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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy belated spankiversary

OK, so I got to celebrate my 17 years after all, just a week late. Steve arrived well prepared; he surprised me with a very cute "Congratulations" card, and he brought a tripod along with his camera, so we could shoot a fun little scene OTK on my couch.

Geeezus -- just missing one week makes a difference in my tolerance. The warm-up marked me! Just his hand! And that damned stubborn little weak spot on my lower right cheek opened. But I wasn't going to let that stop me, of course. It's happened many times before in the past few years, and I know it closes back up immediately. So we took a brief break while he set up the camera and then continued.

I had collected five OTK-friendly implements for him, and figured 17 with each, right? Ha. He had all these bright ideas about "multiples." Plus, besides counting, I had to say "happy anniversary" to myself after each stroke. How much do I love repeating phrases, kids? Yeah, you know. :-Þ 

Steve, of course, was delighting in all my grumbling and discomfort. "It's a special day!" he kept exhorting. "We're celebrating!" Oh, celebrate this.

You can tell as things progress that I'm struggling to keep the count correct! It's such a simple thing, but my brain struggles with keeping a count and processing pain at the same time. Which, naturally, is the whole point of making me do it. Arrggh.

Unfortunately, the camera shut off at one point, and we continued for a bit before we became aware of it. So there's a bit of an awkward cut-off, then we did our best to pick it up with Part 2. Therefore, these aren't quite Spanking Tube quality (I can just hear the critiques now), but they're more than fine to share here! We had a lot of fun; it was so good to see him. After he left, I was a very good girl and went to the gym, managing to beat the afternoon crowds.

So here you go -- hope you like these. :-)

Part 1:

MVI 0001 cut from Erica Scott on Vimeo.

And Part 2:

MVI 0002 cut from Erica Scott on Vimeo.


  1. And thats how its done Duckie ..... Gives is a kiss then ...

    The Grinch (Chicago0

  2. Erica, I am pleased that you enjoyed your belated 17th 'spankiversary', with your boyfriend Steve. On another 'vanila' question. I recently saw a good and interesting movie about Charlie Chaplin, staring Robert Downey Jr. What did your father think of Chaplin's comedic routines. And did he ever meet him in person.

  3. Grinch -- Bah. :-)

    Six -- John is my boyfriend; Steve is my top. As for Charlie Chaplin, my father loved him and his movies. He loved all silent films. But as for whether or not he ever met him, I don't know.

  4. Erica,

    Well maybe it is me and my mind set today but what a lovely wonderful, hot spanking session and love the two clips, the absolute best, you were your usual chatty self but got quiet a few times. Of course the clips of you two wonderful people incorparated a few of my absolute favorites, being over his lap, a nice panty spanking and a wow, very hard hairbrushing.

    The end piece when with your panty up but the red shining through is amazing with the hugs. Thank you for sharing your 17th!

  5. Ron -- I love videos that show some aftercare; it's so important. Glad you enjoyed.

  6. Most defiantly ST worthy, I'd say. Absolutely beautiful that thing, that's done to you! - Sammie :-)

  7. Sammie -- nah, they'll pick on the abrupt cutoff, and the fact that we ended with 35 and then picked up with 40. Screw 'em. I posted them on FetLife as well, instead. :-)

  8. Well done, and well taken, Erica. Buns of steel? I know that lexan had to sting!


  9. Mitch -- yes, lexan is pretty mean!

  10. Happy Spankiversary!

    I can't hear the audio because I need new headphones and STILL cannot figure how to hear w/o them on my new Windows 8.

    But your expression in the pics tell the delightful story. :)

    Happy gym day to YOU! LOL

  11. Kelly -- oh no! You gotta hear the audio! :-)

  12. You look safe and comfortable across his lap. (The two of you crack me up.) I'm glad that you were able to find each other. Happy Anniversary.


  13. Mike -- thanks! :-) I do feel very safe there.

  14. Hi Erica -- GREAT clip's i enjoyed them very much :-)Those impliment's looked quite nasty, I bet they hurt a lot,Hope you sat on some ice after getting spanked with all them LOL :-)Nice after care too,Hug's are alway's good.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  15. Jade -- no, didn't even think about ice. Probably would have been a good idea, though!

  16. Super videos. I burst out laughing when he started to brush your hair and then spanked you with it.


  17. Ronnie -- he's a funny one, isn't he. (eye roll) :-)

  18. Congratulations! I look forward to reading about the next 17 years!

  19. Beth -- (snort) At my age, I don't think 17 more spanking years are in the cards. Steve says he'll still be spanking me when we're 80, but I think he's sadly mistaken! LOL

  20. Humph! I just got here and I want my seventeen years! - Sammie ;-)

  21. Congratulations. I really enjoyed the interaction between the both of you. Thank you for sharing.


  22. Sammie -- oh, I'll be around. I don't think I'll be showing off my body much, though. ;-)

    joey -- glad you liked! :-)

  23. "Candles on a birthday cake." More like gum trees going up in flames in a bushfire.

  24. Counting and having to add "happy anniversary" on top of it is too much of a mouthful! Silly tops. Glad you were able to fully celebrate your anniversary.

  25. Lea -- tell me about it! The things they have us do...