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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Dreams" shoot!

Plus lots more fun with Alex and Pandora, and Paul too!

Pandora was shooting with Clare Fonda and others yesterday, so I came by Alex and Paul's house at 5:00 to hang out with them until Pandora returned, which was around 6:00. We chatted for a bit, then got down to the business of shooting. I say "business" tongue in cheek, because for me, it's pure joy.

We decided to go with Kelly's suggestion: Paul's a workaholic, and I'm his woefully neglected mate, trying desperately to get his attention by dressing up in sexy lingerie. When that fails and I can't get him to tear his eyes away from the damned report he's brought home, I tear up the report. I then get plenty of attention, but not the kind I wanted.

What a fun scene that was. I don't know when Pandora will be releasing it on Dreams of Spanking, or what it will be called, so I don't want to give too many details away. Suffice it to say that we had some spirited dialogue and lots of spanking -- hand, hairbrush and strap. I had never played with Paul before, but I'd always wanted to; I'd watched him with others, I had always liked him, so it felt like a very natural progression and we bantered with ease. 

Here I am, in typical Erica "righteous indignation" mode. And will you look at Paul's face!! Yum!

I had misunderstood one of Pandora's directions: she'd asked us to shoot another minute of hairbrush spanking footage, with "no talking." But by that, she meant no pauses for dialogue, just action. I took that literally, and I was dead silent for close to a full minute. After that flurry, Pandora said, "Erica, it's OK to say 'ow' and fuss," and I cried, "Oh, no! I thought you wanted me to be quiet!" We all had a good laugh, as it was probably the first time in my filming history that no sound came out of me for that long! I was game to reshoot the minute, complete with fussing.

I was grateful to be in scanty lingerie, as I quickly grew warm and sweaty with the action and with the A/C being turned off. But otherwise, I was exhilarated, and sorry to see the clip come to an end! They turned the A/C back on, Paul got me a large tumbler of water without my even asking, and we shot some stills before I put my clothes back on. After that, Alex and Pandora shot a brief scene for Northern Spanking, with Paul on camera. I sat and watched, and somehow, I managed to keep myself from laughing hysterically at some of their dialogue. But I had to clamp both hands over my mouth!

After that, we sat around chatting for a while, and then it was time for a late dinner. I suggested Jerry's Deli, even though it wasn't super close, because they stay open past midnight, and it was now about 9:30 -- plus they have a huge menu and there would be something to please everyone. They agreed, and we headed there. Paul insisted on paying for my dinner, which I thought was lovely. We had a great time, eating and yakking and enjoying that post-shoot euphoria we all seem to get. Our dishes varied: breakfast for Alex, salad and sweet potato fries for Pandora, cheesesteak sandwich for Paul and a bowl of soup (with wonderful fresh rye bread) for me. I was starting to wind down and get sleepy, but wasn't ready for the evening to end just yet.

Back at Alex and Paul's, we had a glass of wine and talked some more. I need to mention Alex's kitties. She has two, both of them sweet, beautiful boys. One of them is an angel kitty -- very mellow, loves everyone, loves to be petted. The other? Well, he definitely has his own agenda. He too loves attention, but it has to be on his terms, when he wants it! If you try to give him attention when he doesn't feel like it, he has his ways of most emphatically letting you know he is displeased and you should cease and desist from annoying him. :-) 

For example, at the end of the night, Alex, Pandora and I were all sprawled on the bed, and Mr. Fussy jumped up on the bed to join us. He made his way over to my left side and curled up against me, so I started to pet him and scratch his ears. He snuggled and purred, rubbing against me, and every time I stopped petting, he nudged my hand for more. So adorable! This went on for several minutes. Until His Highness decided he was over it, and in a split second, he reared up his head, bit my hand (not hard) and jumped off the bed in a huff. Well! I had been dismissed! I then sat up and Alex went to get me a lint roller, so I could clean off the mass quantities of kitty fur that was adorning my clothes all down my left side. I really should have taken a couple of pictures of the cats, since they're both so cute and photogenic. But there will be other opportunities.

It was midnight -- Alex and Paul were marvelous hosts, but I knew they were tired, and that I really should head out so everyone could get some sleep. So hard to go, though! We all shared massive hugs, and Pandora took a selfie of the two of us.

Such lovely people, all three of them. ♥

Busy with work today, but of course I had to take some time out to catch up here. And in a couple of hours, Steve is coming over. I'm definitely getting more than my usual amount of attention this week! :-) Makes up for not going to BBW, which is this weekend.

Alex & Paul, love you and see you soon, I hope! Pandora, you are amazing and I'm so very happy I got to meet you, work with you and hang out with you. Please do come back to us again soon!


  1. Love those soft, painless hairbrushes!

    1. It's mine, and a hard, wooden, stinging one! Definitely not painless. It's made me cry on more than a few occasions!

    2. You can tell that from one picture? Good psychic skills! Except that actually we gave Erica a choice between three wooden hairbrushes, none of them exactly a picnic, and she bravely chose the heaviest one. She was only doing one scene that day and she wanted it to count. This courage is one of the many reasons that she is a much-loved spanking performer - whereas you, sir, are a fuckwit.

  2. Tom -- uhhhh, no. I actually could have gone with a much lighter hairbrush (we had three to choose from), but it had that hollow sound upon impact and I knew that everyone would know it was wimpy! :-) I have my pride, you know.

  3. LOL!!!!
    I would have died laughing on the spot watching you film the scene when you actually tear up the report. Apparently Paul didn't find it so comical. :)
    I'm sorry I KNOW it shouldn't be funny but when His Highness bit you, I laughed reading about that since he's cute regardless.

  4. Kelly -- he IS really cute, which is why the little poop can get away with it! :-)

  5. Working with you was such fun and so easy, thank you! Alex & I look forward to seeing you again very soon. And I'm still finding bits of that report!!

  6. Paul -- Ha! And here I thought I picked it all up. Oh, well... ;-)

  7. Hi Erica -- I am so happy for you, that you got to shoot with Paul :-) The expression on your face is PRICELESS LOL :-) That kitty sounds so cute and funny.I Love the selfie pic of you and Pandora,It's so CUTE :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  8. Jade -- thanks. We had lots of fun.

  9. Love you in lingerie, well done and of course the brush....thanks

  10. Erica, thank you for wearing garter-belt and stockings in your latest SPANKING SHOOT-OUT with PANDORA. and the rest of the SPANGING GANG. I notice that PANDORA often wears that type of outfit in her shoot-outs. For me they spell SEX with a capital S. And you look EXQUISITE in them. It sure must have been a DREAM SHOOT-OUT for you all. P.S. As for doing CROSSWORD PUZSLES. I stick with a PENCIL, For I am not an EXPERT WORDSMITH like YOU.

  11. Ron -- thank you.

    Six -- you're welcome. I wanted the extra-sexy look.