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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Spanking Court report (long!)

Another fantastic time to add to the memory bank. :-)

OK, I know some are wondering what direction we took with my shoot, so I won't draw it out any longer. Last week when V and I played and I'd been in such a down and tense mood, he noticed how I literally transformed under his hands. After he left, he and Cali exchanged emails about it.

Spanking Court's goal is to deal with real issues, not just the crimes and misdemeanors. They have what they call case studies -- people who aren't brought to court, but come voluntarily for help in dealing with a particular problem with the Court's Disciplinary Program. V and Cali came up with this concept for an ongoing case: a woman who has struggled with depression and has discovered that, along with the traditional therapies of medication, exercise, etc., impact play/spanking helps her deal with her periodic episodes, breaking through the malaise, knocking down the walls and elevating endorphins and mood. So... this woman seeks help from SC for professional, compassionate but neutral spanking therapy.

And that woman would be me.

Tricky concept. Didn't want to get too dark with it, but didn't want to make light of it, either. I wanted to present the issue honestly and respectfully, and still maintain my Erica-ness -- my signature sass. I was nervous about it, but I knew as soon as they presented it to me that I wanted to do it.

Saturday morning, I headed for the studio, bag packed with a ton of stuff, and I arrived about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. So I sat in the car for a while and then called Cali on her cell, so she could find me in the parking lot. Lunch had been planned for 11:45, but they were running late, so she came out and found me -- what a cutie she is in person. Porcelain skin, blonde curls and those enormous eyes. We walked back to the entryway, where The Villain, Dana and Ten (who was shooting that day as well) were having a smoke.

I knew I'd like Dana even before I met her, and I wasn't wrong. She got up to shake my hand, then flapped her hand aside and pulled me into a big hug. Ten and I shook hands, then V came over to greet me, smiling and fixing me with that look of his. He knew I was nervous, dammit. He smirked at me so intently that I blurted, "Is this how it's going to be all day, you looking at me like that?" Yup, it was. Wouldn't have it any other way, though.

Cali took me around the studio -- it's huge! Mazes of hallways and lots of rooms. We had our own conference room and then a shooting area with the courtroom and the discipline room. She introduced me to several people, and damned if I remember all the names, but everyone was very friendly. They even had a makeup artist on set; I'd already done mine, but she touched me up a little, put some stuff under my eyes, a little more blush, etc.

I was shooting two sessions; it turned out Ten was doing a fairly elaborate scenario and was doing six sessions. Yikes! For each spanking session, there is also a court appearance scene, so they were still shooting her court scenes. Lunch was put off until about 1:30, where we all trooped across the street to Cali and her hubby H's home for a buffet. I was too nervous to eat much, but they had shrimp! I can't turn down shrimp. :-) Had a small pile of those plus some fruit, and I was done. Sat and chatted with Ten briefly during lunch; she'd been to the BBW the previous weekend, lucky girl. OK, OK, I won't go back there, I promise!

After lunch, Ten shot her remaining courtroom scenes. The conference room was very comfortable and well stocked with snacks and drinks, so I was happy to sit there and read or chat with whoever was there at the time. V didn't have to be on set until the spanking scenes started, so he kept me company some of the time. The makeup artist (wish I could remember her name) was a doll -- she and I talked a bit too.

When they were ready for me, we shot my courtroom scenes first, the ones where I meet with the judge and discuss my issue. That first scene was a little nerve-wracking, as I was unscripted and simply had to tell him about myself and my moodiness, how I feel about it and why I came here. I tried not to think about it too much; just talked and talked. The hardest part, I think, was having to do it all over again, because they wanted two versions of the court scenes (so they could cut and edit the best of both into one). I tried very hard to keep focused on the judge and not drop my eyes and look away like I usually do. After the camera stopped, I caught Dana's eye and she winked at me. Cali gave me a thumbs-up from outside the door. And V came in, walked around the cameras and came over to hug me. They said I did well -- I was honest but not maudlin. Just what I wanted.

Then, wardrobe change and I shot the courtroom scene before the second session, in which I come back and tell the judge how the first session went for me and if I wished to proceed.

V, Cali and I had already decided between us how it was going to go: For the first session, I'd be compliant and it would be a straightforward Court Discipline scene. The judge decreed I'd get 100 with a leather strap, which was pretty much a minimum session. However... when I come in the second time, I'd be in a bit of a mood. Have an attitude. Tell the judge that I need more. He'd up the amount a bit, and then I'd be more challenging with the Disciplinarian, pushing him to ramp it up.

Around 3:30-4:00 (I think?) all the courtroom scenes were shot -- all of Ten's, mine, and one for Lisa, another Court case study who was there for a maintenance session. (She's there for weight loss, and has already lost nearly 50 pounds!) So, let the spankings begin! They were going to alternate Ten and me, with Lisa's scene somewhere in the middle, so Ten went first. It turned out I needn't have fussed about my clothes so much, because they put me in the orange "Sentenced" scrubs after all. I didn't have any flats with me, though, so I asked Cali if it was OK for me to be barefoot. In reply, she opened a closet and showed me an area filled with pairs of clean white sneakers, all sizes! Very impressive. I slipped on an 8 1/2 pair and tightened the Velcro straps. Good... I hate fumbling with laces when I'm nervous.

Finally, it was time for me to shoot the first spanking session. The Discipline Room was daunting, with an amazing array of implements hung on pegboards, the spanking bench in the middle, and V standing there in his all-black outfit, looking fierce. Dana, playing the bailiff/guard, led me over to the bench, asked me to remove my shoes and then my pants, and lie over the bench. V then announced the count and began. I had to count each stroke. Lord knows I get enough practice counting with NG every week, so that part was easy. The strapping was light to medium and I was properly cooperative.

But that was about to change. :-)

I checked in with Cali and V before the next session, making sure we were all on the same page. I was going to come in in a Mood this time, belligerent and challenging. The first spanking didn't do enough; it wasn't hard enough to give me that endorphin rush I needed, so this time I was going to make damn sure that it did.

The judge had decided I'd get 125 this time, again with a leather strap. But V and I decided to switch it up; I'd sass him so relentlessly, he'd change to a wooden implement at 50. I giggled, telling him how much I was going to challenge him. "Yeah," he said, "let's just see how that goes for you." Uh oh. I even told Dana in advance that I was going to be bitchy to her. She approved.

So when she led me to the bench, I pulled my arm away from her, petulantly saying that I knew the way. I met V's glare with my own. And when he gave me the first swat, I said nothing. "Would you care to count?" he snapped.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said. "Had you started?"

And we were off and running.

I pushed, he pushed back. If he gave me swats I thought were too light, I counted them as half-strokes. When he paused at 50, I said, "Are you tired already?" I heard him fumbling around behind me -- I wasn't supposed to know he was switching implements, so I ragged on him, asking what the holdup was. Then CRAAAAAAACK! The first whack with the wooden whatever it was. I never did see what he used.

I screamed and hollered my way through the next 75, clawing at the bench but holding position (they didn't shackle me). He'd pause to torment me a little, ask me how that was, was it hard enough now? "Oh, just get on with it," I shrieked. He complied.

I wasn't fighting or sassing during the last 25, I don't think. I just bore down and kept the count, and he went faster as we got near the end. After 125, I sort of collapsed onto the bench, panting. He ordered me to stand up and then exit, and on my way out, I glanced at him and meekly said, "Thank you."

Holy moly -- as soon as those cameras stopped, I could feel my butt burning. People were cheering and complimenting our scene, and there it was, that wonderful euphoria. I sort of stumbled/waddled out of the room and sprawled out onto the couch in the hallway, lying on my side with my arm dangling onto the carpet and grinning like an idiot. I think people got a kick out of that -- here's this crazy woman who just got her a$% beat and she's giggling like a schoolgirl. Cali even took some photos (or maybe it was footage? I'm not sure) of my lying there -- perhaps as "evidence" that the Court therapy worked!

Ten's a trouper; she did six of those scenes?? Yowsers. But it looks like I'll get to do more myself -- they want me back. (beaming) No need to twist my arm; this was so much fun and you couldn't ask for nicer people.

I was done, so I got out of the scrubs, packed up my things and gave Cali my IDs for the model paperwork. It was now around 7:10 and I hadn't eaten anything since a few shrimp at lunchtime, even though H had gone out to get Subway platters and I could have had a turkey sandwich, but I didn't. So now that it was all over, the adrenaline plunged, as did my blood sugar, so I was eager to get to John's house so we could have dinner. I felt bad that I'd kept him waiting this long, but he was very sweet about it.

So I made my rounds and hugged everyone goodbye, took off... and promptly got lost. It was a combination of factors: I was still in LaLa Land from the scene, I was hungry and tired, I was in Hollywood and I'm not super familiar with the streets there, and I have no sense of direction whatsoever even on my best day. While I should have headed northeast, I ended up going southwest, and had no idea where I was. At 8:05, I pulled over and called John. "I'm lost."

He got on his computer, went to Google Maps and asked me what the nearest cross street was; I said Fairfax and Melrose. "What's across the street on your left?" I glanced over. "It looks like a school." "Ah, Fairfax High," he said. "OK..." and he proceeded to give me directions. Somehow, they penetrated my foggy brain and I was able to get myself to his place. It was nearly 9:00 and by the time we got out and found a place nearby that was open (he lives in a tiny, sleepy little town and they roll up the sidewalks at 9:00 on Saturday night), I was ready to eat the tires off my car, but I was OK once I got some sustenance.

Despite being wiped out, I was keyed up and couldn't stop talking even after we went to bed. So today, I was a zombie. But a happy zombie.

Soooooo... marks? Yup. Both cheeks were mottled and red last night, but the left one had mostly faded today. The right one, notsomuch.

No complaints from yours truly, though. As Dana put it: "You asked for that one, honey." :-D  Now I think I know why V was whacking my left cheek over and over at one point -- he was trying to even me out! Of course, I didn't appreciate his efforts, yelling, "I have two cheeks, dammit!"

Let's just hope New Guy isn't feeling overly sadistic tomorrow...

What a fun weekend. Thank you, Spanking Court!

I'll end with my favorite line from yesterday. The makeup artist had to remain on set all afternoon, so she could touch us up between scenes. After Ten shot her first spanking scene, one of the cameramen came into the conference room, his eyes sparkling, and said, "They just shot a spanking scene!" (Apparently, he was new to the set and hadn't seen that sort of thing before.) The makeup girl cheerfully answered, "Oh, good! Does anything need powdering?" I almost fell on the floor.

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.


  1. OMG! THAT sounded like so much fun Erica! And it was wonderful to hear how professional the whole crew was and it sounds like you couldn't have had a better set up "ON SET" .. than what they provided at Spanking Court! BRAVA BELLA! ENCORE! ENCORE!

    That "V" cracks me up! LOL I can just picture "the looks"! LOL

    So glad John got you oriented! YIKES! You need a GPS woman!

    AND NG is probably gonna wear you out getting your "sass" worked up into a frenzy!

  2. Zelle -- no one needs a GPS more than I do, 'tis true! I am directionally challenged in a big way.

    Thanks, sweetie... it couldn't have been a better day. Wear me out?? Oy...

  3. Something tells me NG will be more than thrilled to add more fuel to the fire! I heard Zelle told him to throw away any of your ice packs and to hide your pillows. :)

  4. Actually all kidding aside I know that I favor disciplinary spankings over other kinds for stress release, too. I am a very moody, passionate person, I wouldn't say I'm depressed-more like highly stressed as of late, but spankings surely do provide a major transformation to my disposition-for about a week. lol!

  5. Hi Erica i am so HAPPY for you :-) this was so EXCITING to read, YAY YOU GO GIRL :-) are they going to show a clip of it on spanking tube? cause i really want to see it. I am glad you had such nice friendly people to work with cause that makes all the difference :-) John is so AWESOME what a guy :-) Have fun with NG tonight hehehe LOL, LOVE YOU BIG HUGS ALWAYS, From your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  6. Kelly -- I know that stress, too. I take it a step further, I think... because I can't deal with it, I turn all the feelings inward. Hence the depression. Fortunately, it's much better than it used to be.

    Jade -- I don't know if they'll put up a clip on Spanking Tube, but we'll see! Yeah, my John is awesome. :-)

  7. Many judicial scenarios don't work for me because of the cold atmosphere and the humiliation that often goes along with them. But this almost consensual version sounds very interesting, Erica! I'm glad to hear that you got to work with so wonderful people and had so much fun. :-)

  8. Kaelah -- you know how I feel about humiliation scenes, and I swear, there was none of that here. I was so impressed with how they do things.

    I am either very picky or just very lucky. I've heard some real horror stories about shooting with some companies, but I have never encountered any of them. People have been so kind to me!

  9. Erica,
    You were great! Everyone was so impressed with your intelligence, wit, and fanfreakingtastic rear end. We are thrilled that you had a good experience and cannot WAIT to have you back.

  10. aaaahhhhh...
    They Like you! They really really like you!

    (she says in her best "Sally Field" voice) LOL

  11. Dana -- you are so nice! :-) That made me smile THIS BIG.

    Zelle -- oh, for crying out loud. :-Þ OK, so where's my Oscar for Best Supporting Ass?

  12. I was looking forward to reading your report on Saturday's shoot, and you certainly did deliver! Oh my, oh my. Such a lot of spanking, and you are probably getting more of the same right now as I type this, I'm sure that NG is tending to your bottom. I wondering if you are still sensitive from Saturday. Did the marks last? How are you feeling now? Thank you again for sharing so much of your personal psyche with us. Your generosity of spirit is amazing!

  13. I'm with you on being directionally challenged. I need to use MapQuest to find places that are 5 blocks from my house. If someone asks me which way is East or West, I say "what do I look like, a freakin compass?" Lol. Sounds like the shoot was a lot of fun!

  14. Dana -- the marks lasted, but the soreness did not (thank goodness, because New Guy gave me about two Mondays' worth tonight!). :-D

    Lea -- when I'm on my home turf, I actually know my north from my south, east from west and all that. But put me in unfamiliar territory and I haven't got a clue. And when I make a choice, it's uncanny -- it's always the wrong one. Once in a great while, I'll make the right choice of direction, and John will put his hand to my forehead to see if I'm delirious with fever.

  15. Wow! So much fun and I'm impressed by how much wood you took. (There are ways to say that without sounding dirty, but I chose this way.)

    Where will the video be? I'm sure you'll tell us when it's been edited so we can all traipse over there to watch.

  16. Pink -- Spanking Court has their own site ( However, you do have to be a member to see the vids. Sometimes they put clips on Spanking Tube.

  17. I sat here reading with my eyes going wider and wider...I have got a cat staring at me, doing exactly the same, most probably wondering what the hell I am doing.

    It is funny, scary, fascinating, scary (think it is the wood, not the, not both)...but most remarkable is the energy and happiness of this post.



  18. Raven -- thank you! :-) I know a lot of people read this post, because I saw the hits, but relatively few commented. I wonder if I scared them?

    It was an intense shoot and subject, but a joyous time indeed.

  19. Erica, I am certain, you will be fantastic in 'Spanking Court'. It's a great show. And I hope you had a 'spanking good time' doing it. I would love to see clips of your 'shoot', when they are ready for publication on your blog.

  20. Six -- unfortunately, the clips do not belong to me, so I can't put them here. Pictures I can share, but clips, no.

  21. I'm anxious to see the results, and hope that SC puts a preview on SpankingTube. Cali and the crew will be down in Tampa for the Tampa Tanners Back to School Bash in August, and will be filming there, as well. I can't wait.

  22. Thomas -- you will love the SC bunch. Very professional and so nice! I think your guests will have lots of fun with them.

  23. I think that we will, and I hope to get some shooting of my own done, too. Hopefully, my offer to accomodations for a few models will be answered.

  24. Erica, you are my favorite spanker/spankee. You and Dana Specht have the most interesting personal lives and aren't ashamed to tell the truth, and that's a rare thing. I hope your significant other knows how lucky he (or she) is.


  25. Roger -- wow, you went way back in your reading! Thank you. Believe me, I'm the lucky one. And definitely he's a he. :-)