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Monday, November 25, 2013

A bit more "Big Bang" spanking

Last Thursday, my very favorite sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, had another Sheldon/Amy hand-to-bottom encounter. This time it was a one-smacker, but equally as hilarious as the spanking Sheldon gave Amy last season for faking being sick because she loved his attention. (If by some chance you haven't seen that, it's here.)

This time, we find the gang having Thanksgiving dinner, and Sheldon forming an unlikely bond with Howard's good-ole-boy father-in-law. They proceed to get drunk together and Sheldon is so obnoxious and rude to Howard, Amy finally demands that he apologize. He does so, sheepishly, then smiles blearily at Amy, saying "Ain't she great?" Amy ducks her head, clearly pleased, and then Sheldon adds, "Now how about getting us both another beer!" and sends her off with one resounding wallop on her bottom. She lurches forward, then giddily stumbles into the kitchen, looking back with a shocked but priceless smile on her face. Sheldon meets her glance with a smirk and a nod.

Perfection. Damn, I love this show.

I tried to find a clip of this, but could not. Perhaps Chross can.

EDIT: I love my friends! Thank you, Nancy and Bonnie. Here it is!

In other news, Steve and I have decided to switch our date to Tuesdays, since we end up switching there a lot of the time anyway. So stay tuned.



  2. Thanks for sharing that. I'm going to have to start watching that show.


  3. Erica, talking of TV shows. Did you see on the educational channel, the Mark Twain Award given to Carol Burnett. Excellent show, where she is honored by her co-stars and friends. Also a serious of shows called Masters of Sex. The story of Masters and Johnson on their renowned and controversial sex survey.

  4. Love it!


  5. Nancy -- thank you so much! :-D

    Hermione -- it's such a great show, truly. Brilliant writing.

    Six -- no, I missed the Burnett show, sadly. And I can't watch Masters of Sex, because I don't get that cable channel. Perhaps when it comes on Netflix.

    Bonnie -- oooh, you found an even longer clip! :-D

  6. Erica, I love Big Bang Theory. I saw on the preview that Sheldon gave Amy a swat on her bottom so was looking forward to watching to see what happened. I love the way the expression on her face changed from surprise after he swatted her to that smirk.

  7. Kaki -- ha! I hadn't seen the preview, so it was a complete surprise. They both handled it so perfectly.

  8. Thanks for sharing, nice one.


  9. Hi Erica -- This is so funny LOL :-) Thanks for sharing, Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  10. Wow - This is so dead on. Thanks Erica!
    Personally, I would love to see Bernadette get spanked.

  11. Jade -- glad you liked it.

    Enzo -- you know, tiny as she is, I see Bernadette more as a top!

  12. I don't regular watch that show but that's a very funny clip. :-)

  13. Lea -- it does stand on its own even without knowing the characters!