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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fun shoot with Lily Starr

For those of you with sharp ears, you caught a line in my video with Steve where he said, "You're still sought after -- this Wednesday." He was referring to the mini-shoot I was scheduled to do with Lily Starr and her guy, Robert Wolf (SHwolfEEP on FetLife). They were in town for Robert's birthday, since he wanted to go to Magic Mountain, and were staying in a hotel right near me. Lily asked if I'd like to shoot some scenes with them, and I said absolutely.

It almost didn't happen. Yesterday was not a good day; just one of those days where everything kept going wrong, and I wanted to crawl back into bed and just end it. But I was due at their hotel at 5:00 and I am an adult, not a child. So I packed up all my outfits, washed and blew out my hair, made up my face. Meanwhile, I got a text from Lily, saying they were running a bit late and they would be arriving about 5:15-5:30. So I replied, suggesting she text me once they'd checked in, and then I'd drive over while they settled in. She agreed.

So, at 5:15, I was all ready to go, phone at the ready. Then it was 5:30, then 5:45, then 6:00. No text. I started worrying then, wondering if something had happened, maybe an accident? Lily is very good about returning messages and texts. At 6:20, I texted, "Are you OK? I'm getting worried." And then I got a text back: "We were wondering the same thing! I texted you an hour ago."

ARRGGGHHH!!! Freaking cell phones! I did not get that text. I don't know where it went, but it didn't go to my phone. Here I'd been sitting and waiting, and they were doing the same thing. And they had dinner plans that night. I felt awful.

"Still want me? I don't want to screw up your evening," I wrote. "Yes, of course, we're ready to shoot, come on over!" she wrote back. So I snatched up my stuff and dashed out. There was some traffic, but I still made it there by about 6:45. I was already dressed in my first scene outfit, so we got right into it.

Lily and Robert and I had been brainstorming back and forth over FetLife the past couple of weeks, coming up with scene ideas. We decided to do four scenes, keeping two of them fairly short so I could hold up. 1. Robert was my new boss, and I was pissed off because I don't want to take orders from someone younger; 2. I was Robert's mother-in-law and encouraging Lily to overspend on clothes and shoes and so forth, and generally meddling in their marriage; 3. Robert was an IRS auditor and I was very sloppy with my taxes, and 4. Robert, my husband of less than a year, snoops around and finds all my spanking paraphernalia, and learns not only that I have this fetish, but that I've been getting spanked by another man behind his back.

It was fun! And quick -- we knocked out each scene, I'd dash in to change, they'd adjust the lights for angles, and on to the next. The final scene was the longest and most intense, and I think we knocked it out of the park. Fun lines, too. Lily had the idea of telling Robert that the reason I saw another man for spanking was that he knew what he was doing, and trying to get Robert to understand what to do would be like training a new puppy. Brilliant! And in the office scenario, I fired off, "When I was getting my MBA, you were learning your ABC's." I got an incredible strapping from Robert in that last scene; when we cut so Lily could change camera angle, he said, "I love strapping you; this is like a birthday present." Guess it could have been my birthday too, then -- he is so damn good with that thing! So spot on. 

The hardest part of a shoot, I think, is trying to pull myself together afterward. I'm so used to just collapsing and lying around for a while, recovering, when I play privately, but last night, I wanted to clear out so they could go to dinner already -- it was about 8:15. I was a total space cadet; I nearly walked out without my clothing bag. And once I got home and unpacked, I discovered I'd left my toiletries bag there. Ack. Idiot. But it's OK. I'll run over there today and pick it up at the front desk, where Lily is leaving it for me.

I don't have any stills yet, but hopefully soon! Will let you guys know when the clips become available.

Today I feel sluggish, sleepy and sore, but peaceful. However, the gym will be challenging in a few hours! (shudder) Hope everyone is having a good week.

UPDATE & EDIT: Oh, screw it. I lied. I don't feel peaceful; I feel like crap today. Some sort of weird scene drop, perhaps. Plus residual bad feelings from other stuff yesterday. But there's no way I'm making it to the gym today. Think I need to get offline and distract myself with something else; my book, maybe. Later, kids.


  1. Hi Erica -- I am so happy that you got to do another shoot,with Lily and Robert I bet they are fun and nice to work with :-)I can't wait to see the pics from it.It would be COOL if, I could see a clip from it too.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  2. Erica, congratulations on your film shooting assignment with Lily Starr. Hoping these films turn out 'spankingly well'. In the good old days of filmdom, they had Hollwood Gossip Columnists, such as Walter Winchell, Louella Parsons, and Hedda Hopper, who in their 'reign of terror', could make or break a star, or show, by writing about them. Do you have an opinion about this sordid trio.

  3. Jade -- yes, they are very nice, and very professional too!

    Six -- hmmm... no, not really. That era is one of the few things that's before my time. :-) The only thing I know about Hedda Hopper is that her son was actor William Hopper, who played Paul Drake on Perry Mason.

  4. So how has the gym been to you?

  5. MrJ -- decided not to go. Just not up for it. Maybe I'll do some exercises here... slowly.

  6. Glad it all worked out in the end...on YOUR end! :)
    I was dying of laughter just reading the scenarios. The ABCs quip is especially outrageous! :)
    I don't know anything of Robert but I really like what I read from Lily on Fetlife.

    EFF the gym for a day. I felt like that on Tues-since my "friend" paid me a visit-"she" saps so much energy for 2-3 days. I can't wait to be rid of her in about 10 more years. lol

  7. Kelly -- yeah, I just can't do it. I'm not in the mood for people today. While running errands, I got stuck behind an old woman driving about 20 miles an hour in a 50 zone. I honked at her and then changed lanes... the old hag flipped me off! @#$%&!!!!

  8. That's fantastic! See? I told you this stuff will continue to come in! Great to hear it happened!

  9. Craig -- thanks. It's a shot in the arm, for sure. :-)

  10. It sounds like it was a really fun shoot! Is it hard to do that many scenes in a row? I guess it would be if you marked much.

  11. Lea -- well, it helped a lot that the first two scenes were brief; the first one was hand only. If all four had been as hard as the last one, I would have had a very tough time!