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Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome back, Mr. D. :-)

I missed you. 

It had been a month to the day since I last saw Mr. D. Granted, I spent a lot of that month being sick, between my stomach episodes and this raging cold. But still, there was a gaping hole in each week.

Sadly, his mom passed away this past weekend. However, he and his family gave her a lovely send-off; she was in end-stage hospice at his sister's home, and several of them had gathered on Saturday. Mr. D played the guitar and sang to her, and at the end of the second song, she peacefully slipped away. 

I wasn't expecting to play today; I figured he was just dropping by and we'd talk, catch up. I was still coughing and sniffling and didn't feel very spankable. (Who feels attractive when they have a cold??) So we chatted for an hour or so, and he told me all that had been going on. I surprised him with a piece of chocolate cake with a candle in it, a card and a gift card to REI Co-op (Friday had been his birthday, after all). And then he said, "I think your bottom wants to feel my hand."

Oh, yes. It really, really did.

Yes, I'm a dork. I was wearing thick black socks. My feet were freezing.

The hand spanking was nirvana. Damn, but I love that so much; the solid feel of his hand, the sound, his voice. I didn't think I'd be able to take much, what with having been sick and not being spanked for a month, but I absorbed it greedily and wanted more. Even the "thuds" were welcome. You guys know what I mean -- the occasional slaps that don't meet the flesh quite right and make a dull thud instead of a crisp smack. Mr. D knows right away. "Sorrrrry, thud!" he says. Today, he apologized, saying he "stubbed his thumb." Har har.

I did cough some. But he'd make sure I was OK, check in with me. I didn't want him to stop.

We moved on to implements. OK, that's when I couldn't take much. Ow, ow, ow. Everything hurt like crazy, so much so that he lightened up just a little, just enough so I could sink into it again. Then, sneakily, he ramped it up again.

Still, I was crying out "please, please" before too long. He paused. "I know, baby," he said. "I know you think you can't take any more. But I know you want to take more." Reluctantly, I nodded. "And this is what you need, isn't it?" I nodded again.

"Tell me," he gently pressed, continuing. "Tell me you need it."

"YES," I blurted. "I need it, I need it." Once the tears started, he knew I was done. The tissue in my hand was now a crumpled and soggy rag.

It was a chilly night here, and I hadn't put the heat on in the bedroom. The comforter and blankets bundled up around me felt good, as did his soothing.

He couldn't stay long tonight; he's behind on his work and still fielding phone calls and texts and all sorts of details. It's OK. There will be other times for dinner, for spanking marathons, for lingering. A couple of hours was just right for this reunion.

Besides, I was still pink two hours after he left. :-)

In other news, John and I spent the weekend hacking and sniffling at each other. What a pair we made. We took turns pampering each other and did little more than eat meals out, run a few errands and flop in front of the TV, bundled up in blankets. I think I slept better than he did, though. John doesn't like to take OTC cold meds. Me? I have no such reservations. I took a shot of Nyquil each night and I was out. (Did you know it's 10% alcohol?) Still, sick as he's been, he remembered to surprise me with early Valentine's Day roses. ♥ They arrived Sunday evening after I came home. I sure hope to hell we're both better by this weekend so we can celebrate! I'm going to bake brownies for him.

I think, maybe, some balance has been restored, finally. Thank you, Mr. D. I'm so sorry for your loss. You were a wonderful son, loving and caring. You can be proud of that for the rest of your days.


  1. Life is full of unexpected suprises. I'm sure you deserved this one.

    There will be more to follow, I'm sure. If only for the socks (if not the undy tags). ;-))

  2. I am glad you received your spanking and that Mr. D is better. I hope that you and John are fully recovered soon.


  3. Still pink two hours later? Mr. D must have a very strong hand, or your bottom was out of practice.


    1. You may wish to opt for the explanation which - given that one never knows who follows this blog - is likely to trigger the most happy prospects, Erica.

  4. Glad you got yours. It really did sound like you needed it...

  5. Hi Erica -- I am so happy that you saw Mr.D and got to get spanked for awhile :-)That is GREAT.So sorry for Mr.D's loss :-( WOW your bum was still pink 2 hour's after he left,I think it was because you haven't been spanked in a month and plus you are sick,The same thing would happen to me only worse.Hope you and John feel better VERY soon.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  6. MrJ -- he insisted I keep the socks on! Says I look cute in them. Whatever. :-)

    joey -- I hope so too. The coughing duet is getting old.

    Hermione -- both, probably!

    Craig -- I did.

    Jade -- we'll get better. Just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day!

  7. Erica,

    Amazing post and so glad balance and a red bottom are back in your life...nice of him.

    I also just loved your description of the classic hand true my friend.

    Nice post, lovely red bottom.

  8. He may have spanked the residual virus OUT of you. :)

    Mucinex tastes and smells wretched BUT it works for chest congestion relief. I've been takinng Zicam lozenges for the last 4 days for a head cold and each day I feel better.


  9. Erica, What a pleasure it must have been for you, to have Mr. D's hand touching, and spanking your bare voluptous bottom red. Yes, the pleasures that each 'spanko' seeks, can do them a world of good. XXX Luv ya.

  10. I am happy for both you and Mr. D as most likely you both needed to play. It has been a rough month for the two of you.

    I hope you and John will have a nice weekend and be over the coughing cacophony.

  11. Ron -- I love a man's hand the best. :-)

    Kelly -- but what works on a cough? Not the congestion, but that maddening tickle that won't go away, and that keeps you from sleeping? I swear, there is nothing OTC that works. I once had prescription cough syrup with codeine -- now THAT worked.

    Six -- it was a pleasure indeed.

    Bobbie Jo -- John and I are due some fun, for sure. He says he's feeling a bit better, so hopefully by this weekend we can fully enjoy a nice dinner out. Perhaps I'll wear something pretty; I've looked like an old rag the past couple of weeks!

    1. Erica

      Comments like that is why we love you!

  12. Erica, you most likely felt like an "old rag" the last few weeks! I get that tickle in my throat and I don't have a cold to blame it on. It is a drag.

    Yes, you and John deserve to have a nice night out complete with fun.

  13. By the way, you could be dressed in a burlap sack and standing in a barn and you would still be pretty!

  14. I'm happy for you! And thoughts and prayers for Mr.D. But that's a pretty cool way of saying goodbye. If you don't mind me asking, and this may be too personal... what songs did he play?

    Okay not to detract from that, but a humorous personal story... we were all camped out when my 90 yr.+ grandfather was in the hospital, literally on his deathbed. The doctor came in and they took out his breathing tube. We all came in to say goodbye. My dad (a minister) said an eloquent prayer. Beep...Beep... My asshat uncle, an EMT, held his hand and after assuring us all that he'd done this many times before gave this speech, kinda whispered into his ear... "Walk to the light, Daddy. you see it? Walk to the light... there ya go. just walk to the light."

    Beep... Beep...

    Then a minister from his church got there, and we all held hands as he said another final prayer.

    Beep... Beep... Beep...

    As soon as the minister left I (delirious with lack of sleep by this point) busted out singing and dancing the BeeGees "Stayin' Aliiiiive" to the horror/laughter of everyone. He lived another 2 days, and I could barely give a speech at his funeral.

    We're all human and have our needs- I'm sure that just as much as you needed a spanking, Mr. D. truly enjoyed the chance to give it to you, and enjoyed the chance for a break from the focus on someone close to him dying.

    P.S. your butt looks cute when it's pink!

  15. SS -- what a great family story. Thank you for sharing that!

    That's a very good question -- I have no idea what songs he played; I didn't ask. Now I'm curious too! I really didn't expect us to play, but I'm happy he wanted to.

  16. Hi Erica,

    That's some strong medicine, even if it didn't clear your sinuses. I hope the rest of you feels better soon!

    Oh, and kudos to J for the V-Day roses even when he's sick too.


  17. Bonnie -- John never forgets my roses. Ever. He's so lovely that way. ♥

    Yes, my kind of medicine -- the side effects are good too!

  18. I'm sure the time together was much needed for both of you and nice for a few hours to focus on something else. Hope you feel better soon!

  19. Lea -- getting there. Actually made it through my workout!

  20. Happy you got to spend time together. I think Mr.D is very special.


  21. Ronnie -- thanks. I do too. :-)

  22. I'm very sorry to hear about Mr D's loss! I am sending my sincere condolences. I am glad to hear that his mother passed away so peacefully, though, and that the whole family was together and gave her such a lovely send-off. Having experienced the same situation, I know how important the memories of the last minutes spent together can be. I am happy that you shared a good time together on Monday which gave both of you new energy. And I hope that you and John have already recovered from the cold!

  23. Kaelah -- I found out he was playing "Over the Rainbow" when she passed. He said it was like a movie moment -- he and his siblings were speechless. Amazing... I'm glad she was able to have that. She sounded like a lovely woman.