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Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy me :-)

For some, SSC means Safe, Sane and Consensual. For me, SSC describes my state of being on Monday nights -- Smiling, Squirming and Content. :-)

I was on the phone with John before New Guy came over. He ended our call with, "Tell [new guy] that I said hi, and tell him that I want him to hit you hard and repeatedly." Gee, thanks, honey.

After last week's intensity, tonight called for fun and lightheartedness, and that's exactly what we had. New Guy arrived, greeting me with his usual warm hug and surprising me with a little present, a potted tulip plant. I was in a playful mood and I giggled well into the spanking, which he didn't seem to mind in the least.

Oh, but I'm afraid I have to report some bad news. All those compliments y'all left him in the comments seem to have gone to his head. Yes, I detected a bit of Ego this evening. For example, I forget what I was referring to, but I said at one point, "You're awfully sure of yourself!"

To which he teased, "Of course I am. All great leaders need to be."

Oh brother! :-Þ

Just so we're clear -- playful and lighthearted did NOT mean I got a light spanking. Will you look at all his @#$%ing toys??

Whereas last week had been a straightforward strapping/paddling, this week he switched things up, using a lot of different implements (strap, his belt, quirt, flogger, small wooden paddle), alternating with his hand, and combining sensual strokes with fiercely hard ones. I had no idea what was coming and when, and it put me into subspace fairly quickly. I don't think I uttered a coherent word during the second half of our scene... just sounds. He'd strike with his right hand, and caress or lightly run his nails over my skin with the other hand. It was lovely.

No tears this time, of course. I was too blissed out.

Monday nights go by so quickly. But I know there's always another one in a week.

Lookit my tulips!

Aren't they a yummy spring color? I like how one of them is higher above all the rest. Kinda like New Guy himself. ♥

Hey! I have 99 followers -- who's going to make it an even 100? :-)


  1. Hello my Erica, that was so sweet of New Guy to bring you tulip's they are so BEAUTIFUL :-) All i can say is what an AWESOME top he is. What John said was freakin hilarious hehehe I WANT HIM TO HIT YOU HARD AND REPEATEDLY LMFAO. WOW what a VERY COOL assortment of implement's to get spanked with, i alway's wanted to try subspace it sound's like so much fun. i wish NG could spank me cause i been a VERY naughty girl, Love and hugs to you from your naughty girl Jade, PS i enjoy monday night's as much as you do its almost 3 in the morning here and i am still up, i wanted to read your blog so badly

  2. In the words of Joseph Campbell.. "Follow Your Bliss".. which is exactly what you both did tonight!

    That man is a closet comedian lookin' for an audience. ROFL -- Pretty Tulips! I'm sure he used as many implements as Tulips he brought you. Top Logic is like that.. ROFL

  3. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. I agree with Zelle, he used as many implements as tulips.
    I also think it is really cool how he has a special bag to carry them to your place!
    Oh Erica, what a fortunate lady you are! Perfect combination of all things lovely and good. Can I be you for just ONE Monday?

  5. Sweet. Lovely flowers. 100 followers, yay!

  6. You are Obviously getting spoiled :-P ;-)

    Glad u had fun.

  7. When I saw the tulips, I thought how sweet of NG to bring them to you. They are beautiful. It was a very nice touch to a nice evening. I'm happy to know you went into subspace and blissed out in spite of all the various impliments. Of course, variety is of the essence, is it not? :-) Maybe next time he will bring that wonderful oblation called chocolate!

  8. Jade -- well, I'm glad it was worth staying up for. :-)

    Zelle -- I do believe you're right about the number of tulips vs. implements. And can we all agree that Top Logic is an oxymoron? (snicker)

    Joeyred -- thank you for reading!

    Emily -- when they finally develop the App that allows people to exchange lives (and you KNOW that has to be coming), I promise you can be me for a Monday. :-)

    Lorraine -- my lucky 100! Thank you!

    Alan -- what do you mean, "getting"? :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- I never thought of chocolate as a religious offering before, but hey, it works!

  9. Erica,

    ROFLOL! I didn't intend for chocolate to be in a religious context. Maybe I need to look up oblation. :-{} I thought it had reference to booze. ROFLMHO! I have heard the word used that way before so what do I know. LOL

  10. I hope that you have "gg spankings" from now on!!!
    C'mon, you will "deserve" them, right??????????????


  11. Bob -- y'know, I'm really not into the whole "good girl spanking" notion. I think all spankings should be for some reason of naughtiness, even if it's made up. :-) But that's just me.

  12. Oh a made up reason, huh? How about this?

    Hey New Guy! Erica told us all to let you know you are NOT a hard spanker! :) :)

  13. The tulips are beautiful! My spank Monday evening was your Monday morning - and bliss I cannot claim. Tender, red, uncomfortable, and rather stripey.
    Wishing that I can please sit down without wanting to immediately get up THAT would be bliss! (GRIN)



  14. What a nice selection of toys the NG has, but tell me, what exactly did he do to you with those remotes?

  15. Kelly -- oh, you're a big help, Sister. :-Þ

    Raven -- ouch! Well, at least you don't have to dread it anymore. :-) There must be some peace in your Tuesday, I'm thinking.

    Poppa -- ROFL! You know, one time he kept asking me to hand him implements, and rather than grab one of his nasty weapons, I handed him one of the remotes. He said, "Do you REALLY want me to break this thing??" Uh... no.