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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First clip up!

As I sit here steeped in misery and mucus, Lily was kind enough to distract me by sending some stills from the first clip she put up. In this one, I'm getting a most unwelcome visit from an IRS agent. Apparently, my tax records are somewhat suspect.

I'd had an inspiration for a sight gag, so before the shoot, I sat with my calculator, turned on the PRINT function and started typing/printing out slips of paper with numbers on them, to serve as receipts. I kept this up until I'd collected a bagful of them. During our interview, Robert said he wanted to see my receipts, so I presented the bag to him. Surprise, surprise -- he wasn't pleased with the lack of organization, and he said I needed to do something with them.

So I did.

I guess he wasn't too pleased with that, either. Even more demands -- I had to fetch my own hairbrush. Oh, the horror.

This was our second-to-last scene, so we went a bit heavier than we'd done on the first two. He was able to get me to transition from name-calling to pleading with a lot of convincing from that damned brush.

If you needed any more evidence that the IRS really sucks, this is it!

You can read more details here.

Cold, begone. I will have no more of thee. 


  1. Erica,

    Ah the hairbrush, we all love to hate it when it is being used on us but lovely brushing you took, nice and red. Love the skirt and panty as well.

  2. Erica, Let me think. Does not IRS stand for Intimate Red Spanks. Was'nt that written on his business card. If so he had the perfect right to wallop that delicious voluptous naked rear end of yours. So stop complaining. XXX Luv ya

  3. Ron -- it's such a simple tool, but SO nasty.

    Six -- cute!

  4. Arrears never looked finer to me...

  5. Hi Erica -- These clip pic's ROCK :-)That was so very nice of Lily to send you them.I can't stop laughing about you dumping the bag of receipts over his head LOL :-)I bet that hair brush packed a mean punch OUCH LOL. I enjoyed this, i thank you and Lily for sharing them.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  6. Anonymous -- HAR!!

    Jade -- it was fun doing that, certainly. :-)

  7. It looks like a cute video! - Sammie

  8. Sammie -- I'm hoping people will like it.

  9. Naught naughty litter bug! AND I imagine that little act of confetti distribution COULD be construed as "assault" committed against a federal employee! :)

  10. Kelly -- riiiiight. Assault with deadly receipts?? ;-)

  11. It sounds like it was a fun shoot. Love the pics. You are pretty pink in that last one!

  12. Lea -- Yeah! Amazing, considering it was a "fake padded hairbrush." (rolling eyes)