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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend recap

Forgive me, as this is dreadfully vanilla. But I suppose woman cannot live by spanking alone.

I think I'll pass on Friday night's party. Too many people, way too damn much alcohol, too noisy, too crowded, Mexican food (not a favorite), and we didn't leave until 11:30 (I was ready to leave right after we ate, but oh well...). Both John's sister and her daughter greeted me warmly, apologizing profusely for the baby shower invitation snafu, insisting that I please come anyway. The sister was already drunk and was blathering about how wonderful I am, and how heartbroken she was when there was that "brief breakup" a few years ago. She had no clue as to why we were on a break, so she just assumed it was because her dumbass little brother screwed up and I was taking a stand with him and teaching him some sort of lesson (which was not what it was about at all). I was squirming with embarrassment and wished she would shut up. I don't like thinking about that time, and why the hell she had to bring it up years later was beyond me. At least John kept me amused with his usual whispered running commentary about the guests, the clothes, the dancing, etc. For example, about a woman who was wearing a blue-and-white polka dot skirt, a gray-and-white striped top, a blue-and-yellow scarf tied in her hair and lime-green ballet flats: "Does she own any mirrors?" Even his own nephew, who was wearing bright green skinny jeans, didn't escape. John looked at him and said, "You're actually wearing those?" He laughed and answered, "They were a birthday present!" To which John said, "Please tell me that the present wasn't for YOU!" And people say I'm snarky. Ah, I love that man. :-)

Saturday was lovely. The Chorale Bel Canto/Beethoven concert was in a beautiful church in Pasadena; unfortunately, it wasn't air-conditioned. But luckily, the promised 103 degrees didn't materialize (although 90s was plenty). The music was so lush, I forgot about the temperature and sat absolutely still, feeling it sweep over me. We were right up front, so we could see all the individual instruments and hear them blending, watch the intense expression on the pianist's face, see every bead of perspiration. Afterward, we stayed for a while to chat with John's colleague (who was one of the tenors in the chorus) and then went to Old Town for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. John looked so handsome in his dress slacks and blue shirt, but I know the poor thing was boiling! I was much more comfortable in a sundress with bare legs.

So today, I went to the shower. I purposely went late, and I have to say, my timing was perfect. I got there just as they were finishing up lunch (I'd gone to brunch with John instead) and M was getting ready to open the gifts, so I didn't have to make any chitchat. The place looked very festive, and I had to give major kudos to the creative centerpieces at each table: Tonka toy dump trucks, filled with white and yellow daisies and white roses. There were baby-boy sugar cookies, decorated with blue frosting (and diapered with white frosting), and even the water bottles had "It's a Boy" ribbons tied on them. M is one of the most amazing pregnant women I've ever seen. She's always had this coltish little body, all skinny arms and legs. Now, with her due date in three weeks, she looks like she tucked a compact, oblong little watermelon under her shirt; the rest of her had not changed one bit. If you see her from the back, you can't tell anything. I stayed while she opened all the presents, and then took off. She did get some very cute things: a lot of onesies and PJs, a beautiful crocheted blanket from her mother-in-law, tons of baby books and other goodies. I think this kid will be well cared for. I probably should cut M some slack; she was an obnoxious, disrespectful teenager when I first met her, but now she's 32. And she can't help it that her mother is a lush and her dad is a lech.

Anyway... I know I made John happy, going today. And my reward is tomorrow morning!! :-D  It's about damn time, too. Enough already with pinkeye. Time for redbutt!


  1. Erica, many thanks for your blog, I have read this for some time and being as you would call a lurker, I believe my time has come to provide some comments, I live within the LA area and having drunk too much last night awaoke to the TV showing Scherazade, which brought you to mind, this was followed by Marlene Dietrich singing Pete Seegers "Where have all the flowers gone?". Your life seems to parody my own in that I have a loving wife who lives far away from me, who although has tried does not love my passion for spanking, which appears to be similar to your better half John. I appreciate that you have a spanking partner and would in no way intend to interfere with that, but should you be at a loose end I would welcome the chance to take you to breakfast/lunch/dinner, as you appear to have similar tastes to my own without being involved in a relationship outside of the obvious common interests.
    With Best Regards

  2. Erica, Once in awhile spending a vanilla day can be a joyous occassion. Since you out on the West Coast. Did you ever see the Los Angeles Philaharmonic Orchestra, with the Argentinian maestro Gustavo Dudamal. A lady friend of mine, that I spank on occassions, thinks this gentleman is a classic 'Wunderkind'. XXX Luv ya.

  3. The story of your life, Erica - unexpected joys in vanilla life - and even these things come with a special after-party.

  4. Ian -- thank you for de-lurking. Marlene Dietrich singing Pete Seeger? I'm having a hard time imagining that. :-) John enjoys spanking and the whole culture, but his true kink loves are beyond my limits. Fortunately, we make it work.

    Six -- I have seen the Philharmonic in the past, but not with Dudamel. He's quite amazing.

    MrJ -- I do think my after-party is MUCH better than that amateur raucous mess on Friday, but I'm kind of a snob that way. :-)

  5. Hi Erica -- I am so happy you got through everything on Friday and Sunday :-) You are such an AMAZING Lady. You got your reward today from Steve, I can't wait to read about it. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  6. One of my favorite sounds is that of an orchestra warming up. Growing up I sang in a childrens choir. It was sort of a top notch choir, one that I had to audition for, and you weren't allowed to miss practice or a concert or you were kicked out of the choir. But every holiday season we would accompany the local ballet group, who also held their practices in the same building on the university's campus, for their performances of The Nutcracker. Its only a small section in the ballet where there are vocals needed so, the rest of the time we got to sit back, relax and enjoy the performance. We sat lined up against the wall in the orchestra pit and I remember thinking how lucky I was to be able to sit this close to these incredibly talented musicians and watch a performance like this twice a week for four weeks every year.

    Glad your weekend turned out to be not so bad! - Sammie

  7. Jade -- I will write about it as soon as I can, I promise. We had a wonderful time. :-)

    Sammie -- oh, I love The Nutcracker. I've known the music all my life, but I saw it performed many years ago and it moved me to tears.

  8. Good girl. I am sure that John rewarded you. :D


  9. joey -- John is very good about doing that, yes. :-)

  10. I do best hanging out in social functions with other people who don't particularly like people and making observations of others. Lol. Glad you made it through the weekend and hope Monday was great!

  11. Lea -- yes, John does provide some amusing commentary for me. :-D