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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy birthday, Steve

Well, it was actually last Sunday. But we got to have our celebration yesterday.

I warned him in advance that I'd had a cold and I wasn't sure if I was still contagious or not, giving him the opportunity to pass until next week. But he said no way, we're on. At least I can say I tried to be considerate, right? ;-)

No exotic adventures yesterday; I baked him some brownies (from scratch) and got a card, and asked what he'd like to do. He surprised me; his desire, along with our usual spanking play, was to mess around with his camera a bit and take some artsy shots. (Artsy? Read: naked.) So after a nice long warm-up OTK (side note: ever notice that spanking hurts more when you're sick? I did), I stripped and we played a bit with angles and lights and positions. After he left, I took some of the ones I liked and fiddled with them a bit further in my photo-editing software, playing with the special effects. 

I kinda like this one:

And this one, once cropped, turned out to be a good "post-facelift" shot:

I posted the uncropped version on FetLife, and the cropped version on Facebook. Because multi-tasking. 

Never fear, there was plenty of play. Oh, and did you know that playing with a cold makes your sinuses really come alive? Hence my clutching tissues through the entire scene, as witnessed here in my left hand:

So very attractive. Snot is not hot. But I guess he wasn't looking at my nose anyway.

Hope you had a very happy birthday, my wonderful top. ♥

Anyway, it's Wednesday and I have not worked out for a week. I'm going to attempt a little bit of exercise today and keep my fingers crossed that I don't cough up a lung. Wish me luck.


  1. So there is the post-shot! You look great.
    Why are you so sure he did not look at your nose? ;-)

  2. MrJ -- well, I hope he had more appealing things to look at. :-)

  3. Great pictures. Your face lift is beautiful. So is your red bottom.


  4. Beautiful pictures, Erica! I love your smile! :-) Happy belated birthday to Steve!

  5. While I love your spanking photos and videos, as an experienced art photographer, I've always thought you'd be a great model for art nude photos. You really should get with a serious art photographer and do more. I wish I could suggest me but unfortunately I live on the other end of the country. I'm sure there must be someone in your area that you could work with. Maybe in the arts department of the University nearby. But you would be great. I'd love to see some of the results.

  6. Jay -- I'll pass that on! :-)

    Anonymous -- I'm very flattered, thank you. :-)

  7. I admire the work done at both ends. I wish I looked that good with a cold!

    Anon E. Mouse

  8. Mouse -- makeup was carefully applied. I usually look like death warmed over when I'm sick. Perhaps it was also that post-spanking glow?

  9. Good for you for having the stamina to take a spanking. When I get colds, I feel physically useless for 5-7 days.

  10. Kelly -- I guess it's mind over matter. I've even shot video when I had a cold. The desire rises above the sickness. Then I crash afterward.

  11. Hi Erica -- The pics are AWESOME :-) You look BEAUTIFUL as always. Happy belated birthday Steve :-) When I had my bad cold I thought I was going to cough up a lung too.Get well soon my dear friend.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade/Emily Jean

  12. Hello Erica, I have said this before but I feel that I must repeat myself. That is a very cute little hiney and it is so red. Thanks for that lovely picture! JayJay

  13. Jade -- thanks. :-)

    JayJay -- thank YOU.

  14. Love your red bottom but wow, you are so pretty,

  15. The top photo is just lovely <3 I'm sorry you were sick when this was posted and I very much hope you're over it now. :) (Guess who's just checking their to-read list on Blogger?)

  16. Queenston -- you're very kind! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. :-)

    1. I really am! I've been reading for a little while now and since I'm finally up to date and not stalking your archives, figured I'd de-lurk.