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Monday, November 11, 2013

Love Our Lurkers 8 -- who wants to say hello?

In just 90 minutes, it will be 11/12/13, the official date of Love Our Lurkers, in its 8th year. The brainchild of our brilliant Bonnie (of My Bottom Smarts), LOL Day is the time when several of us bloggers join to express our appreciation to our readers. We also extend an invitation to the shy ones, the ones who read faithfully but never quite have the nerve to post a comment, to step up, take a deep breath and say hello.

I don't bite, I promise. I rant, rave, snark, and bitch on occasion, but no biting. :-) I love my readers, and I love comments. So please, if you'd like, leave me a comment for LOL Day. It doesn't have to be epic; it's not a performance or a competition. Just an invitation to "de-lurk," as it were.

And of course, as always, the non-lurkers/regular commenters are welcome to join in!

I see you back there... come on out....


  1. I know I have definitely visited here, but I don't think I hav left a comment here before :)

    Joined your blog a long time ago, but not sure if I've had the pleasure of commenting here before :)

    Happy LoL Day!
    # MrBBSpanker

  2. Erica,

    Happy LOL day.

    I sometimes lurk:) but always enjoy stopping by.


  3. Hi Dear. I'm not a lurker but just wanted to say hi anyway.



  4. Brilliant, for sure. What other event gets so many of us willing to visit each other and chat despite our differences? I haven't commented in a while, but I'm still a fan.

  5. Despite all of my bad grammar and awful spelling, Hippy LOL, Diy.


  6. Hi Erica,

    Happy LOL 8 day! I don't consider myself a lurker here; more like one of the family.


  7. Happy L8L, Erica you have a very cute butt, gratz.

  8. Happy LOL day Erica... love your blog. xoxo

  9. Confessing my lurker status lol

    Happy LoL Day Erica!

  10. Happy LOL Day Erica! We've visited before, but not sure we've ever said hello. It's great to meet you!

    -Clint and Chelsea
    Learning Domestic Discipline

  11. I read every post, Erica. It's rare that I comment, but I love following your story. You were one of the first people to welcome me to the scene, and I've always been grateful.

  12. Hardly a lurker as I pass by every day. Enjoy yourself today.

  13. Happy Love Our Lurkers Day, Erica!

  14. Not exactly a lurker either...but Happy LoL Day, Erica!


  15. Happy LOL Day, beautiful! <3 I definitely comment way less than I should. If it's any consolation, yours is like one out of 4 blogs I actually look at consistently. :P

  16. Hi, Erica! I want to say Hello! I know it says Anonymous but I'm Samantha. I've only ever de-lurked at one site before this one. That was at Devlin O'Neill's site almost one year ago. I wanted you to know that I come here all the time and love your site! I'll try to get myself to comment again.

  17. Erica, what a beautiful pillow, your spanked bare bottom makes. I would have such pleasant dreams, if my pillow was so warm and tender. Please allow me such a sexual dream forever more. XXX Luv ya.

  18. Stopping by to say hello. Happy LOL day!

  19. Hi Erica --Happy LOL day, I am definitely not a Lurker, I comment on your blog all the time :-) Cute pic <3 Hope your having a GREAT day my WONDERFUL friend. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  20. Hi Erica,
    Happy LOL day from a very dedicated lurker. Your candor has encouraged me to be more open in my spanking life with the result that things just keep on getting better every day. So huge thanks to you and everyone else in the kinky blogging community

  21. I'm sure I qualify as a lurker. I've been reading your blog for about a year and a half. I love your honesty and your sharp wit. You have done a lot to put a very human face on this kink we share. Thank you for all your work.

  22. Happy LOL Day, Erica! I think it's been awhile since I have commented, so I am delurking!

  23. Happy LOL Day, Erica! I don't know that I've ever actually commented on your blog, but it's always been one of my favorites. You are a class act all around :)

  24. Ok, I admit it. I mostly lurk but I do have you on my blogroll and I stop by often.

  25. Happy LOL Day Erica!
    This is my first ever comment :) I’ve been reading here for a while now, but I’ve always just lurked before. I love your blog! It’s so fun. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and thanks, and you should definitely keep on writing :)

  26. Happy LOL Day Erica. I left one of my first comments ever on your blog and you made me feel comfortable immediately. I appreciate the way you reply to every comment. Inspired by you, I committed to doing the same and I am glad I did.


  27. Happy LOL! This is only the second time I've delurked but I've been reading your blog for a year or so. Love your wit and writing and spanking tales. Yours is one of my daily read blogs.


  28. Guilty as charged, but can't keep away from your incredible wit and (s)ass


  29. I'm gonna lurk behind you with my Red Twizzlers..

    Wait.. maybe that's stalking...



  30. Happy LOL Day, Erica!

    I'll admit to being one of your lurkers!
    Love your videos too!

  31. Hi Erica - I am a long time lurker. Love you, your blog and your videos. The best of everything!!

  32. Happy LOL Day! You know I love ya. ;-)

  33. Just lurking away. Have to comment on LOL day. Won't happen again. Caddydlr

  34. Happy LOL Day, Erica. Not a lurker but don't comment nearly as much as I should. Oh, and that part about you not biting. Really?

  35. (taking a deep breath)

    MrBB -- thanks for being the first commenter! :-)

    Ronnie -- always happy to see you!

    Natasha -- I'm glad you did. :-)

    Ana -- LOL Day really is the best, isn't it?

    Prefectd -- s'OK, you're still welcome. :-)

    Hermione -- you ARE family. :-)

    Paolo -- thanks.

    DJ -- same to you!

    OFG -- thanks, sweetie.

    chickadee -- yay! Welcome.

    Clint & Chelsea -- great to meet you as well. :-)

    Kaki -- thanks!

    Jada -- it was very easy to welcome you. :-)

    Michael -- I did! All these comments were fun.

    Ludwig -- and the same to you and Kaelah!

    Chross -- good to see you. :-)

    Beth -- you do make me smile when you comment! :-D

    Samantha -- thank you so much, and welcome.

    Six -- only if you like a firm pillow. ;-)

    Zoe -- hello to you!

    Jade -- thank you, dear. :-)

    Don -- great to hear! Welcome to you.

    KellyP -- you're so welcome, and thank YOU.

    Corinne -- *clapping hands and smiling*

    Ellee -- you're a doll. :-)

    Rollin -- I do remember you!

    Laura -- so happy you decided to jump in!

    joey -- well, you know, I learned that from Bonnie, and I passed it on. :-)

    Ariel -- very happy to hear that. :-)

    Tye -- (grinning) glad you enjoy both.

    otkd -- ruh roh....

    Katherine -- aw, thanks!

    Anonymous -- I have the best readers too! :-D

    Lea -- back atcha. :-)

    Caddydlr -- awwww... well, see ya next year?

    Michael -- nibble, maybe. ;-)

    WHEW! Hope I didn't skip anyone. Wow... thanks to all. A perfect blend of old and new friends. ♥

  36. Love your blog Erica and am a faithful reader :)

    - Meaghan

  37. Catching up on all the LOL posts.
    Just wanted to say hello and say that I truly appreciate your blog (when I have time to read it)!

    I wouldn't consider myself a lurker, more like an occasional visitor who is slow on witty comments.

  38. Hi Erica.
    Just about half way through your book late bloomer.can not put it down a very heart feeling and truth it.just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading it

  39. Robert -- I'm so glad; thank you. :-)