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Friday, June 14, 2013

Well, the good news is...

... I have no secondary infection. I thought for sure I did. Because this is one of the worst damn colds I've had in a long time. 

It basically ate my entire week. I have done next to nothing and have only been out to go to the doctor, to pick up some more Advil and go to the bank. No gym, no nothing. Gym -- ha! Between the plugged-up ears (and resulting loss of equilibrium) and my barking cough, one jumping jack would put me in the hospital. Fortunately, I've had some work to do, so that provided some distraction.

I finally broke down and went to the doc on Wednesday, because I thought I might have an ear infection. She said no, but everything is swollen and inflamed because my sinuses, and I quote, are "filled with crap." I also told her I haven't been able to sleep because of my cough, so she gave me a scrip for cough medicine + codeine, and suggested I use saline nasal rinse. Oh, joy. Ever pour warm salt solution up your nose? It's about as much fun as it sounds.

More good news: John did not come down with this, this week. I hope the germs escaped him and aren't merely incubating. He needs to be healthy for his angiogram next Friday. On Thursday, he has an appointment with an attorney to make out a living trust/medical directive. If the unspeakable happens, I will be responsible for decisions about his care, and also inherit his estate. Scares the freaking hell out of me, honestly. But if he loves and trusts me enough to do that, then I need to honor it. It's not like we think anything is going to happen; it's more like a worst-case scenario. Because if something did happen and he didn't have any sort of wishes stated, everything he has would go into probate, and then whatever didn't get sucked up by the lawyers would end up with his next of kin. NO WAY. I can just see his vulture sister swooping in, plundering his bank accounts and claiming his Waterford crystal.

Anyway, enough of that. I feel a little better, although pretty tired and listless. My ears are still pluggy. And my cough, while at bay during the day, bursts into full cry at night. The first night with the codeine syrup, I took the instructed one teaspoon. Oh, please. That did nothing. So I took another teaspoon, fell asleep for about an hour, then woke up coughing my brains out. Took a third teaspoon and then slept for the rest of the night. So last night, I cut to the chase and just took a freaking tablespoon. Fell asleep, but woke up four hours later... you guessed it, coughing my brains out. I give up. I guess I'm stuck with this for as long as it takes. I don't think I'm contagious anymore; these are just the dregs, although they're taking their sweet time wearing off.

So on with the tea w/honey and Airborne, the Advil, and the sleep whenever I can snatch it in between bouts of gagging on my own lungs. And hopefully, I can get back to real life soon. And play, dammit!

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. You poor woman! Everytime I get a hellish virus like that the 1st thing I wonder is WHO in the fuck gave it to me! In Jan-Feb 2012 I had a hellish virus for about 6 weeks and missed at least 10 days of work.

    It seems strange to me that people in warmer climates like yours are subjected to the same colds East Coaster's get.

    Keep taking the meds. Mucinex tastes like shit but it helps break up any chest congestion and or acts like a cough suppressant. I don't know how meds can have a contradictory function like that but it DOES work! A pharmacist can help you choose the right option.

  2. Kelly -- six weeks??? Ugh.

  3. Erica, in one of my tourist travels aroung the world, I had the oportunity of visiting the Waterford crystal factory in Ireland. They demonstrated for us the art of crystal glass making. I might add it was awesome. Some of our tour members purchased items at this factory. Another interesting bit of artistic history. Waterford was bought out by Wedgewood the fine pottery manufacturing company, And the original Josiah Wedgewood sired a very famous GRANDSON. Whose name was CHARLES DARWIN. Whose book "The Origins of the Species, started the evolution theory.

  4. Six -- I didn't know any of this, so thank you. John loves Waterford, and I have to say it's exquisite. I treated him to a brandy snifter one year for his birthday. He also loves (and owns) Franciscan china. Me? I'm all about the cheap stuff I don't feel bad about breaking!

  5. Yes this cold sucks. The ONLY good thing about the work I do is it builds up your immune system so even the worst cold don't last as long..... however, Mucinex does work well during the day and yes the cough syrup helps for the short term, but I wash mine down with whiskey, and sleep in the recliner so I did not feel like I was drowning.
    This will get better with time, eat chocolate...;)


  6. Hi Erica -- I am so happy that you don't have an infection :-) But i do hope you feel better VERY soon.Drink plenty of fluid's and eat some chicken soup and of course chocolate is good too :-)Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  7. Hey Erica, I'm on the tails end of my own sicky, sucky week so I understand your frustration. Hopefully now with the right meds and dosage, you'll be able recover quickly and get back to your normal routine. - Sammie

  8. Poppa -- yeah, the whiskey thing is out of the question for me. :-) I just wish I could take something to unclog my ears.

    Jade -- I hope so too, thanks!

    Sammie -- no fun! Sorry you're sick too.

  9. At least take, indeed, chocolate. It tends to make a girl feel better ;-)

  10. Hang in there and feel better.....I am dealing with an elder care issue here, not fun, sad actually but you please feel better.

  11. I hope, by the time the weekend is done, you're feeling MUCH better! Rest and take it easy!

  12. MrJ -- that's why I make sure I always have some in the house. :-)

    Ron -- elder care issues are the worst; I'm sorry.

    Craig -- getting a bit better, thanks. :-)

  13. I hope all goes well with John's procedure and that you get feeling better.

  14. Lea -- we were quite the pair this weekend; him with his punctured groin and me with my hobbling around and coughing. LOL