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Friday, April 29, 2011

Some random thoughts on a Friday

Some may want to spank me for this, but I could not @#$%ing care less about the Royal Wedding. What a lot of pomp and circumstance. And when I think of what all that money could do for people in Japan... meh. Shut up, Erica.

I saw about five minutes of the pre-wedding footage late last night. What the hell was that thing perched upon Victoria Beckham's forehead? Apparently it needs mowing; it seems to have sprouted weeds.

I've been asked if I'd like to provide a banner for my blog. How does one create a blog banner? I haven't the faintest idea.

Born of our scene yesterday, The Villain had an idea for my upcoming shoot with Spanking Court. He shared it with me and with Cali, and we both want to go for it. Therefore, my appearance is going in a completely different direction. More to come on that. It's going to be real and intense.

I think I need to keep my visits to FetLife to a minimum for the next three days. Too much party stuff.

Where is Chross's Spanking of the Week list? Not that I expect to be on it, since I was such a Debbie Downer this week, but I'm still curious. It's always a great read.

I can't wait to see John tonight. I can't wait to see New Guy on Monday. I am so craving my special people.

Michael Scott's farewell on The Office last night was rather sweet.

Despite the moodiness, I made it to all my workouts this week. Hated every damn minute of them, but felt so much better afterward.

My proofreader started my book and sent me some early feedback yesterday. My confidence in this project soared after reading his comments.

In a few hours, I'm having my second photo shoot. It will be completely different from the one last week, as it's in my place, I have no backdrop, the lighting will be natural, etc. I'm going to wear black panties this time, rather than flowered, so it won't look so busy. And I could not find a perfect peach rose today (the peach roses at the florist looked rather anemic), so I went with a cream-colored one with peachy-pink edges. One needs to be flexible, after all.

Considering what a loner and curmudgeon I am, I really do have some amazing and wonderful people in my life. And more seem to be coming into it all the time.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Oh come on! The Royal Wedding is a good example of the American Dream. One day you are the slightly stuffy daughter of a chancer married to an ex trolley dolly, who's family were coal miners. Then bingo, you are on track to being Queen of England. This morning she was plain Miss with a dad who sells childrens party hats, and less than an hour later she is Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, with the throne of an empire only two missed heart beats away. Who says we brits don't believe in social mobility?

  2. NC -- (giggling) You just like it 'cause you all got a holiday today! Trolley dolly -- I like that.

  3. I didn't watch one second of the pre, during or post coverage. I just don't care.

    Very thrilling days ahead for you. Can't wait to hear WHAT comes from that sassy mouth next! lol!

  4. Kelly -- I do have some excitement and fun ahead... life is always better when there's something to look forward to, no? :-)

  5. Hey, I saw the pictures-- William was dressed up kinda like Captain Marvel!

    Debby Downer, she made great snack cakes! They sponsored the "Peanuts" specials in the early days, No, wait, I'm wrong, that was Dolly Trolley.

    And changing gears, I'm very glad you're with John tonight, and have lots to look forward to! You deserve to have loads of love, always.

  6. Holiday!! 30 minutes after the nuptuals, I was getting some serious attention from a leather strap. Its a hard life, for us ordinary mortals.

  7. Erica,

    Chross was just a bit late with his Friday post. You did get Chrossed in a way. Your interview was posted so that counts as far as I'm concerned. :-D

  8. I couldn't agree more, I can't open my internet browser without Yahoo talking about the royal wedding crap! Enough already! It's one of those things I wish I had never heard about, like the existence of Justin Bieber or the Friday, Friday video. Lol. Damn the people who put these things on my radar.

  9. Wolfie -- you crack me up! That was Dolly Madison, not Dolly Trolley. But you knew that. Jay Leno said William was dressed up like Captain Crunch. (snicker)

    NC -- I'll bet your strapper was sexier than Prince William. :-D

    Bobbie Jo -- you're right; that will definitely suffice!

    Lea -- oh please, don't get me started on Justin Bieber. When is his voice going to change already?

  10. Hello Erica hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend with John, i missed you, i can't wait to read about you and NG tomorrow night, i wonder what kinds of sassy and funny things your going to say to him, i have an idea but i won't put it on here it will surely get me into trouble hehehe LOL :-) Big Hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  11. Jade -- hey, I guess the comments are finally working, huh? :-)

  12. Well, I loved it. I drank champers in my pyjamas and giggled and chatted and oooed at various princess and bottoms and hats.
    It is part of life's rich tapestry and so are you.

  13. Poppy -- it's probably a bit different when it's on your own turf. And I admit, the fashion show aspect of it could be addicting.

    But for heaven's sake, enough with Pippa already!

    You're a Brit, perhaps you can answer a question that no one seems to know -- WHAT is the royal family's last name? I mean, I know it's the House of Windsor, but is that their name? Are they William and Kate Windsor?

  14. Will answer question in a mo- all coherant thought gone...

    Keith JONES commented on my blog! He did! He did! Look! Squeal! Erica! Look.

    It used to be Saxe-Coburg-Gotha but they changed it to Windsor in 1917 (anti-German feeling) so they took the name of their "House" but they can be said to have no surname.

    But screw the royals- look at who commented on my blog!!!!

    Smelling salts please.

  15. Sorry, forgot, did I mention at all that Keith Jones may have popped into my blog?
    Where are you Erica, dagnabbit?

  16. Poppy -- where?? I didn't see him. Is he MrJ? Are you sure??

    Holy crap, woman. Mark your calendar.

    P.S.... heading for the gym shortly, so will be offline, but I'll be back!

  17. Erica, you really should have a banner, like every other serious site and blog - something with the title text done up all pretty and graphic elements. The main picture at the top could be used.

    I or a fan with Photoshop could make you one. It has to be in the standard sizes:

    Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixel)

    Full Banner (468 x 60 pixel)

    Half Banner (234 x 60 pixel)

    Use the Leaderboard one for the top of your main page, and give the Full Banner one to everyone who links to your site (just post it here so they can copy it).

    Miss you!


  18. Hey, you could have a fan contest for best banner! Very little work for you, and more choices.

    The prize could be as simple as an expenses-paid trip to CA for a week with you, touring all the L.A. hotspots, etc, including a major part in your next big budget spanking epic, and the usual signed panties and photos, all that.

    Then all you have to do is finance the prize with one of those reality show deals, and you're all set!

  19. Danny -- ohhhh, yeah, it's that simple. Why didn't I think of that?? :-D

    Definitely need to give that banner thing some thought. Thanks for the info!

  20. A few random comments:

    That box atop Victoria Beckham's forehead holds her diaphragm, in case of emergency.

    As for The Office, we watched the ep last night at home after getting back from Atlantic City. My son, upon completion of the episode, said, "I feel like I've lost a good friend. I'm kinda emotional. This is weird." He's 15. I'm sure we've all experienced this at some point in our tv watching lives. I've experienced it a few times. Though Steve Carrell's departure didn't make me melancholy, I understood what he was saying. "Well, you spend 30 minutes a week with the guy. He's likable. You develop an affinity for these characters and we like familiarity. You hate to see him go, but the new person, whether it's Rainn or someone else, will seem odd at first but you'll get used to him."

    I felt odd doing a little parental counseling about a tv character, to be honest. But it's true!

  21. Craig -- that really is interesting; we DO get kinda hooked on TV characters, don't we? Like they're real people. Remember how sad our generation was when Henry Blake died on MASH?

  22. True, that!

    I would have been sad when the X-Files went off the air, but by the end of the run it was sad and pathetic.