totally AWESOME :-) I am so happy for you.I Love all your pics they are FANTASTIC :-) I gave you 5 stars but wish I could give you a hundred or more. You are the GREATEST :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade, AKA Emily Jean

  2. Jade -- thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

  3. Hey Miss Sassy! Those pics look fabulous!

    The Spanking Galleries is a great site. They really have done their homework covering just about every performer out there. I love the fact they don't allow for negative commentary, either.

  4. Erica, those pictures were fabulous! You're a star!


  5. The pictures are amazing, Erica! And you are just awesome! :-)

  6. Erica,
    Thank you for sharing this piece with us. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous like always!
    Kristen NJ

  7. Kelly -- that was the first thing I noticed, that comments are disabled! Just as well, with all the critics out there.

    Hermione -- yup, I'm just a big ball of hot gas! ;-)

    Jay -- you're sweet. :-)

    Kristen -- thanks! I had forgotten about a lot of these. I figured the schoolgirl one was worth a few giggles.

  8. Erica,

    Your pictures are gorgeous.


  9. What can I say that everyone else hasn't already is a great retrospective of a great person. And the school girl is a giggle

  10. D, Ronnie, Don -- thank you! :-)

  11. Clearly, you wrote History.

  12. MrJ -- ancient history, clearly. :-)

  13. I'm way to vanilla I guess. Great photos. My favorite photo is your smile with your book. Jon

    PS I'm jealous. The girl in those photos isn't aging, no matter what you said about yourself awhile ago. IMHO

  14. Jon -- oh, but I am, trust me. I only let you see what I want you to see. For every photo I put up, there are 20 that I delete.

  15. Erica, you chose a fine collections of photos for her to display on Spanking Galleries. Of course you might guess, which ones I like the most.. XXX Luv ya

  16. You didn't wait, did you? Fantastic! Congrats!

  17. Craig -- of course I waited. You know I have an infinite supply of patience.


  18. That is awesome. You had quite the week last week. Are you still on cloud 9?

  19. KB -- I really did, didn't I? Nah, this week is back to reality!