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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Here I am on Thanksgiving Day, having a quiet moment of reflection. Actually, it's going to be an entire day of quiet, because I am spending Thanksgiving by myself.

By choice. No one feel bad for me. No one. This is what I want.

Y'all know I used to love Thanksgiving, back when my mother used to prepare the feast and we had a fun and festive time. But those days are over, and now (to me), Thanksgiving is simply a large meal, and I don't really care about it.

John is very understanding and I appreciate it. I know he secretly wishes I would join him -- he went to his mother's assisted-living facility today, with one of his sisters and his niece, to have TG there. I'd do it if I could, but I simply cannot. I'm done with that place, and all others like it. The idea of eating a mass-produced, institutional meal in a roomful of seniors nodding into their creamed corn makes my recent experience with root canal sound like a picnic in the park. Plus, they had it at 11:30 AM. Who the hell wants to eat Thanksgiving dinner in the morning?? I will head for John's tomorrow morning and we'll spend the rest of the weekend together.

So today is just for me, where I can gather my thoughts and list my "gratefuls."

I am thankful for my beloved John...

My wonderful top Steve...

And a fabulous bunch of friends (a smattering of them below)...

I'm thankful for the wild, wonderful, maddening, drama-laden, mercurial and marvelous spanking scene. As crazy as it can be at times, it has enriched my life and brought me so much joy and fulfillment, and I've met so many people I never would have known and loved.

What else... Oh, I'm also thankful for pumpkin pie. Yes, I bought myself a slice to savor later. Because, while I can live without the dinner, pumpkin pie on TG is a must.

And speaking of eating, I'm thankful that I can finally chew on the left side of my mouth. I'd forgotten what that felt like without a spike of pain.

Also, I'm thankful that AT&T, after much squawking from me, finally fixed my landline phone yesterday afternoon. Just in time, too -- I got a notification from my cell provider today, saying that I'm about to exceed my Anytime minutes. I think I spent most of them on AT&T!

To my readers/friends/loved ones -- whatever you're doing today, celebrating or not, with family or with friends, or even on your own like me -- much love and appreciation to you. ♥


  1. Erica, I am thankful on this truly American holiday. To be an AMERICAN. To be a SENIOR. To be a SPANKO. with friends alike. And to know someone as ADORABLE as you ERICA. Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Hanukah. XXX Luv ya.

  2. Six -- thank you so much! Oh, and while channel-surfing last night, I happened to stumble upon the beginning of the Carol Burnett Mark Twain award show you'd mentioned. What fun!

    1. Erica, I thought you might like such humorous skits, coming from Carol Burnett, and her entourage,

  3. Hi Erica -- I Love that pic of you and John,It's so cute :-) I am thankful for you Erica <3 You are a very understanding and AWESOME friend :-) Wishing you and John a peaceful weekend. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  4. Pumpkin pie is totally necessary. And my only weakness at Thanksgiving! Other than some wine of course! ;-)


  5. OtkD -- pumpkin pie and stuffing. If I could eat two helpings of each, I'd be a happy woman!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Erica! Glad you had a wonderful day.

  7. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your quiet day. For the first time, I opted to do the same thing, not feeling like engaging in small talk with friends' extended family for hours. I spent a couple hours watching reruns of Modern Family, a favorite show of mine. You haven't mentioned your step father for awhile; hope he's doing okay.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Craig -- thanks! Hope you guys had a good day too.

    Pam -- I love Modern Family. Today, I watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey.

    My stepdad is, well, not happy. He sold his car because he can't drive it anymore. He basically sits in his place and watches TV, because he can't do much of anything else, not even read (his eyes are too bad). It's very sad. :-(

  9. Erica,

    Have a wonderful weekend with John.

    Never tried pumpkin pie.


  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Erica. That pie looks yummy!

    I guess I should have raided the freezer and served turkey, gravy and dressing left over from our Thanksgiving last month, but instead we had roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and Brussels sprouts.


  11. Beautiful post, hope the day was all you wanted it to be.

  12. Ronnie -- oh, it's so delicious! And I don't even like pie, but this one is an exception. :-)

    Hermione -- it was! And your dinner sounds delicious. I happen to love Brussels sprouts.

    Ron -- it was very peaceful, thanks!

  13. Glad you had a relaxing time... I was intending to spend Xmas alone, my choice - until my sis told me she has multi level spinal stenosis (horrible, like MS) so I have now "invited" myself to hers instead for the festive season :)

    Oh, and you no doubt avoided the Black Friday rush, retail outlets, one notably owned by Walmart over here in the UK have cottoned on and seeing people injured and being arrested has started a "tacky" backlash... I fear this type of sale will be here to stay :(

    I had my own Black Friday sale at my site to honor the tackiness of it... heh heh!

  14. John -- I'm so sorry about your sister! :-(

    I detest Black Friday. People behave like animals, and it's disgusting. I stay away from it all. Online is the way to go, it seems!

  15. Sounds peaceful!! I was the cook for Family Thanksgiving, so stayed pretty busy! But I love giving in such a way!

    We stayed in by the fire; it was cold!!! I did participate in Black Friday, from my living room, by the roaring fireplace, on an item that we were planning to purchase anyway for renovating and it was drastically marked down. The price wasn't enough to get me into the store on that day, tho!

  16. Sarah -- see, that's the way to do Black Friday, from home! :-D Or Cyber Monday, as it were.

  17. Sometimes a quiet day is just what is needed. Hope you enjoyed your weekend with John.

  18. Lea -- I seem to need those quiet days more than sometimes. (sigh)