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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back in my happy place

Amazing what a few hours of special attention can do for a woman. :-)

Mr. D returned yesterday. I had been struggling with my own neediness vs. knowing he was doing a very kind thing, taking care of his ailing neighbor. I tried to keep the whining on my blog to a minimum. But he knew.

So, yesterday afternoon and evening spun slowly out into a kaleidoscope of treats -- talking, spanking, bondage, cuddling, massage, watching a video, and comfort food at Jerry's Deli. It was like having my own personal day spa, but they don't have handsome tops at day spas. Not the ones I know of, anyway.

We talked for a long time, catching up. His neighbor is in 24-hour hospice now, and is shutting down. It is a matter of a few days now; very sad. Mr. D has been overseeing all aspects of his care, coordinating and communicating with his only family (a nephew), and I told him I admired him for it. I know I couldn't do it. I don't have that kind of unselfishness in me. He can feel very good about himself and his character over this.

We also discussed my recent blogs, and he was none too pleased about all my yammering about ageing. He said that I was ageless and beautiful (blushing), and he was going to make sure I understood that if he had to spank it into me until we're both 85. "I don't want to live that long," I retorted. "OK, 75," he replied. And it was about that time that we segued into some spanking action.

I know it had only been two weeks, but it had felt like at least a month if not more. I didn't even have my usual period of giggling and sassing; I slipped right into the pleasure zone almost immediately, absorbing the sweet pain and rising up for more. And can I just say that his hand has gotten much stronger? I kiddingly told him that he should practice by slapping a brick, and I do believe he did it! Erica Scott, the Hand Toughener.

When we moved to the bedroom, he was delighted at my new panties, claiming them "Baskin-Robbins panties." For those of you unfamiliar with the name, BR is an ice-cream store that's been around forever; it's also known as "31 Flavors." Here are the colorful panties (with some added color by Mr. D):

And here's one of the BR logo cups:

After a long spanking with his hand, Spanking Buddy and wooden paddle (ugh), Mr. D had me lie on the bed lengthwise, and he shackled my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. Already fairly zoned out, I began to tremble all over. This was the moment of trust. The moment I knew, somewhere in my foggy brain, that once those wristlets and anklets clicked into place, I was completely helpless. That I had to let go and trust that I was in safe hands.

And I was. Absolutely 100%.

Doesn't mean there wasn't pain, though! :-)

The good kind of pain, though, and the good kind of fear, bringing on a torrent of tears that I had to simply allow to flow into the pillow, because I could not wipe them away. Before I knew it, though, I was freed and gathered up into strong arms.

Later, he asked me what I'd like for dinner. I didn't even have to think about it. I wanted soup at Jerry's Deli. A gigantic steaming bowl of comfort food. So we went to Jerry's, where he had a pastrami sandwich and fries, and I got Mom food: Chicken matzo ball soup, with lots of chicken, carrots and noodles, and a huge matzo ball. I couldn't finish it all, so now I have dinner for tonight as well. Happy, happy me.

Back at my place, I showed him When Danny Met Erica, which got us both fired up to play some more. I was one hell of a lot more sensitive during Round Two, and he teased me about it. Oh well... considering how much crap I gave him about his hand, I certainly couldn't complain!

But was I feeling absolutely wonderful? You tell me:

But wait, there's still more. He then got some lotion and gave me a lovely backrub, working out the knots in my shoulders, massaging out the soreness in my glutes, and finishing with my feet.

What do you think, kids? Did we make up for lost time?

He assures me, again and again, that he gets every bit as much out of all this as I do. I can't imagine how that's possible, but I'm so glad he feels that way. He deserves it. He's a good man.

And I'm a lucky woman.


  1. Erica, Mr. D, is a 100% percent right. Stop talking and thinking about aging. All of us grow old. But if we think along YOUNG lines, we are 'young at heart'. Spankable young at heart. There are times when you drive all of us 'spanko's' crazy with your consistant talk about getting OLD. Stop it. or I'll come over there to Hollywood, and give you such a spanking you won't be able to sit down for a week. But I still XXX Luv ya.

  2. WOW Erica,What a WONDERFUL blog post :-)this made me SMILE,I think you made up for lost time HELL YEAHHHHHH :-)Your pantie's do look like the Baskin Robbin's cup HEHEHE LOL They are so COOL :-)I think you and Mr.D should of went to Baskin Robbin's to get some ice cream,since it's YUMMY and you were wearing the pantie's.SO HAPPY you had a GREAT time :-)Mr.D is definately a KEEPER.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade xoxo

  3. Six -- a lifelong indoctrination is hard to relinquish. I'll keep trying, though.

    Jade -- that could have been fun, you're right! I've loved BR's ice cream all my life. :-) And yes, he's a keeper.

  4. You have just a wonderful bottom, so sex in those panties!

  5. Jewish dudes are clueless.

  6. Anonymous -- Nahhh. Anonymous dudes who make anti-Semitic remarks are clueless. :-)

    1. Erica, thank you for anwering that 'ANONYMOUS SCMUCK' of Oct 10, 2012. 2.58. Benjamin Disraeli the Prime Minister of England once said in the HOUSE OF PARLIMENT. "When your people were still swinging from the tree's as cavemen. My Jewish people, were giving the world the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Bravo Erica, for you and Benjamin, for sticking up for your Yiddishe Heritage.

  7. It's good to hear you're back in your happy zone and very happy to know that Mr. D is stepping up to the plate. ;-)

    None of us like to feel that we're aging. Personally, I think the fact that some of us have never raised children helps keep us young at heart--maybe some people would call it immature. It's this culture that we live in which glorifies youth to such an extent. I know that lately I've become obsessed about wanting to look younger--even wanting plastic surgery to correct things that I don't like about my body. Logically, I know that it is errant thinking, but I feel so damned imperfect!

    You, however, have a glorious body--not just a firm bottom. It seems so wrong that you still feel so insecure about your looks, but I understand the lens through which you see yourself. Just remember that what you see is not the same thing that others see, and that really it's all about what's inside anyway (which I'm sure you know). :-)

  8. Dana -- it's funny; I've heard people say it IS having kids that keeps you young, because you keep seeing things through their perspective. But I disagree. ;-)

    Sweetie, it's programming. Societal, cultural AND familial. I grew up with a mother who picked her body and looks to pieces, and therefore mine as well. Still see things through her lens, especially. And I will most likely fight that for the rest of my days.

  9. I LOVE Baskin Robbins-was very disappointed when they took it out of the nearest mall to my house and replaced w Dairy Queen. I like DQ but preferred the many many options of Baskin Robbins.

    Parts of aging DOES suck ass. But you're one of those who does what she can to preserve good health and body strength so -GREAT job!

    Wow! Your bum seems like it's been marking more. :) :)

  10. Kelly -- it is, isn't it? And I have no idea why! I'm not playing harder... different technique, maybe?

    Yeah, they closed a couple of the BRs near me. Their choices are amazing. One favorite I haven't had in years is Maui Brownie Madness -- dark chocolate ice cream, chunks of brownie, macadamia nuts and a chocolate swirl. (swooooooooooon)

  11. Ahhhhh. Nice to get the great attention. It is so good for us, isn't it. That wonderful zone where everything just relaxes and absorbs what hurts good. Just like a deep massage. And, you got that, too. How cool is that? I'm happy for you.

  12. Bobbie Jo -- thanks. I did feel incredibly spoiled. :-)

  13. I'm glad everything went well. Spanking and a massage? Even YOU can't complain about an evening like that! ;-)

  14. Erica, you are a beautiful, lovely woman and Mr D sounds like a wonderful man and play partner. I'm so happy the two of you found each other.

  15. Lea -- Hey! Whaddaya mean, "even I"? Hummmmmpppph. :-Þ

    Anonymous -- that's very nice of you to say; thank you! :-)

  16. I'll say you made up for lost time. That evening sounded like heaven to me. Especially the soup!


  17. Sounds perfect. Spanking, soup and a massage what more could you ask for:)

    Sorry to hear about Mr. D's neighbour.


  18. Hermione -- I had it for dinner last night too! :-)

    Ronnie -- a million dollars, now that you mention it. OK, I'm being greedy. :-D

  19. Erica,

    I'm so sorry to hear Mr.D's neighbor is in hospice care... I know that is a tough journey to take part in, and he is a good man for it.

    It sounds like he more than made up for the missed week! A two-fer plus dinner, also a two-fer! :)

    I completely agree with you... I have no idea what tops get out of the arrangement. I just have to trust they come back for more for a reason... and to each his own!


  20. SC -- he keeps saying things like "Thank you for choosing me" and "I'm so lucky." Sometimes I wish I could get inside the head of a top and see what they see, feel what they feel, so I could understand. But then again... nahh. I love being a bottom too much. Like you said, I just have to trust.

  21. HI Erica, love the blog!
    I'm wondering if you've ever done any non-spanking videos. Just curious.

  22. Happy Erica! People are human. Try not to be too 'grateful' or it can set up an awkward dynamic. Enjoy what you have now. :)

  23. Anonymous -- interesting question. No, I haven't. I'm not an actress. I just sorta fell into spanking videos because of my streak of exhibitionism.

    Ana -- not to worry. I'm far too crabby to stay grateful for long. :-)

  24. I can see you could have used the ice cream