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Friday, November 8, 2013


... does a girl have to do to get some attention around these parts?

Don't look for anything like that handspring. I couldn't do that even when I was her age. But sometimes I feel like I need to do something extra splashy and unique and crazy, and I'm running out of ideas. 

I had an old boss with a rather odd sense of humor. When I felt like he was piling too much work on me and never being satisfied, I'd grumble, "Geeez, what do you want from me?" And he'd answer, "I want you to stand on your head and whistle the Swedish national anthem." (How he even conceived of something that weird, I have no idea. But yeah, that wasn't happening any time soon.)

Yes, I'm grumpy. Yes, this is one of Erica's "Where is everyone?" posts. Yes, I put too much weight on how people respond to my blog. It's my little corner of the bloggy world, which is ginormous and ever growing. One has to be interesting to keep an audience, which I strive to be. Sometimes, I think I am. Other times, not so much. This is one of those times.

I posted a video on here and on FetLife this week. Yes, it's a silly video, but I thought it was fun. Apparently, the folks on Fet thought so too -- so far, I've gotten 83 "loves" and 46 comments. Here? Meh. Lukewarm. If you look at the comment numbers after the posts, they look like they're substantial. But half of them are my replies.

I posted what I thought was an interesting topic yesterday, asking for thoughts and feelings. Almost no response.

Haven't been Chrossed in two weeks. Look, I know when I have an off week and my posts are blah and non-Chross-worthy. But I thought I had some really good stuff the past couple of weeks, including a song parody, which took time and thought. I put up pictures, I put up videos. But then someone with a Tumblr blog slaps up yet another bare ass photo, nothing else, and they get the hits. Sheesh, why bother?

So, are you guys bored with my scene posts? Tired of the videos? Yawning at the pictures? I keep trying to come up with new stuff, but honestly, over the years, we've discussed every topic there is in the spanking world. I'm already reposting old stories, because I just don't have that many new ones anymore. Do I need to go in a different direction? Or is this just the way it is -- there are way too damn many blogs, we've all become redundant, and no one has the time or the attention span to give any of them proper focus?

Yeah, it's nice to get the accolades on FetLife. But honestly, I have much more of a personal investment here. I feel more of a bond in the blogosphere. The appreciation and notice here have a greater value.

First world problems, I know. I'm just blowing off some frustration here. I don't expect anyone will take this seriously, and they shouldn't. I'm just struggling to re-find my footing and my place here. This silly little blog is a piece of my identity.

Enough. Heading for my sweetie's later. Seeing Steve on Tuesday instead of Monday; I need Monday for gym and errands and so forth, because Tuesday I won't have a car. If I'm going to be stuck at home, might as well have some fun, huh? I need new shocks. $$$, on top of the root canal $$$. No wonder I'm grumpy.

Have a good holiday weekend, y'all.


  1. I adore you!

    MaMa Blue

  2. MaMa -- ya know, considering all the stuff you're dealing with, for you to stop by and leave a kind word on my whining really touches me. ♥ Thank you, sweet woman. I really do hope to meet you someday.

  3. Dearest Erica, for 'some attention' should we read 'a damn good spanking'? In my experience all a grouchy girl needs is her bottom attending to and suddenly all's right with the world! If only I wasn't on the wrong side of the Atlantic I'd offer to give you a helping hand... ;-)

    Sweetsong, London

  4. Sweetsong -- well, yeah, there's always that. :-) But one does appreciate recognition from one's peers, no?

  5. Indeed, and I'm giving you due recognition for your fabulous performance of one of my favourite Beatles songs! I'll never listen to that track in quite the same way again... :-)

  6. Erica,
    I come by to read your blog a few times a week and always enjoy it. I like the personal views, the rants, the scene descriptions. It's all great stuff and I love your writing style. I don't always comment (in fact I rarely comment), but I do like what you do and I intend to keep coming back (almost religiously) each week to see what you've posted.

    You're awesome, please keep doing what you're doing.

  7. Anonymous -- perhaps I've convinced you to comment more, now? :-) Thanks!

  8. I wouldn't change a thing about how you post here. Sometimes people just may not feel they have anything clever to say-not just here but on other blogs as well. That's when they may prefer observation mode only.

    I do better with anything written and picture posts than videos in general because my Windows 8 computer has the most suck ass sound system. I bought separate speakers from Best Buy because the em effing 'PUTER-lol!!! doesn't properly dispense audio without the speakers. The kicker is the speakers STILL don't work unless headphones are PARTIALLY plugged into the port. When they literally hang halfway out-I get some sound. Pushing them all the way in eliminates the sound! ?????

    You rock no matter what you post!

  9. Kelly -- that doesn't sound right at all! Defective speakers, maybe? I know Windows 8 blows, but even the sound system?? Ugh.

  10. Erica,

    I think that, like most others, I read more than I comment. Several dozen posts a week on average, on various blogs, but I rarely comment.
    Whether we comment/interact or not, I'm pretty sure that there are legions of happy people every time you post. We love your identity.

    Also, I don't see the big deal with the getting chrossed - you're your own market by now, honey. Anyone who doesn't know who you are clearly is not paying attention.


  11. Erica, I agree with what Kelly said in her first paragraph.... Not all of us feel in your league when it comes to making clever comments. I wouldn't worry about it--really! Your posts are interesting, thoughtful, full of feeling and your general sense of humanity. Keep at it!!!

  12. Erica, try to come up with some GIMMICK.. Such as Hermione, with her captions, Bonnie, with ideas. Spanking Library with spanking stories. Richard Windsor, with bygone days. Chross with spanking movies. etc. XXX Luv ya.

  13. Dana -- ah, you're sweet. Thank you. ♥ But honestly, getting Chrossed is indeed a big deal for a spanko blogger. When it happens, our blog views soar, doubling and even tripling at times. It's amazing.

    Dana2 -- I never thought of it that way. But it's not the cleverness of the comments -- it's the acknowledgment. It's knowing that someone liked what I wrote enough to say something. It's gratifying, you know? And thanks for the encouragement. :-)

    Six -- that's always a good idea, yes. I had that for a long time, with the CHoS. But I've sort of run out of material with that, except for once in a while. I guess I have to come up with something new.

  14. Hi Erica -- I like everything you post :-) I comment all the time.Everything you write about is very interesting. I wouldn't change a thing :-) YOU TOTALLY ROCK GIRL! Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  15. Jade -- you do, and I appreciate it. :-)

  16. I can relate to a lot of what you wrote in this post. I can get really insecure or upset about seemingly "minor" things like this: it was a huge relief when I finally got on Chross this week since I hadn't been since the summer and I thought he just forgot about me or something, and I often feel left out that despite my hundreds of (in my opinion pretty good) Fetlife photos, I've never been on the front page (or anywhere close to it!) of K+P.
    If I flip it around, I definitely read a lot of blogs (including yours!) on a regular basis but I rarely actually comment because I feel like what I would have to say would be unoriginal: "I loved this post! You have such a great writing style!" et cetera, so I only really do so when something particularly speaks to me.
    I guess the lesson I learn from all this is that as a blogger, I love getting any kind of comment, which I can apply to when I'm being a reader (there have definitely been times when I started to write a comment and then thought "This blogger would think this comment is boring and worthless" or something and therefore deleted it). As a writer, I try to remember that lack of response doesn't mean lack of caring, even though, like I said before, it just feels awful.
    I hope I didn't turn this comment into too much complaining of my own. I love pretty much everything that you write and I think your blog is the best: I certainly wouldn't have one of my own if you hadn't been an inspiration.
    I hope you get the attention you deserve! ^_^

  17. Hi Erica,

    I don't know what's up with Chross lately. I thought your video and song parody were both Chross-worthy. Your weekly posts - with pictures - after your visits from Steve are also good candidates, in my opinion. Maybe the tumblr blogs are eye-catching, but that's all they are. There is no substance to them.


  18. I thought you did get some real attention as of recently, thogh I can see it tasted like more. ;-) I must admit that your reports have not really bored me. Let me do, for once, a forecast: this post will be chrossed.

  19. Erica,

    I am struggling to learn a new laptop. Old one broke. Damn touchscreen is driving me crazy.

    I love your posts, read them all, but I am going nuts trying to comment. UGH!


  20. Did someone mention my name ^^ ?
    Part of the mystery is that - as I have indicated in the Halloween SotW edition - at that time I didn´t even come round to visiting the "regular" blogs (the ones listed under "English blogs" in my link list) since the list was already full with lots of mostly Halloween related pictures and stories collected from the other sites.
    The regular content was sort of "lost" that week.

    And of course the Chross list is hardly a result of scientific observation, but of personal taste plus an estimation of the choice of the masses and finally with a healthy dose of caprice thrown in....;)
    And its thoroughness often depends on much time is available, too.


  21. Erica, I think you are wonderful. I love your blog just the way it is and come to visit several times a week just to see what you have to say. I am certain there are lots of lurkers like me that just don't comment, but we are there. :) Please don't feel badly!

  22. Alex -- I get that comment posting insecurity too -- "Yeah, what could I possibly add to this?" But yes, you hit it -- for us bloggers, it's not about the originality of the comment, it's about the comment, period. The time taken to express appreciation and acknowledge the writer's thoughts. It's "Hey, I read you, I like you." Oh, and screw K&P -- talk about random. I've seen your photos get tons of loves!

    Hermione -- I think pictures capture attention more readily than words, unfortunately. But I find the Tumblr blogs are redundant -- same photos posted and reposted. One exception I like is Spankface -- that one actually focuses on facial expressions, which is quite fresh and fun.

    MrJ -- nahhh, I wouldn't want this post to be Chrossed. I'd feel like I'd manipulated it. But next week I will do my best to earn it! :-D

    joey -- I've had other people mention they're having comment issues and problems as well. How aggravating. I always enjoy hearing from you :-)

    Chross -- well, Sir. Thank you for this. :-) I admit, I was a bit cranky yesterday. You do have The Power when it comes to our blog hits! I do realize there are a million blogs to read, only so much time, and only so many you can choose. My grumpiness wasn't just about not making your list; it was a cumulative effect from dearth of comments lately. But seeing you comment here gave me a huge smile.

    Anonymous -- thank you! Perhaps you and others will say hello on Tuesday? It's time for another Love Our Lurkers day then. :-D

  23. Regarding the young lady doing the cartwheel, many years ago in the Police Academy we worked out that the only way a woman could be charged with "Wilful and Obscene Exposure" under the old New South Wales Summary Offences Act would be if she was stark naked doing a cartwheel, as one of the proofs was that the genitals were visible. The offence was for dick flashers.

  24. John -- you put that much thought into it, did you? ;-) Couldn't a woman more easily be charged by doing a "Basic Instinct," Sharon Stone sort of move with no underwear on? Or does that not count, because it's just a glmpse? (Now I'M putting too much thought into it...)

  25. No. The vagina would have to be visible. It also had to be in or within view of a public place. An interview room would not count.

  26. Erica there are too few things in life that I can look forward too. Please do not change the one thing that makes me smile, think, oogle your lovely pictures, and at times wipe away tears.
    Lady you are fine just the way you are and so is your blog.


  27. Erica, I read your posts all the time and enjoy them, even your ranting ones. I don't comment that often because I don't think I have anything interesting to say.

  28. Poppa -- you're sweet. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I just was wondering if I needed to up my game somehow. :-)

    Kaki -- well, as I mentioned, comments don't have to pass any sort of test. As long as they are nice, it's always nice to get them. :-)

  29. I love your content here or on Fetlife. I think Fetlife probably gets more feedback because it's pretty easy to just click "love it" even if someone doesn't know what to say in a full comment. Many people are short on time (heck, I'm responding to this 2 weeks late!) but that doesn't mean they aren't still reading.

  30. Lea -- I suppose it is easier there. I just wish more people knew how important their comments are, no matter how brief.