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Monday, February 9, 2015

Well, this blows

John and I both got sick again.

Last weekend, he was just coming down with something again, a mere month after recovering from the last cold. That's par for John, since his immune system is pretty much shot these days. But what's my excuse? Last Thursday, I felt a little congested, but it didn't stop me from meeting Alex for lunch and chatting for a whopping 5 1/2 hours, although I was a bit hoarse by the end. (I made sure I didn't come in any contact with her, just in case.) By this weekend, it was hitting me harder, and John's was on the wane but he was still coughing his lungs out, so the two of us were quite the pair, hacking and sniffling at each other. And last night, I ran a temperature and felt like I was gonna die.

I have tried all the OTC cold remedies, and nothing seems to work for me except two things. One is nasal spray, but I only use that when I'm desperate, because you can only use that stuff for three days. After that, you can have some sort of rebound effect with your sinuses actually getting worse. The other is Nyquil -- I buy the CVS cheapo version. Not only do I save a buck or two, but while Nyquil is 8% alcohol, the generic version is 10%. Knocks me right out.

I used both of them last night.

This morning, I felt all this weird pain in my back and chest muscles, like I'd done an intense upper body workout. Then it dawned on me, it's because of all the coughing. Lovely. However, I think it peaked last night and the worst is over.

No gym for me today, obviously. 

Yesterday was Steve's birthday, and tomorrow he is due over for a belated celebration. Not sure how much I'll be up for, but I still want to see him. I need to take his birthday spanking, after all.

Enough with this already. John and I have a lot to get well for. Next weekend is Valentine's Day. And the two weekends after that, we have really fun plans. So OK, cold germs, knock yourselves out. And then go the @#$% away!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, my roses arrived this morning. As he is wont to do, John sent them early so I could enjoy them all week. ♥  He is full of surprises sometimes. He's such an engineer, so logically minded, but he has a romantic side to him. I'm especially grateful for this after I read stuff like what I saw on Facebook last week, from a man who claims that any woman who expects or accepts expensive diamond jewelry on Valentine's Day is a "self-seeking [c-word]," and any man who gives it is a douchebag and a doormat. Wow. Bitter, party of one, your table is ready! 

Final note for the day: Just got email from Sephora, inviting me to their Fifty Shades of Grey event. "Explore the Limited Edition Collection inspired by the movie Fifty Shades of Grey and learn how to recreate the looks at our exclusive events." And what looks would those be? Holy Crap Hot? The Red Blush of Pain? Or perhaps, for the more advanced, the FFFF?

(yes, kids, that would be the Freshly Fucked & Figged Face.)

Don't spew on your monitor. Have a nice afternoon!


  1. Erica, I hope Sephora "Fifty Shades of Grey' event is to your liking. Please tell us all about it in your blog. Here is hoping you are feeling better soon from your cold. Maybe a good warm spanking on your fabulous TUSH, will help. XXX Luv ya.

  2. Six -- um... I'm not going to that. :-)

  3. Dang, I'm sorry you both are sick again! I don't think I ever got rid of whatever cold I've had but, fingers-crossed, I think I am finally feeling better even though I'm exhausted...

    Side Note: If you only have a cough left (seems to be a symptom that always lingers with me), they sell a Robitussin for coughing only.

  4. Jay -- you know, I've tried every damn thing that Robitussin makes, I think, and when I'm in serious cough mode, it does nothing. The only thing that's ever really worked is prescription cough syrup with codeine. Figures!

  5. Another thing to help with the sinus issues is to use nasal drops called Ocean. CVS for sure sells them and they can be used daily to clear impurities. I prefer to tilt my head back and squirt 2-3 drop in each nostril.

  6. Kelly -- never heard of those! I'll look into that. I feel like I've got an ocean inside my head.

  7. Get well soon - hope you will be able to fully enjoy celebrations!

  8. Ahh I'm sorry you guys are sick!!! Get well soon! Simply Saline is another option if ocean spay doesn't work for you. Hope you had fun today!

  9. KB -- despite coughing and sniffling, I did have fun today. More to come on that. :-)

  10. Sorry, feel better, hey at least you not out here east with the flippin snow and freezing temps!

  11. Hahaha, ugh, everyone is banking on this Fifty Shades while they can before the movie comes out and sucks. I've been sick all month too--one thing after another. It's just that time of year, I guess. I bet your roses are beautiful!

  12. Ron -- I still sound awful, but I'm feeling better. :-)

    Autumn -- I just read an early review from USA Today. Oh. My. God. They didn't just dislike it. They blew it up, burned it and threw the ashes in a landfill.

  13. Hi Erica -- So very sorry, that you and John are sick :-( Colds totally SUCK, I hate them.I use Vicks under my nose and saline nose spray.When I get a cold, I wheeze a lot from having asthma.So sometimes I take steroids to open up whatever is inflamed. Wishing you and John a speedy recovery :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade/Emily Jean

  14. Jade -- we're both getting better, thanks.