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Friday, May 27, 2011

I want, I want, I want...

... yes, it's true. I'm a wanton woman. (rimshot)

Happy Friday, happy Chross Day. Congratulations to all who made the list. I'm so happy that, once again, my blog featuring Spanking Court was Chrossed. I am trying to shoot lots and lots of attention their way and this is a huge help. So thank you, kind sir. :-)

So what do I want? I dunno. I'm restless. I really want it to be next weekend. I know, I know -- don't wish your life away, Erica. But right now, I feel like I'm in a sort of stuck-in-limbo mode, waiting for various things. A long weekend beckons, but John and I have no plans; the downside of the two of us being loners and antisocialites. This will be a weekend of outings, barbecues and parties (oh gawd, John's noisy next-door neighbor will probably have one... ugh), but we'll just hang out and do our usual.

You know, most of the time I'm very happy with that -- crowds and noise and driving with the masses in traffic and running here and there don't appeal to me and I love our solitude. Still, every now and then, I want to break out of that. Can't explain why. But I know I can't have it both ways, so I get over it.

Monday is Memorial Day, and the 15th anniversary of my first adult spanking, the one that started it all. Of course, I wish New Guy were here, so I could mark (har!) the occasion with a spectacular celebratory spanking. But he isn't and that's that. I will have to acknowledge the day on my own, rejoice in some fond memories and look forward to making new ones.

So what is everyone doing this weekend? Tell me all about your fun plans and I will live vicariously through you.

Hmmmm... as long as I'm in this wantin'/wanton mode, here's a random want list, in no particular order.

I want to win the lottery, so we can go to ALL the spanking parties all over the country. Oh, and so I can pay bills and stuff.

I want to find an at-home proofreading/copyediting job with a steady stream of work and not just fits and starts when people are overloaded.

I want the tornadoes and earthquakes and so forth to stop wreaking so much havoc. Way too damn much tragedy going on for too damn many people.

I want Judd Apatow to retire. His movies are disgusting. When did bodily functions gone revoltingly awry and people behaving like animals become the benchmark for what's considered funny?

I want to live in a world where no one has ever heard of Jersey Shore, the Kardashians or Kate Gosselin.

I want Harold Camping to STFU already. Rapture, my butt.

I want to be able to look down at my arms and not cringe. When the hell did my skin morph into crepe paper?

I want John to have a healthy heart, without the inconvenience of carving his chest open to insert porcine parts.

I want them to invent an app that mutes one's surroundings. Screaming babies on a plane, neighbor's loud TV, street construction outside your window? Hey, there's an app for that! I would have used it last night in my exercise class, on the two women behind me who talked through the entire thing.

I want too much. I need to stop that.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Oh Erica! LOL .. I have to tell you this...

    As a little kid.. I was one of 8 grandkids that spent time with G'ma .. while the parents would go do fun parental type adult things... Anyhow.. regularly, G'ma would load us all up in the panel van .. and head off to do a little grocery shopping of her own. We knew not to ask for this or that.. so in lieu of that.. we would pick something up and say.. "Oooh! I wish I had this!".. or .. "I wish I had one of these!".. or .. "I wish you'd make us this chocolate cake G'ma"...

    G'ma looked at us.. paused before speaking in her sweet little 4'11" loving Grandmotherly tones.. and she said to her collective brood...

    "Well wish in one hand and "$h_t" in the other.. and see which gets full the fastest!"

    OMG! We were mortified.... Be glad you don't have a G'ma saying that out loud to you in a public venue!

  2. Zelle -- ROFL! Oh, that's awful!! But I guess that shut y'all up, huh?

  3. Hello my Erica, CONGRATS on your 15th anniversary of your first adult spanking :-) and for being crossed again :-) that's really AWESOME, I wish they could invent an app that mute's one's surrounding's as well, cause believe me i would be using it in a heartbeat, It's normal to want thing's i think just about everyone feel's the same way. I know i want lot's of thing's, I think you know pretty much what i want without me writing it on here :-) it's personal anyway everyone doesn't have to know about it hehehe LOL :-) Wishing you and John a nice weekend, hopefully the noisy neighbor will be quiet or a little quiter, Love you big hugs always from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  4. Jade -- yes, I guess it's normal to want things, as long as we don't forget to appreciate what we already have. I forget about that now and then. :-)

  5. Erica,

    I am so glad you got Chrossed again. I saw that earlier and I didn't get here to post as I was just too busy seeing what else he posted. LOL

    Congrats on your 15th anniversary of your first adult spanking. I hope this weekend will be nice for you inspite of your getting what I call "itchy feet". That means I want to go somewhere; get outa Dodge; leave the planet. Well not the planet, but you know what I mean.

    Now wouldn't it be so nice if one of us...just one of us won the lotto. "But, but, but, I didn't know you had to play it to win! Dang!"

  6. Bobbie Jo -- now I have that song in my head. "Hey you, standing in the aisles with itchy feet and fading smiles..." Yes, he did have quite the impressive collection today. Making up for taking last week off, perhaps.

  7. Congratulations Erica, on your 15th spanking anniversary. Would you per chance know how many times you have been spanked, through out those years. What do you believe is the count. What different spanking implements have walloped your bare bottom. How many different outfits, have you worn. Have you done any International spanking sessions. Your, ever loving XXXXXX 'Six of the Best'.

  8. 15 years ago? Your lovely pics would not have me guessing it has been that long. It's going to be a rainy Memorial Day weekend around here so the usual pool parties and BBQs are on hold. I'm with you on winning the lottery and oh how I wish I didn't know what Jersey Shore was. Someone at my office the other day didn't know who U2 was. Maybe she can make me a bubble to live in as well and block all these things out. Lol.

  9. six -- that would be impossible to quantify. I've played countless times over the years with many people. International? No, I've never traveled outside of the states for spanking, although I did shoot for Northern Spanking (UK-based). However, they came HERE. :-)

    Lea -- how on earth can anyone not have heard of U2?? Yeah, I want one of those bubbles too.

  10. U2? Wasn't that the spy plane Gary (what's his name?) was shot down in over Russia?

  11. Bobbie Jo -- I do believe you're going for Francis Gary Powers. And may I add... GROAN!

  12. Erica,

    Yes, it was Gary Powers. I just could't remember his last name.

    GROAN all you want. (snark) That is actually the only U2 I really know about. I have heard of the other one, but I don't know anything about it/them. I guess that puts me in the "dark ages"??

  13. I want to be able to comment on Blogger blogs again....

    Let's see if my wish was granted.

    Happy Spankiversary! You should make a butt cake and blow up some butt balloons. Or not.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!



  14. Yey! It was!

    I also want to know how to spell "yey". Is it "yay" or with an e? Ah...the great mysteries of life.

  15. Bobbie Jo -- U2 is a band that's been around since the 80s, I think. Their lead singer's name is Bono (pronounced Bonn-o, not Bo-no), not to be confused with Sonny Bono. I have been to a whopping two rock concerts in my entire life -- one was Springsteen, the other U2. I used to like them a lot more in the 90s than I do now.

    Pink -- FINALLY! :-D Hmmm... I do believe it's either "yay" or "yea," no "yey." But I suppose with these sorts of exclamations, one can take literary license.

  16. Well, I guess that tells you where I was in the '80s. I never went to a rock concert. I did get to hear the Marine Band, though, and they are very good. Believe it or not, I was 16 when I quite listening to rock music. It was fairly mild in those days compared to today. The main bands at that time were the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, etc.